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Secret World 21: Cavern Alpha

I should've found this months ago. Geez.
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Quote from Paraxade:
Secret World 21: Cavern Alpha

I should've found this months ago. Geez.

Well then, that was easy :P

Next up SW 22:Main Docking Access :D
not evil,just hungry
oh wow, a phaaze sw at long last.  I'm suprised it was that simple.
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cool to see a SW here.
Secret World 22: Arrival Station

>_> <_<

This was mostly found by Parax, as he found out how to land inside of Zipline Station Alpha; I just took advantage of the fact that he had to go somewhere and found how to avoid the terminal fall from there.

Pretty much useless, though, since it requires SA. :\
rocks, locks, and invisible blocks
Quote from MilesSMB:

Pretty much useless, though, since it requires SA. :\

naah, always nice to have SW's
I like turtles.
Any application toward 100% runs, though, maybe?

Secret World 23: Concourse Ventilation

This one's a pain in the ass, but it's in the right place and it doesn't require Screw Attack, which means it'll be very, very useful.
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it looks easy and weird though.
Secret World 24: Gateway Hall

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Prime Hunter: 2011-07-30 02:05:42 pm
Add that one to the list of "how did we miss something as simple as that the first time around" secret worlds. laugh new (OK, so after a second viewing there's more to it than I initially thought, but the first hop over the wall counts in this category in my opinion.)

Not sure how useful that will be given how much of Bryyo we're leaving behind now, but it's still cool that you're continuing to find these.
Actually, it's pretty hard to pull off, mostly because it's really tough to actually pull off the boost SSJ. Hard enough that I actually didn't miss it, I thought this was a potential SW a long time ago, but couldn't manage to pull it off til now.
Heh, tells you how much I remember of our attempts back then. But yeah, I'd imagine being able to boost like that given the angle you had to shoot towards is a pain since it looks like you'd have to be dead on to make it far enough out in the proper direction.
my umbrella goes directly to Bankai
overall improved skills make this kind of obvious but missed SWs pop up. it was simply impossible with the skills back then (also, that boost-SSJ move used for most of the newest SWs is a pretty tricky move. practicing all those low% paid off)
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Fun fact: Secret World 22 can be reached without the Boost Ball. As I lack a video recording device, I cannot show you, but doing it is very easy (I've done it 3 times in the span of a few minutes). Jump laterally off the same platform Paraxade and Miles use in their videos and begin Screw Attacking forward, steering around the building (with a twist).

The trick lies in what direction your Screw Attack faces at the start. Most likely when you guys attempted this earlier, you tried Screw Attacking by the building and steering around. Every time I've succeeded I've been SAing a little toward the building, then I steer left around it and then right again.

The amount of directional influence you can exercise over the Screw Attack is directly related to how far off 'center' it is, not to time or how much DI you've exercised already, so you can steer it further around objects on long trips by aiming for your obstacle at the beginning. Not all that helpful here, but maybe somewhere else. Nothing comes to mind immediately, but it's been a long time since I've examined this game.

EDIT: Dammit, scratch out that theory. Not how Screw Attack works. I also made it to the platform under more stringent conditions (aiming away from the building from the start). Sorry, everybody. Well, you can still reach the platform without Boost Ball, but it doesn't bring anything to the table. :(
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rekameohs: 2015-06-28 06:51:15 pm
Anywhere, everywhere
I was fooling around, wallcrawling in Bryyo when I discovered that (probably already known) any secretized water gives floaty jump. I thought that Temple of Bryyo was special, but it works in any room. Because of this, I decided to go on a little hunt for floaty jump secret worlds. Take note that none of these are any use, since they require wallcrawling to the room, entering inbounds, and then leaving again. It may seem odd to call these secret worlds, but it follows the exact same principle Training Chamber in Prime 1 had. Besides, all it does is add some rooms to a list of secret worlds, but hey, it’s nice to see that list expand, right? >_>

Each of these secret worlds involves the same idea: step into secretized liquid (fuel gel, phazon), drop through the ceiling to get back inbounds, make sure that the secretized room is not dumped, and floaty jump out. For the non-secret world savvy, a secretized room is a room that has its features loaded but is still completely black, a dumped room has nothing loaded, and a loaded room is visible. Keeping the room from getting dumped is a challenge in some rooms, but another is the floaty jump-giving liquid. The only way the game gives you the floaty jump is if you hit the liquid below the ground first. The top layer of liquid is meant to be the only part you touch, and touching that does nothing, even when secretized. It’s the section below it that must be entered and exited to give floaty jump. I’m going to call it the “floaty layer”. Even when falling in morph ball, falling through the top layer then the floaty layer does not give you floaty jump. You have to hit the floaty layer first. You can, however, hit the floaty layer then hit the top layer afterwards and still get the jump, as can be seen in the Field Access SW. The easiest difference to tell between the two is that the floaty layer does not damage you, while the top layer does. When you have floaty jump, unmorphing will always give a “liquid splashing on face” effect which will let you know if you have it.

Here’s the list of secret worlds you can get into using this technique:

So these are a bunch of Secret Worlds that are absolutely useless save for adding 1 to the number of SW's in the game. Yay! Numbers!

Secret World 25: Hangar Bay Hall

This uses the Hall of the Golems gel. This one is a very easy one to enter. You just gotta have fun wallcrawling over to this room! Have Hall of the Golems secretized and fall into its standard. Thankfully, the floaty layer of the gel is directly on your level, so just step in and step out. The room’s boundaries seemed to be a bit confusing to me, and the area I picked seemed to be the simplest to aether jump.

Secret World 26: Colossus Vista

This also uses the Hall of the Golems gel. The challenging part of entering this one is making sure that Hall of the Golems isn’t dumped until the right time. “Until the right time” meaning that you actually have to lose floaty jump to enter this secret world. As before, pick up floaty jump through Hall of the Golems’ standard and jump up to the top area of Colossus Vista. Only a very small area in the corner will let you enter without dumping Hall of the Golems. Any farther towards the ship missile expansion, and you’ll lose floaty jump. Floaty jump up and screw attack to the small nook at the upper left part of the gate. You’ll lose floaty jump while screw attacking (because you’ll dump HotG during the jump), but you can still make it into the secret world from that nook. A moderately tricky bomb jump plus unmorph will get you out of the room.

The question may come up if you can reach the nook without floaty jump: while you can with a really good 2bj bsj from the pedestal where the ship missile expansion is, the stupid “only one bomb in midair” rule in Corruption prevents the bomb jump out from happening. If someone could get up to that nook with only a regular bsj/ssj, it would be doable.

I had placed the golem’s head back when I got in the sw, but I don’t know if you need to or not.

Secret world 27: Hidden Court Hall

This uses the Hidden Court gel. In this one, accessing the floaty layer is a bit of the challenge, as Hidden Court’s standard is way below the bottom of the gel’s floaty layer. Also, as mentioned, just morphing down into it won’t work. What must be done is that you must fall from the aether at just the right height where you miss the top layer but fall through the floaty layer. The map is very helpful for this. Get on the side of the room where you get the energy cell, in the aether. If you look at the map, the door to Falls of Fire has a box around it. Morph until your height is just at the top of that box. Now, just walk forward and you should avoid the top layer and get floaty jump. Easy from here to the secret world.

Secret World 28: Enlightened Walkway

This uses the Jousting Field gel. Here, get up to Jousting Field’s standard (Jousting Field’s standard is higher than Enlightened Walkway’s) and get to the area of the map where the small pool of gel is. Keep jumping until it works. For some reason, this one doesn’t always work, as the video shows, but it’s easy to just try again.

Secret World 29: Field Access

This also uses the Jousting Field gel. This one is pretty much identical to the last one, but on the other side.

Secret World 30: Corrupted Pool

This uses the Gel Processing Site gel. Get to Gel Processing Site’s standard, which is just slightly above Corrupted Pool’s standard. The floaty layer of gel ends juuuust above the standard, so the little “bobbing” that Samus does when below a room will actually give you floaty jump. It also wouldn’t hurt to jump repeatedly and hit the bottom of the ground to get it. While getting floaty jump is easy here, escaping from Corrupted Pool is more complicated.

Corrupted Pool’s skywalk is much higher than the other rooms in this list, so a simple floaty double jump will not leave the map. My guess is that a really good 2bj bsj + ghetto jump might make it out, but I always came just short. I do a ssj (notice that the bombs/springs don’t send you as high because the game thinks you’re in liquid) and then jump into the area where the two walls make a “V” shape by the door to Gel Processing Site. By screw attacking off the right wall, the backflip animation pushes you on top of the left wall. As long as the game puts you back in first person, as it did for me, you’re in the secret world. This has quite an annoyingly large chance of sending you OVER the wall and screw attacking into oblivion, so fall a bit before doing the screw attack.

So, there you have it, 6 new useless secret worlds. If anyone wants to make better videos of these, feel free. It’d probably be for the better. There’s a couple more spots where you can get floaty jump in a room with an exit, but the exits are too high: Falls of Fire (using Hidden Court’s gel) and Command Courtyard (using Flux Control’s phazon). I’ve also tried getting floaty jump in Hidden Court using Burrow’s gel, but it doesn’t seem to have a floaty layer. Grand Court would be easily escapable because the skywalk is actually almost reachable without floaty jump.
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rekameohs: 2011-09-16 03:28:11 am
Anywhere, everywhere
And here's a non-floaty jump sw... still requires wallcrawling in, though.

Secret World 31: Ballista Storage

The bottom part of the room where the lift goes is hollow. You can jump in through the floor there and then jump out. If you try to morph without dumping the room, you'll be stuck in morph ball forever. You can also see Defense Drone if you get there before getting boost ball, but the fight cannot be triggered. This secret world could prove to be useful if there were a way to trigger the Defense Drone fight, get the boost ball, and then leave via the secret world. It would be one of two (I believe) blockades for a grapple swing skip gone. As for now, it's only use would be if you wanted to get the energy cell in that room without using the lift to get down, for some ungodly reason...
Anywhere, everywhere
Now for a more traditional secret world entrance.

Secret World 32: Cargo Dock C

This one uses the screw attack, and since that idiot blocks off the path to here after the introduction, you still have to wallcrawl to get over here. This secret world is just used to escape if you ever want to explore the Generator C area post-intro.

Get to the right of the door to Conduit C. Jump onto the railing and do a long space jump to the right. Screw attack ahead and to the left and you'll pass the invisible wall and get stuck in the walls of the secretized Conduit C. Hold left on the control stick to eventually unscrew. You may end up stuck, like I did, but a boost will take care of that. The screw attack sends you far enough to be in Cargo Dock C's aether.

Oh, and on a side note, I also found a very bizarre alternative to the Transit Station Leviathan sw entrance a while back. It's probably the strangest entrance to a sw yet. An extremely complicated series of wallcrawls can take you through the escort mission and out of Transit Station Leviathan without blowing up the door to the seed. The map still says that it's a landing site, even though the ship never landed. Using another landing site, flying the ship to Transit Station Leviathan results in you just being deposited hundreds of feet away from the room in the secret world. No cutscene, no loading, just instantly placed smack-dab in the middle of nowhere. I was trying to find a way to skip the need for ship missiles there, but to no avail. :/
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UchihaSasuke: 2013-07-25 08:19:36 am
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a massive bump to show how laughable Nintendo and Retro are:

I don't know my room names so I'm gonna assume Metroid Creche is THAT SW...

(watches video for 2 seconds)

knew it
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can someone please describe how to get into the phazon quarry sw? i can't watch the video or i wouldn't even ask
Go to the top of the half pipe. Do a 2bsj, turn to face the half pipe; stay right next to the wall on the left, but make sure you're lined up straight ahead with the half pipe, don't turn to face the wall. Do a screw attack. You should see Samus turning to the left and going over the wall. Once you get that you're in, but you'll probably want to move back toward the room and catch yourself on the sticky wall to slow your decent and get away from the door, because the adjacent room has a really low standard and it's a long way down if you fall.
I run this here hotel of an evening
so apparently i REALLY suck at 2bsj...

thanks for the info though, I'll try again later.

and hats off to anyone who can do this in a speedrun, especially SS
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Does this count? I'd count it
Try aiming more to the right to get caught on the next room and see if you can unmorph from the screw attack? I don't think that would be far enough to get you past the terminal fall trigger, but it at least puts you in a position where you could try to get a scan lockon on something from the landing site to try to wiggle around to the opposite side of the drop shaft, which might either let you get past the fall trigger, or let you reach the aether before touching the fall trigger.