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Also there's already a thread for FRS but might as well keep this thread up to date too xP

Secret World 33: Zipline Station Alpha
Secret World 34: Zipline Station Bravo
Secret World 35: Hoverplat Docking Site
Secret World 36: Skybridge Hera
Secret World 37: Zipline Station Delta
Secret World 38: Skybridge Athene
I know community consensus is that numbering SWs is dumb now but the big red text is tradition...! it's just for fun :P

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Hazel: 2015-08-14 08:40:46 pm
rocks, locks, and invisible blocks
Quote from Parax:
Try aiming more to the right to get caught on the next room and see if you can unmorph from the screw attack? I don't think that would be far enough to get you past the terminal fall trigger, but it at least puts you in a position where you could try to get a scan lockon on something from the landing site to try to wiggle around to the opposite side of the drop shaft, which might either let you get past the fall trigger, or let you reach the aether before touching the fall trigger.

I messed around with it and I'm not getting the best outcome. You can screw attack into the next room just fine, but wiggling around seems to lose hieght too quickly to get to the other side without activating terminal fall. I don't have bombs on this file, since it didn't skip Hyper Ball... It's possible that bombs could be useful, though I'm not sure they would necessarily solve the problem. This terminal fall trigger is huge <_<
Yeah, it's just hard to judge how far that is from the drop shaft. Looking at it some more, the best bet might be to try to stick on the left wall and reach the aether on the left side, since that's the closest to where the collision ends. (The drop shaft doesn't look like it's going to happen since it's basically in the middle of the room rather than on one of the edges like I thought it was.) Unfortunately to do that you'd have to get more height, since you'd need to hit the wall on the main floor rather than on the shaft.

It's hard to judge if it's possible to get enough height, but the floor is at 437 Z and the holes in the wall in the landing site look like they're like 430-435 or so. So it's really close, but it might be a little too low. Screw Attack's hitbox is really dumb vertically though, so maybe you can make it anyway? Or alternately, can you stand on the edge of any of the holes? If so, I think it's probably definitely possible.
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Hazel: 2015-10-16 11:34:16 am
rocks, locks, and invisible blocks
Quote from Parax:
Secret Worlds 9 & 10: North Jungle Court & Hillside Vista

Both found by 79735 (random number ustream assigned to him/her for his/her username since he/she wants to be anonymous).

SW10 doesn't require SA. I'm playing up to Bryyo to see if I can get ship missiles early. :D

I found this earlier today just messing around, I guess it's not new:

is it a similar method that video used? or was that one done differently? if anyone remembers.
That's a new method. The old one was you stand on the battery thing and have the ship pick it up + carry you OoB.
Easier Skyway Acces SW method found by DF6780

This should make it pretty viable to go for in non-low% categories, although this method probably won't work in low% because of the amount of acid rain damage you would take.
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Hazel: 2017-02-01 10:37:36 am
rocks, locks, and invisible blocks
You can also do this SW without Screw Attack

Edit: Also you wouldn't take much acid rain damage with df's strat, you just need to pull back under the collision of the room after going out of bounds.
rocks, locks, and invisible blocks
Secret World 39: Phaaze Landing Site
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Aruki: 2017-02-20 10:22:01 pm
I guess we're still doing the big red text and the numbers in 2017 then

Secret World 40: Gateway