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Well for me, it auto morphs once you enter the piston part of the maze, but you can safely stand in that room at the end. And it may not be faster, but it is an intersting novelty trick, kinda like Ice Beam Before Flaahgra and a Varialess Magmoor Run. They are fun but do not help speed in any way.

And, Dr. Trence, it is a hard trick, I've only been able to do it twice. An easier way to find out when you are going to pop out of the tunnel is after each Magmaul Boost, stop. If you are quickly moving back towards the entrance of the tunnel, back up and get ready. One more boost will push you out. Once you are out make sure to hold back when you land back in the tunnel. If you land at the same spot you started, you will just fall through and land in the secretized room. And don't worry, you haven't even gotten to the hardest part yet. :P
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is the "go through walls glitch" SDA legal, so long as we use it to go through walls that are still inside the level?
as far as i know lazylen, yes. you are just passing through the wall while it is glitched, it is just a small gap that you can actually make bigger by boosting through it.

as for that speed trick, i was about to say the same thing primetime said, "how did you enter it without an auto-morph?". i haven't done it yet, but when you DO skip it, do you collect the artifact at the end? or you just end up at the other side, at the morph ball tunnel? however, it could save at least a few seconds. the first part of the maze isn't hard, but the second, with the blocks leveling eachother, you have to wait for each one to lower itself, so you can roll onto it. that part always seemed the longest for me, but whatever.

as for the "go through wall" glitch, i'll make a vid of it now. i wasn't able to do it last night, because me was playin' animal crossing wold world. i'll edit this post when it's uploaded, and edit again when it's up fully.. unless someone posts after i upload it.. i don't know
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i was trying the trick on a file that doesnt have the artifact, and as i boosted myself backwards with the missile launcher, I jumped and went flying out of the tunnel. I landed back in the room and the graphics are all deloaded, but the stronghold portal is still there, the collision detectors are still there, along with the lava. I can see my arm cannon and everything, and the only thing other than that i can see is the tunnel I just popped out of. The air lift works.
so basically you were on the "open space"? and you actually "floated"? what happened after that?

as for the "go through wall" vid, i can't record it because for some reason i just can't boost through the wall. i'll try to do it later, but for right now, i'm just going to play some more.
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Oh, I knew about that "invisible room" thing a long time ago. See my post above.
Quote from rekameohs:
If you land at the same spot you started, you will just fall through and land in the secretized room.

If you are a secret world expert, you should know that a "secretized" room is one that is invisible but has all collision dectectors and walls there.
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well i know that, i just wasnt aware that you could actually be in a "secretized" room. Im not one to wallcrawl a whole lot.

I got into the lift at the back of that room and went through the morph ball doors, but since I had shot both the door to the tunnel that leads to the teleporter, and the other morph ball tunnel door, the game crashed as i tried to load piston cave.

Oh, if you jump the other way when you're popping out of the morph ball tunnel, you can pop out of the level and kill yourself by a terminal fall.

in response to dr trence, that time i found the morph ball tunnel that i had used before, entered, and exited, and the room was back to noraml. the next couple of times i did it though, i just purposely committed suicide because i couldnt find the ledges.  Embarassed
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From reading some of these posts and some posts over at scu, I've discovered that my post for skipping Piston Cave might have been a little not discriptive. You don't, I repeat DON'T enter the morph ball tunnel in the elevator, you will just get an instant unmorph as primetime and Dr. Trence said. From Council Chamber's door, look directly to the left. There is a morph ball tunnel which is the one that you use. And you end up at the END of Piston Tunnel, you can skip the WHOLE THING! I tried this out and it may save 30 sec to a minute.
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yeah, i know. I just couldnt get to the main door to try to get out, so i took the elevator one and ended up freezing my game.
i accendentily forgot to jump once i shot myself out the tunnel, and thought i actually was in the "blank" space! then i reliazed i just secretized the room because i felt that there were walls when i was walking.

i'll try to confirm rek's trick by trying to collect the real artifact on my new file. but if i remember, there is a shield blocking the tunnel when you first enter it. i could be wrong though, but i think i checked to see if i could unmorph in that gap thing and then perform a jump to reach the door, but again, i could be wrong.

also, in stasis bunker, i have come REALLY close to finding a sw. when you first enter it, there is the small hallway, just walk foward, then exit it. turn left and then walk under the small ceiling. jump. when you do, you'll notice that the wall is glitched, and that you can actually see the walls, and "blank" space! although, i can't get past the wall, not even with the magmaul. but i'll try again and see if there's a alternative method
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Success! I have gotten the artifact in Piston Cave and the portal works and everything. There  is a shield on the artifact, but the shield key is right next to it. I was messing around in that little artifact room and noticed that if you look towards the piston cave, the view gets very screwed up. So I guess that is why you aren't supposed to unmorph there.
Well all these secret worlds are cool, I managed to do the easy one...The one in Echo Hall with the box that you jump on and you can jump "over" and "through" the wall. But while I was getting there, I ended up fighting weavel, I got pinned against the wall near the door and he slashed me straight through to the room before with the crawling slash port of his morph. So this whole thing is a way of me saying... I think using the hunters alt-pushing through walls glitch can lead to some possible secret worlds...that you may not end up dieing in. So I think people should try to do experiment with this glitch when fighting another hunter. You'll never know!!! :-D
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Okay, for those having trouble skipping Piston Cave, Troid92 of scu has found a much easier way to do it without using secret worlds or anything. Here is his post...
Quote from Troid92:
Yeah, I managed this last night. All you do is roll through one of the morph ball tunnels up above leading to where you end up after Piston Cave. Just unmorph when you're really close to where it drops you to the bottom and you can stand on the tunnel. Fire at the morph ball door to open it, jump up, morph, and you can enter it backwards. No Magmaul-pushing or SW's involved (so it CAN be used in speedruns since it does seem much faster). I tried getting inside Piston Cave unmorphed, but I didn't have enough energy left to continue trying to get through the morph ball doors, so I ended up just morphing (a much faster method, might I add). Yes, the artifact is there.
interesting. i tried something similar a while back. i think i mentioned it at the speed tricks topic, but i can't remember. anyway, i tried it by using the boost pad that's close to the ceiling with the hole in it. i used it and boosted myself close to the hole, then i tried to shoot a super missle at the wall, so it will shoot me backwards, then i would activate my jump since i never used it. but that never worked. just another "close sw speed trick" thing i guess.

blackout, yeah the alt. form push thing is already known. a few people already found some sw's with it by using traces alt. form, and then pushing you into a cornered wall, into the sw. i also encountered the same thing you found, i was about to get into the sw, echo hall, then i think weavel used his alt. form and pushed me straight into the morph maze below the room. that was VERY weird, i went inside the other portion of the maze (you usally go through the other portion of it when you enter the morph ball tunnel below the sw), and started examining everything. of course this happened before primetime discovered the "mb boost" trick. with that trick, you can explore the WHOLE maze in echo hall

also, i'm going to add a new sw technique, the "3bj" found by me, and the new sw's troid92, mr potter ad everyone else found
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gah, i wish i had my DS with me so i could try the piston cave backwards trick... keyboarding class is so dull.  Evil or Very Mad  Evil or Very Mad  Evil or Very Mad
I ALMOST got to a SW. At the Piston Tunnel, after you get past the lava-pushing-into-pistons, and at the beginning of the crushing-into-a-sandwich-pistons, there's a needle-shaped rock. It juts out of the wall at a diagonal, and is about two and a half times taller than the Morph Ball. Use a DBJ to get behind it and stay there, which is VERY hard. I tried to use another DBJ to get over the invisible wall in every direction, but no dice. Maybe your TBJ can do the trick. Also, you can get on top of the very point of the rock if you DBJ left from behind it.
SW9: Combat Hall

Using Weavel, push yourself in the tunnel with a missile (never been able to do it with the unmorph method). Then alt and drop to death.
Found a new sw:

Celestrial Archives, Celestrial Gateway:

When you first arrive, aim your cannon slightly to the left. You'll notice that there are two small oval-like circles. Walk up to it. Then jump on the left one, into the oval. You will "stick" inside of the oval. Then get your missile launcher out and aim it right below you (you can charge it, but it won't make a difference). Then fire a missile/super missile, and you will blast up in the air. From here, hold the d-pad up, so you will land on the top of the oval glass thing. When you're inside, just walk foward and you will exit the room and fall to your death.

I just did this, but I noticed that i was actually standing on the very edge of the rim of the glass window. That means that i might be able to walk around the room, and possible wallcrawl into the next room! And since when you first arrive on CA, you won't have any missiles, so you might not use this on you first visit. But i'll see if a dbj or tbj will work. Tbj might possible work, but i don't know. I'll edit this post when i get some decent information.

Edit: Yep, a dbj and tbj DO work. It might be a little eaiser than the missile method, but it's kind of tricky to pop through the roof. Sometimes you will just do the "rapid jump" glitch, and not get though the wall. But it's possible.

I tried to stand on the edge, but nothing yet. I'm still trying to prevent myself falling off the rim when i dbj or rocket jump up to it.
I'll edit the post again when i find a method, i also might make a mini-vid of the sw.
found a new sw:

Helm Room, Celestrial Archives

When you enter, turn your view to the left. You will see another one of those oval windows. Walk up to it. And then repeat the same process, meaning either use method 1 or 2. when your on the window, simply jump a few times and you will fall to your death.

I'll try to see if this room has any special sw tricks to it, but i'm not sure. With the other one i found, i came close to reaching the door, but there's nothing that i can stand on to actually reach it. So, i'll make a vid of this one too later today or something
Darn, I just tried that in multiplayer and it doesn't work. For some reason they changed the shape of those things.
Posted by ShadowLink84 on GameFAQs:

There is also another glitch for alinos perch. This works only for Samus though, head to the second boost pad where you get the Sylux coil. Dont go into it, instead morph ball and boost at top speed at it. If you hit the vry edge of the ledge, youll pass through into darkness and die. same thing qwith the first boost pad tat sends you to the magmaul. It only works while yyour boosting though

Can someone test this?
I'll test it and edit this once im done.

Hm, it didn't work for me. Maybe it was just a one time thing that happened to that person.
Doesn't sound like it would work, but I just want to make sure we don't miss anything.

EDIT: Another SW posted on Gamefaqs.

Quote from morrowindking21:
Get outside of sic transet

Note: I did not discover this glitch nor do i take any credit for it.

To get outside of sic transit you must be weavel. First go into the main hallway that you come into from the middle room. Take a right and go all the way down the hallway until you get to the room on the left right before the door with the holographic wall oln it. Go into the room on the left and jump on top of the pillar in the corner of the room. Keep on walking forward then transform into your alt form and you should go outside of the level. If you messed this up you probably will die.

When you are outside of the level (your still inside the level but everything is black), you cant see your enemies but they can see your shadow so they know were you are in the level. I guess this could be useful in combat but I am not to sure.

Someone please test this.
Yes, the sic transit one does work, I did it a while back. But to get on land you have to jump towards the area on your right. You can see some pretty cool stuff. When you look at the parts with the white barriers that prevent you from looking past them until you get right up next to them, you see what WOULD be there if you weren't in the SW. It's pretty neat.

Also, using that ice hive SW, if you use the jump pad to get in it you can land in the tunnel and go into SW mode.

Also, it's fun to do this kinda stuff during wifi. I always wonder what the other person's thinking...  :-k
In combat hall, you can push yourself through the level at either end of the hallway where the broken wall and pipes and stuff are with a super missile/battlehammer etc. I'm not sure exactly who found it, but a bunch of different people were talking about it on the Nintendo forums.