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Bananas GOOD, Kremlings BAD
It's okay (with me).  I can understand hard-to-reproduce glitches.  We've just had a lot of claims in the number of years we've been online.
Christmas RAGE!
Yeah, i know what you mean.
If i find a glitch, ill shut up till i have a pic/vid of it.
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Aruki: 2010-09-30 04:32:51 am
haha, I had this idea for soo long and only just now managed to make it work.

Secret World 14: Docking Bay 5

I am pretty sure this will let you do alternate/easier 21% by skipping the third energy cell and getting screw attack.
Whoa, nice moves. Is it a new SW too? Nice BSJ demonstration also. Thanks!
my umbrella goes directly to Bankai
hehe that was crazy and cool.
good thing this could be used as 21% since now a fast run is feasible. the problem now is finding a runner...
not evil,just hungry
well, that was impressive.  no wonder it took so long to find that one.  now the main page really needs an update.
Secret World 15: Main Docking Bay

someone pleeeeease find a way to do this without screw attack :P
Wow. You need impeccable timing with that SW.
Anywhere, everywhere
Holy crap, that is the coolest looking secret world ever. And yeah, huge sequence break possibilities if that one is found without screw attack.
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Prime Hunter: 2010-10-01 07:22:30 am
Wait, so something we've been dying to figure out FOR YEARS has now been done, but only if you have an item that is found LONG AFTER we'd need to get in there? Of all the luck... Crying or Very sad

Anyway, this is still an awesome find! And I agree, from what I've seen of secret worlds, that has to be the coolest way to enter one we've ever come up with.

Edit: Oh god... I just realized that you need to use TWO of those bots to get in there, and now I understand sabata2's comment.
Secret World 16: Phazon Quarry

Using this SW you can probably wallcrawl around needing to use Spider in the next room which means spider ball is only required in one room.

also seriously :P there are 16 SWs in this game so far and I found 9 of them. no one is looking for anything except me...
my umbrella goes directly to Bankai
i doubt there's many people with thousands of hours of experience with this game like you heh :p

anyway, nice SW discoveries. #15 was neat using 2 bots. kinda like a more crazy grand abyss SW.
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Prime Hunter: 2010-10-01 11:50:30 am
Quote from Paraxade:
also seriously :P there are 16 SWs in this game so far and I found 9 of them. no one is looking for anything except me...

I haven't played Corruption in ages except when I was playing the whole series before Other M came out. Haven't played any other Metroid since then actually.

Besides, I wouldn't know what to look for regarding secret worlds, so I can't help with that at least.

Edit: Hah! I guess I was wrong about knowing nothing about finding SWs. I seem to remember thinking about that spot back when the game first came out, but I never got anywhere since I didn't know where to really begin.

And man, you're on a roll here. 3 new SWs in what is that, about 30 hours?
Edit history:
Aruki: 2010-10-01 01:41:27 pm
Aruki: 2010-10-01 11:54:38 am
i was thinking about that spot too and just never managed to actually get into the SW until today :P I found out how low the wall was with moon jump and decided to put some more effort into trying to get over it. One method I was experimenting with that would've been really awesome if it worked was doing a SSJ out of boosting off the halfpipe. Didn't work unfortunately.

edit: also for the record... SW15 is easier than it looks. SW16 is harder than it looks.

edit 2:

Secret World 17: Defense Access

spider skip fuck yeah!
... wat?

Did you just enter a morph ball tunnel that the devs never programmed in a destination for?

And nice! this mean a new low% run?
my umbrella goes directly to Bankai
i didn't quite understand that last one either..
Wait, isn't that the tunnel you come out of after Skyway Access on the way to the mines?

Totally wicked!
^yep, it's the tunnel you normally come out of in the cutscene after the Skyway Access fight. You aren't supposed to be able to get back into the tunnel so they didn't bother making the tunnel lead anywhere.
This is fun xP This one is very very easy.

Secret World 18: Transit Station Leviathan

Wonder if I can get to 20! :O I still wanna check some parts of Bryyo and Pirate Homeworld and double check Norion. I think I've about exhausted Elysia. The closest thing left there is Turbine Chamber... the skywalk there is very low but unfortunately theres nothing to jump to it from.
Brick wall You're making this look too easy, you know that? Were we seriously that lazy when it came to looking for things with this game, or is it just me? Could've sworn we made a good sweep of the game back then, but it feels like we missed A TON of useful things. Of course, two or three of these recent discoveries were things we tried to get but couldn't pull off, so maybe it's not as bad as it looks.

Anyway, don't think that one you just found has any practical use whatsoever, but it's another Secret World so it counts.
And here's another one that'll make you wonder "how the hell did we miss that?"

Secret World 19: Metroid Creche

my umbrella goes directly to Bankai
oh man, that one is just sad lol.

they say that the easiest and most obvious places are overlooked when looking for something.
I think there are no more words left for how pathetic some of these are.
Was there any point to that random hole in the wall that I can't remember? Its almost like Retro Studios actually WANTED you to find a secret world.
Bananas GOOD, Kremlings BAD
You see, Retro DOES love us.