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Bangaa Bishop
Here's some info about the characters and my thoughts on their strengths/weaknesses. Feel free to add your own comments and observations here.

Alt-form: morph ball (duh). As a weapon, very weak, you'll only ever kill anyone in it if they're fool enough to actually follow you as you leave a trail of bombs.. However, it is still a life-saving defensive too. Only Samus can boost, and only samus can bomb jump (though this is of limited use).
Normal: Samus doesn't have a special weapon. Her affinity weapon is the missle launcher. This is both a strength and a weakness. Her missiles are super when charged (do more damage and home on targets). Since she starts with missiles (as everyone does) and hers are better, this makes a Samus player dangerous from the moment he/she spawns. it just kinda stinks that there's no pickup weapon that's special for her. I think Samus is at a bit of a disadvantage in games where the weapon mode is set to affinity weapons only.
Samus is the Mario of Mario Kart- well rounded but nothing standout.

Spire (My personal favorite)
Alt-Form: Dialanche (spiky rock ball). Arguably the most powerful alt form as a weapon).  the alt-form attack throws out rocks in a small circular area that cause good damage and are hard to avoid (unless you're samus and you boost away). Spire's Alt form can climb up walls if you push against them (but for some reason can't make it over the the top of anything) which has  its uses as well. Lots of fun here.
Normal: The magmaul (i.e. plasma beam) is his affinity weapon. It is powerful,  and when Spire (no one else) charges it up, it causes whoever it hits to catch fire and take some damage over time. The main drawback to the weapon though is if your aim isn't dead on, the lava balls can bounce back and hit you (and you need to be careful of the splash damage- dont use this in close quarters [use the alt form instead].
My favorite of the bunch. Very powerful hunter.

Alt-form: Triskeloin  His alt form weapon is a charge attack. He charges straight ahead and causes some damage to anything directly in front of him. *caution* do not use this anywhere near near a ledge in any map with a bottomless pit. I could be crazy but his control in alt-form seems more squrrelly (yech). Pretty sucky alt-form except as an escape device, but let's not dwell on the weaknesses now eh? :
Normal- Trace's normal weapon is what I fondly refer to as the Sniper Beam. Depending on your play style, Trace is arguably the most powerful hunter in normal form. When he is using the sniper beam, he will become invisible after a couple seconds if you stand still (as long as you dont fire). This makes him the ultimate if youare a sniper kind of guy. (However, this has extremely limited in effect in Survival mode, which calls out campers if they stand still for too long). My personal second favorite after Spire.

Alt-Form: Stinglarva (looks like a little segmented slug thing). In both forms, Kanden is quite similar to Samus. It's a tossup to say weather his alt is weaker or stronger- He cant boost, and he can do a single bomb jump by dropping one of his exploding larva things. then moving back onto it (because it appears behind him and not under him like morph ball bombs do). His alt form attack is similar to morph ball bombs, but only 1 can be out at a time- however, unlike bombs these will seek out and explode at ther players if they are nearby, which is kind of nice. All in all a so-so alt form.
Normal: Kanden's affinity weapon is the volt driver. It's basically a high powered version of the power beam that uses ammo. What makes it special for kanden is that when he charges it up, anyone that kets hit by it will have their vision distorted for a few seconds.

Alt form: Halfturret (He splits into two). The most intricate and probably hard to master alt form, it has a lot of potential. Weavel walks on his hiands in alt form, and is the only one who can jump in alt form (Albeit not very high). When you enter alt form, you will leave behind a stationary turret at your location, and it will take and have half of your health. It's life is conected to yours. When you collect energy pick ups, the energy is split with your turret; damage your turret takes is split as well (but not damage you take) If your turret dies you will usually have 1 energy/almost none. If you return to normal form, whatever energy the turret had is added to yours and the turret dissapears. The turret will blindly fire at nearby people, even if there are walls/ceilings in the way, so be careful how you place it. His alt form jump attack does a little damage, but the turret is the real power of the alt form. Very fun but hard to master.
Normal: Affinity weapon- the Battlehammer (grenade launcher). Weavel is very unremarkable in normal form. The battlehammer does not have a charge up attack, even when Weavel is using it. When weavel uses it, it causes additional explodey splash damage when you hit someone with it (do not use this weapon at very close range).
Summary: Alt-form is very creative and quite good; normal form is unremarkable and probably the weakest since there is nothring really special about his affinity weapon.

More to come :)

* edit: Added Weavel and Kanden. oh cool I got stickied :D
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I loe using weval againts super good guys online. I turn into alt form near them let them get blasted a bit then turn back to normal and run away if he/she is attacking my turrent then i morph again so it blasts them some more. cheap move but pretty effective.
Bangaa Bishop
Just remember it takes half your health to make the turret, so damage the turret takes is still lost health (and the turret is a sitting duck). You cant go into your alt form if you have 1 energy left.
Sure, leave out the only character I really use. Noxus has such a badass alt form attack, and the Judicator's ice is pretty cool.
i love Sylux, theres just something about his specail gun thats mesmerizing.... that and the fact that his alternate form is the fastest in the game and can "glide" with his bombs
Is Samus using boost ball faster than Sylux's alt form?
yes because you can use infinate boost. even though sylux is still pretty bad ass. i love the wave buster kind of beam.
i really love it because it drains your opponent's health into your own. with the double damage powerup, you get 199 hp in 3 seconds  Twisted Evil
double damage power up? what does it look like?
not sure, i dont even know how i manage to get it, but you can tell its on because your person changes color, usually to a purplish, and all your attacks do double the normal amount of damage.
Bangaa Bishop
It looks like an orange and black radioactivity symbol.

There are other pickups too, including a cloaking device that turns you invisible like Trace is when he uses the sniper beam.
One could say it looks like a "biohazard" symbol. Biohazard being my Hunters name. I'm so clever.

The double damage makes some alt modes extremely godly. I know with Noxus, I can get a few kills in before it runs out, if the level isn't huge.
I've managed to pick up the Double Damage Power-Up once, and I've seen a lot of others with it. Anyone know where to get it and which level? I know where to find the Invinciblity in "Harvester" and the "Super Alt. Form" Power Up in the "Ice Hive" level.

The "Super Alt. Form" Power Up forces you into your Alternate form and a fire/orange energy trails off of you. You can't switch out of it and it lasts for a while, but anyone that touches you is drained QUICKLY of their life. You can kill someone at full health in 2 or 3 seconds.
Bangaa Bishop
Yeah, I forget what it's called, but it's exactly like the deathball from the randomizers in MP 2.
Quote from Tahngarthor:
Yeah, I forget what it's called, but it's exactly like the deathball from the randomizers in MP 2.

It's called "Deathalt" according to the instruction manual.

There's also a cloaking pickup that renders you invisible for a period of time, but I haven't seen it yet.
Quote from Kamek:
There's also a cloaking pickup that renders you invisible for a period of time, but I haven't seen it yet.

It's at the very top of the "Harvester" map.
The hunters that haven't been mentioned yet:

A Vhozon warrior. Alt form: Vhoscythe, a spinny top of death. It resembles Spire's alt, but is faster, and can't climb walls. Its attack is to extend one of his arms out and cut an enemy for crazy good damage. I haven't tested, but it seems to be the most powerful alt mode attack. To avoid it, though, just jump on a ledge.

His affinity weapon is the Judicator, which normally is a ricochetting shotgun-type weapon. When Noxus charges it, instead of firing three shots, it emits freezing gas that encases anyone in a short range in ice. Headshots ensue.

This pardner is my second favorite. I really like Weavel, and am not sure why you don't care for the Battlehammer.

Mysterious GF prototype soldier. Transforms into Lockjaw, a hovercraft sorta thing. Moves fast, almost as fast as boosty Samus. Lays bombs, but with a twist: instead of time-detonated, they are proximity weapons. When two are laid reasonably close, a tripwire stretches out between them, and an enemy crossing gets high damage. Laying a third detonates all of them.

His weapon is the Shock Coil, a short-range taser-type gun that homes on enemies. Does plenty of damage, and when used by Sylux, it adds the stolen energy to his total. Needless to say, enemies quickly learn to keep their distance.

I like Sylux, and he's likely my 3rd/4th favorite, depending if I get better with sniping.

Hope this helps, and feel free to ask me any Multiplayer questions you have.
if you forn a triangle with sylux's bombs, and an opponent is in the middle of them, they condense onto him, usually causing massive amounts of damage.
Very handy damage chart I found on GameFaqs. Click for full-sized poor Battlehammer damage:

EDIT: Click once to get to the site, then twice to enlarge the image and make it readable. Sorry for the trouble.
Quote from MetalRidley:
Very handy damage chart I found on GameFaqs. Click for full-sized poor Battlehammer damage:

Oh now that text is a pain on the eyes.
Lmao. I love how the game write illegal teams. it's like OMG we're goin to get arrested!!
Ready and willing.
...I seriously have no clue what you were trying to say there.
everybody knows it's true
Having an odd number of hunter teams in team mode is "illegal".
3 people in one person teams is bad? Question
Truly image talking, my favorite is sylux, he is the coolest in form (my opinion), but in the game, my opinions are half to noxus and half to samus (as she is for begginers, and well, I haven't received my DS yet 
grin new but in a few days I will be playing with you guys  Wink )
Actually, I liked Noxus for his alt. form, instead, I like Spire for his normal form. In a game magazine, I have all the itens images for any questions you can ask me, I am sure plenty that I will do my best to help, and if you need help in WiFi connection, take a look at the hardware FAQs on GameFAQs, it's gonna help for sure. cya