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Quote from primetime:
Also, it's fun to do this kinda stuff during wifi. I always wonder what the other person's thinking...  :-k

In Halo 2 (where you can do exactly the same things, as in getting on top of levels and out of levels), there are three kinds of people.

Person 1: Sniped.

Person 2:How did he get up there?

There's no point on wifi. You fall and die.
With some of them like combat hall you fall and die. But not the one in ice hive, the one in sic transit, the one in processor core, and the much harder to do SW in harvester. there are also levels where you can go through certain objects that are in them, and those are fun to confuse people with.
ugh, sorry about another double post...

Well, I actually found a secret world this time instead of stealing it off the nintendo forums.  :P In fault line/ subterranean (multiplayer), go to the back part where the broken pillar with the double damage is. Underneath the rock overhang (which in adventure has a scanny thing that leads you to an artifact) are 2 ice crystal things. You have to jump on the taller one and be able to stay on it without moving, and if you're in the right spot you'll be able to stick your head through the ceiling. Now, as weavel, face towards the left a little, then go into your alt and jump through the wall. If you go towards the right direction, you'll go through the wall and if you get it right you can land in the tunnels in the lower part. This SW is pretty hard to do since it has to be just right, but if you don't get it at first, just keep changing the direction you jump towards.

also, I've yet to see if this works in adventure.

EDIT: duh, you can't be weavel in adventure mode.  #-o But you can still get on the crystal thingys and shoot through the ground.
Here's someones Photobucket account, they have some tricks in the MP maps. The rest are stupid Dialanche videos.


Pretty neat/sneaky things in Combat Hall and Sic Transit.
Hm, here are some SW's I found that I don't think anybody's posted over here yet. If they have been posted, well, here they are again.

Ice Hive (SP) - It's in the main section, with the jump pad and giant decagonal door. Wallfloat along either direction until you're standing on the door. If you get caught in one of the sides of it, either missile jump to the top or fall onto the "button" that sticks out on it (the collision boundary sticks out pretty far). You'll want to carry a jump with you if you want to stop the speed of the sudden fall you get when you pop into the SW. Now walk (to carry a jump with you) onto one of the sides. Face the wall and move forward. Keep turning slightly and mess around with the violent shaking, and you'll eventually pop through. What's frustrating, though, is that most of the time you'll pop through only the top of the door and just fall through it to the bottom of the area. I did manage to get into the other half of Ice Hive with this, and it ended up loading itself and not remaining secretized. Pretty pointless, since it's too easy to get there without SW's before you even activate the jump pad in the room.

Crash Site (SP) - Enter from the back end before getting the key, and you'll see a rock ceiling above the force field. Jump for where the four edges of triangles/trapezoids meet. If you aim correctly (which should only take maybe 50 jumps or so >.>) you'll pop all the way through the wall. Most of the time you'll just see a flash of the other side--this isn't popping all the way through. You'll know when you've done so. Unfortunately the force field stretches too high to jump over, so in that small bit of time you have, you'll have to jump to the side (I've always done it to the right, but left may also be possible). I've done this a few times now and haven't managed to get past the force field in time, but it looks very possible.

Oubliette Hallway (SP Alt) - Just dbj onto the ledge above the ledge where the morph ball tunnel ends halfway through the hallway. It's possible to get into the second half of the room secretized this way.

Ice Hive (SP Alt) - I'm not sure if this is a one-time thing only, but when you first enter the part of the room with the Judicator, there's a little spot on the ceiling of the mini-hallway (on the left when you come in) that you can go through. It should be right where the ceiling ends there. You can only get out of the room with a morph ball dbj, and I think you may be able to morph ball boost your way past the force field that appears on your first visit, possibly ruining your game :P.

Data Shrine (MP) - Another Weavel morph. Just go into the part of the outer ring that dips lower down, with all the pipes connecting the two walls, jump onto one, walk towards the outside (where the pipe goes at an angle up), and morph. If you did it correctly you'll fall to your doom :>


Also, it's apparently possible to get through many corners like the MP Ice Hive SW by simply walking backwards at a certain angle. A friend of mine (Metroid_Zapper) said he made it into a Gorea SW like this without Gorea even having to fire at him. And apparently the floor sticks out, so you can fight Gorea without taking damage :D . I still haven't managed to do this trick, though. It's apparently really hard. :/
Dang, good job findin all those SW's!  =D> Now I can mess with people in data shrine too! Well, that is, if I can find a way not to fall to my imminent peril.
I found two interesting little spots that might possibly lead to SW's.

The first ones in stasis bunker. On the bottom floor go towards the jump pad thats at the end of the room. Stand on the little uphill part on the right (if you're facing the jump pad). If you jump towards the ceiling where if slants you can go pretty far through it. I haven't tried it in adventure yet so I'll do that soon.

The second one probably won't lead to a SW, but in weapons complex, walk forwards up against the wall to the right of the door thing (its just a big hole in the wall) that leads to the big vertical room with one of the invisibility cloaks. For some reason you can shoot through it. Again, I'm not sure if it works in adventure.

EDIT: For the first one, you can shoot the ceiling to find the spot that I'm talking about. If you shoot the right part, your shots will hit a barrier thats above the ceiling. And it does work in adventure.

And for the second part, it doesn't work in adventure, and I'm talking about the bottom floor.

EDIT 2: Okay, so I found a way to get into a SW in stasis bunker, but it requires two people... Just stand in the corner thats on the front right side of the room if you're facing the jump pad/ door at the end of the hallway (its not the corner where the orange things are, its the one with gray walls. I'll get a picture if anyone has problems understanding that), then have a weavel jump on top of you, then go into halfturret. You should then get pushed through the wall. It seems a bit odd that that works, but trying to use a missile push doesn't...

And once you're inside there's an invisible floor that you can walk on kinda like in combat hall. I'm gonna check this out some more tomorrow.
Found the most-recent SCU SW posts in my FF cache :D

Quote from MrPotter:
Well, thanks to YouTube and links on m2k2 to the videos, I can say there are three new secret worlds (at least). One is in Fuel Stack, one in Harvester, and one in Arcterra Gateway. The one in Fuel Stack is done by jumping through a hole in one of the ledges going up, the one in Harvester is done by bomb jumping with Sylux around the arena, and the one in Arcterra Gateway is done by getting into a really tight space and pressing against the wall. I don't feel like fully explaining it, but there are also tons of new methods of doing secret worlds, including Adventure mode secret worlds for Combat Hall and Sic Transit.

Quote from Troid92:
*walks into Drip Moat*
*wonders if anybody has ever tried jumping onto the architecture halfway down to the bottom of the area*
*does so*
*walks to the side*
*jumps through wall, falls into blackness, and dies*
*goes back to the same room*
*wonders if anybody has ever tried dbjing onto a torch*
*does so*
*pops through the wall and falls*

Yeah. SW and Alt SW in that room. The tar collision stretches out pretty far, so I got into the secretized area of the room. For some reason bullets travel through the tar, and the auto-kill point is just slightly below the tar. Eventually I made it to the other side of the room, with the moving platform still visible, exited, and froze the game as usual ^_^

Quote from MrPotter:
Wallcrawling is officially possible on MPH.

Here's an example one to get you started on it:

Combat Hall to Alimbic Cannon Control Room

Enter the Missile Push version of the Combat Hall SW (stand with your back to the wall by the door and fire a charged missile at the ground; you will get sent through the wall). Once you're in the SW, jump and land behind the door. If you end up inside the secretized hallway, shoot the door and reenter Combat Hall, then go back to the first door to unload the loading hall. Once you're behind it, look for the pole next to the door. Run up right next to it and shoot the door. It will open. Start moving toward the loading hall and jump. You will land on a very thin strip on which you can walk. Walk down the loading hall to get to the door to Alimbic Cannon Control Room. Now brace yourself because the second you shoot the door the thin strip you're standing on disappears. This actually might mean it's a part of Combat Hall, which is bizarre because it shouldn't extend that far out. Anyway, at any rate the floor disappears, but you can get the door to ACCR open. You can also make it in, but apparently there's no floor there either. Have fun with it!

Quote from Troid92:
Also I guess I can post a little walkthrough for the pointless Oubliette wallcrawl I did a while ago.

Oubliette Hallway to Oubliette Teleporter Room B

Use the alternate SW entrance (dbj at the end of the morph ball tunnel) to get to the top of the right side of the hallway. Face away from the transport to Gorea part of the room and go forward until you can't continue without jumping or falling off the edge. There are now two ways you can do this:

1.) This is the easier method. Jump forward and land on the ground that stretches out past the walls. Move as close as you can to the start of the morph ball tunnel while still being able to jump out of the level at any moment. Shoot the door nearby, and fall off the ground, making your way under the morph ball tunnel. Jump onto the ground at the other side, then behind the door. It should open, and you should end up standing inside the secretized loading room.

2.) This is the harder method. Jump forward as far as you can to land on the next few platforms on top of the side. Shoot the door nearby. Continue moving forward until you reach the point where the ledge slopes downward. Stop here, and morph. Try to balance yourself on the ledge, and dbj over the door wall. If you make it, you'll find yourself inside the secretized loading room, and the door will open.

Now just shoot the door to Teleporter Room B and walk in. Congrats, you've gone backwards into an invisible room, and everything can be fixed if you go in the teleporter or walk back into Hallway.

Edit: There are also a few big rooms that freeze if you attempt to enter the room after secretized. Should those be counted as wallcrawling? (you do get to the same point as all the other wallcrawls, just not into the next room due to too much memory already being used)

Edit2: Well I'm a little confused about how far you can get without freezing in certain areas... Anyway, new SW.

Oubliette Gateway SW :D

When you first land, behind you and to the left (to the right if you turn around), there will be two large twisted branches in front of the green orb on the wall. Float up to the top of the left one from either side, and madly jump on top as to not fall off. Jump over to the other branch into the space between it and the wall that you normally cannot enter. As you fall, look down and keep yourself positioned in the very center of this space, or else you'll fall out or just stop when you reach the bottom. If you did it correctly, when you land, you will pop through the wall and be standing on the floor outside.

The floor stretches out far, so you can walk around the area, dbj into the tunnel you came from (where there is no collision, as we've all figured out by shooting through the wall blocking you from going in there), see the elevator below the other room, etc. I haven't managed to get over to the other room secretized yet, but I'll manage it eventually.

Edit3: Managed it. All you have to do is jump backwards into the second half of the "loading" room to get into the secretized area. The elevator disappeared for me when I got into its room, but I could still use it. And when you get to the top of Teleporter Room A secretized, it's a REALLY cool view of the Gateway.

That's why I didn't feel like retyping all of that <_<;
Good thing the only time my FF cache gets cleared is when FF crashes (happens automatically).
Ok, so I found this neat little trick kinda like the missile push, but more like a halfturret push. Or something. Anyways, go to a corner (preferrably one at more than a 90 degree angle) and push up against it. Then have a weavel jump on top of you and go into alt. with lots of corners, you'll get pushed through the wall (just like the stasis bunker one).

but this is pointless for two reasons:
1. You can only do it in multiplayer (except for extreme coincidences)
2. You have to have another person cooperating with you.

So far I've found a new SW in sic transit, sanctorus, alinos gateway, and VDO gateway. and I'm sure there are plenty more.
Can you explain the ones in Sanctorus, Alinos Gateway, and VDO Gateway? As in which corners did you use?
In sanctorous, you can use some of the corners on the steps at the bottom of the hallway with the jump pad.

In alinos gateway, you can use some of the corners on the steps (I only tried the bottom one and it worked). You can also use the corner that is (if you've just come out of your ship) all the way at the front and to the left where the blocks are that you'd use to get to the missile in adventure.

In VDO gateway, you can use the corners that are right behind you when you start.

when you get in the second one in alinos gateway you can move around behind the walls. i didn't exlpore it much though cuz I ran out of time. And with the VDO gateway one, most of the time you just end up on the other side of the pillar, but if you do it right you can fall through the ground and to your doom. None of the room is secretized so that ones completely pointless.
Ready and willing.
Quote from primetime:
but this is pointless for two reasons:
1. You can only do it in multiplayer (except for extreme coincidences)
2. You have to have another person cooperating with you.

Team Battle + Friendly Fire On.
Well yeah there is that but, um...

actually that's a pretty good idea.  laugh new
Ready and willing.
Heh. You'll probably get yourself knocked off people's rival lists pretty fast, though.
good point, good point

But (at least for me) my rivals rarely make any games in the first place. It would probably only really work in a friend battle.
New Secret World: Transfer Lock. Doesn't work on Battle mode, though, since you can only do it on the extended version of Transfer Lock (with the space stuff). You must be Weavel. To start, jump over the force fields. Go as far to the left as you can and go into Halfturret. Now repeatedly do Halfturret Slices. You will eventually fall thorugh the building to your doom.
OK, new batch of SW's using the halfturret push.

Data shrine: You can go through the corners in the tunnels where you get the shock coil/imp in multiplayer. You can jump towards the main area or the outside area and they'll be secretized.

High Ground: There are two that I found here. The first is the corner to your right if you're facing that broken wall that shows a lava pit (and leads to the big lava MB room in adventure). the real corner is a little to the left of the corner on the wall. Also, you have to angle it just when you drop the halfturret (I usually jump up from the right side). If you try to jump towards the lava pit, you just fall through. The second one is in the main part of the bottom area in a corner with a metal pipe (any should work). Again, this one's tricky since the real corner is out of place, and you have to angle it just right. Just keep trying until you get it. Once you do its possible to jump into the secretized part of the lower area, and then use a jump pad to get to the top area.

Alinos Perch: There are corners everywhere that you can go through, but I'm just gonna explain the one that you can get into a secretized area. Go to the top area and as soon as you get in go to your right and into the corner there. You can get pushed through that one really easily, and then just jump into the other part of the room.

Transfer Lock: If you're going towards the imp, the corner that you can go through is on your left on the second sorta floor of the barrel things. It shouldn't be hard to figure out which corner I'm talkin about. If you angle everything just right, you can go through this corner. Unfortunately, I only got it to work once, and it doesn't do anything.
Transfer Lock SW (SP)

When you enter it for the first time in Single Player, walk forward through the white field and turn around to find a force field blocking your way back. Keep jumping to either side of it (though on the left side (in your view after you turn around to see it) you can only go so far without a missile push) and you'll pop through. The teleporter area of Transfer Lock will become secretized, and chances are you now find yourself in it. This is another game-killing glitch as you are now stuck and can never make your way back into the big area of Transfer Lock. So, kill yourself and choose to continue from the last checkpoint. You'll find yourself back in one of the two previous rooms you came from. Go back to Transfer Lock and repeat the same thing, only right as you "pop" through the wall, move underneath the doorway where the force field appeared as quickly as you can, and if you made it, you'll fall into the SW and die.

I discovered this when a person named Cheeks from SCU said that he was stuck in Transfer Lock and couldn't figure it out. I started a game and went there, only to find that it was indeed possible to get stuck in Transfer Lock.

I'm sure you can manage to get into the SW without it being your first time through, but it makes it infinitely easier with a force field there. I'm also sure there are many spots in every room where you can enter a SW, but I'm guessing many of them are as hard as this one without a force field, or at least as hard as my Crash Site one.

And wow, halfturret push is leading to lots of SWs Shocked . Maybe we'll be able to get at least one SW entrance in every map, now. Oubliette will be hard to tackle, though...
Someone already that one, but not that much! And I guess it MIGHT be possible in multiplayer, but probably not. And there probably won't be a SW in outer reach since it has no real rooms except for the tunnels with the health. But if those do get secretized and they aren't just part of the whole level I might be able to find one.

And I found more SW's. I haven't looked for any in a couple days though, cuz it starts to get boring after a while....

Weapons Complex: Go through one of the doors on the bottom floor that leads to the health above the death pit of doom. Take a left as soon as you get in. You can go through that corner and land on the other side of the level, but it'll be secretized. hooray.

Head Shot: As soon as you start, go onto the jump pad and head to the top floor of the outer area and go to one of those walls that you have to jump over if you're walkin around the level. You can get pushed through the cornerz and into the inside area. Its pretty cool when you go down to the bottom part where the deathalt is.

Celestial Gateway: this ones kinda hard to explain. Go to where the magmaul is, but stay on the floor instead of going on the platform. Go on the right side, and you can go through the corner where the glass platform thing meets the pillar. You can go under the ramp that leads up to teh magimaul and a chunk of the walls missing where the ramp covers it up. You can bomb jump with sylux to the bottom floor and it'll be secretized.

Also, I did some more experimenting with the second Alinos Gateway SW, and the invisible floor stretches out really far. Like, you can almost see the entire level cuz you're so far away. There are two areas like this, and I only tried the first one, but the second one seemed to go on even longer. You can also get behind the lavafall.

Also, just so everyone knows, I'm not even bothering to look in the levels where a SW's already been found.
[quote="Troid92"][I discovered this when a person named Cheeks from SCU said that he was stuck in Transfer Lock and couldn't figure it out. I started a game and went there, only to find that it was indeed possible to get stuck in Transfer Lock.[/quote]

I think I posted somewhere about getting stuck in Transfer Lock.

primetime, good job on all the new SWs. :D

Quote from primetime:
Also, just so everyone knows, I'm not even bothering to look in the levels where a SW's already been found.

But you looked in Data Shrine and Celestial Gateway.
Quote from Mr Potter:
But you looked in Data Shrine and Celestial Gateway.

Yeah, but the data shrine one was really pointless and I thought I could probably find a new, better one pretty easily, and the other one only works in adventure.  btw, two new ones.

Compression chamber: in the room with the double damage, you can go through the left corner where the health on the right side is. If you stop holding forwards just as you go through the wall, you can land on this tiny ledge thats just outside the level. I haven't tried the right corner, and I haven't tried either corner where the left health is, so those may work.

Incubation Vault: You can go through the left corner in the tiny spot where the affinity is. There isn't anything to land on, and none of the room is secretized so its pretty pointless.

So, now all I have left to find is outer reach (which I'm 99% sure can't even have a SW) and oubliette (which I'm working on). You can't get into a SW by going through a root that holds up the platform cuz the ground goes underneath em. So that means that the only way is to go through the side of the level.
Yeah, I doubt Outer Reach can have a SW.
Found the most-recent SCU SW posts in my FF cache :D

Quote from MrPotter:
Well, thanks to YouTube and links on m2k2 to the videos, I can say there are three new secret worlds (at least). One is in Fuel Stack, one in Harvester, and one in Arcterra Gateway. The one in Fuel Stack is done by jumping through a hole in one of the ledges going up, the one in Harvester is done by bomb jumping with Sylux around the arena, and the one in Arcterra Gateway is done by getting into a really tight space and pressing against the wall. I don't feel like fully explaining it, but there are also tons of new methods of doing secret worlds, including Adventure mode secret worlds for Combat Hall and Sic Transit.

Click here for a topic I made at IGN, it has tons of glitch explanations(I am Droonandi there). For some like getting to a part of a hall thats in single player, but blocked off in multiplayer at Arcterra Gateway. You can get in it in multiplayer by going to the top and to the area lighted by blue lights, jump into the crack and turn left and jump forward, then look towards the wall again, and down, and run forward and slowly turn left, bit by bit. Then at a point, you will run through the wall, and you get 2 choices on places to go. Choice 1: Immediately jump forward, and continue forward, and go past the end of the tunnel, and you will land in part of a tunnel that is single player. Choice 2: Fall the other way and you will notice a snowpile. Past the wall, a peice will be sticking out. Jump on to it, then you have 2 more choices. Choice 1: Fall from there and jump back into the arena, and you should land inside of a huge pillar. Choice 2[Sylux Only]: Go into alt form and look to the direction that the cutoff hall is, fly off the edge of the snowpile and bomb jump around the arena. If you time your bombs right, you should run out right as you get to a different huge pillar. You can land inside. This glitch was found by me, and is not the only one. Please check out my IGN glitch topic, it should say which ones I found most I have known for a while, but some I have not. If there is one there that I said I found, and it was found before I found it, don't yell at me, I don't search the entire world for a single glitch.

Sorry for bumping this, but I beleive this was a good post of importance. And if I posted this in the wrond area, then please move it.
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Don't worry, it's a sticky. You can never get in trouble for bumping a sticky.