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Hey guys I just wanted to advertise this insanely awesome music video I made for the 25th anniversary of Metroid. I used scenes only from the game Metroid Other M and I used a very wicked song in the background. Please check it out!

And no I do not have access to camtasia studios or a capture card for my TV. So sorry it was all done on camera.
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It seems an odd choice to use Other M, which is probably the Metroid game that fans disliked most.  I'd have thought Prime, or, since it was a celebration of 25 years, using various games would have made more sense.
Well yes I could have used more cutscenes from more Metroid games but if I did that then my disclaimer would have been twice as long. Secondly I did this music video for 2 reason 1 for the 25th Anniversary of Metroid and 2 because my LP of Metroid Other M was terrible terrible terrible and this music video was to make up for that. I am well aware that other M is not a fan favorite however compared to other Metroid Games but it was the only one that had an overload of video footage a person could use to make an awesome music video.
I am currently quite dissapointed we are two replies into the thread and no one has replied saying they want Samus Aran to shake them all night long :P
What'd you say?
Disclaimers can also be in text in the description, just so you know. Why do you need to use purely video footage though? Gameplay could've been great as well, especially if timed with the music.

We all want Samus to shake us all night long, but there's kind of an unwritten rule against drooling over her in the fanfic sense.
Tyjet is right I could have played through all of Other M collecting cutscenes from gameplay and video to make it better. However I am far too lazy for that. My laziness will be the death of me one day I know that. I appreciate people giving me criticism on this because even though I poured 7 hours over a week on this music video I still look back on it and kinda say to myself "I could have improved that part a little". But you know the saying. You are your own best critic.
BTW I knew about that unwritten fanfic rule, I just wanted to play around and have someone say that in this thread. Thank you!
What'd you say?
I was also hitting on "why not use the other Metroid games?". It'll be cool to see another video if you're interested in it though.
Anybody notice this is the 666 thread? =P

Honestly I didn't watch the video because it had Other M in it which I despise. When I seen "Metroid" in the title I was expecting more games besides just Other M itself. That said I suggest you just title it as Other M.

And yes I am aware this is the 666th thread. Problem?
What'd you say?
Quote from TheWhiteBowser:
And yes I am aware this is the 666th thread. Problem?

The only problem is for those of us with ridiculous belief systems where random numbers freak us out because we don't understand history or coincidence. Personally, 6 is my favorite number so three of them is even better. That's the same philosophy I apply to lesbians, but that's off-topic.
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"More of everything is always better."

- Tyjet66, great philosopher of our time
I like how people aren't even commenting on the video anymore. Tyjet is raining on my parade...
Quote from TheWhiteBowser:
I like how people aren't even commenting on the video anymore.

Guess that means you're part of the group now, since you can pretty much expect that in nearly every topic around here these days. Don't take it personally.
I know this next music video has nothing to do with Metroid. However it is art nonetheless. So it is only fair I let you guys see my new, and still awesome music video! I actually had to repeat the song in the video because I had too many cutscenes. Let me know what you guys and gals think.