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How can I see Secret World 7? The link goes the the Transit Hub video but doesn't play, how can I watch it?
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Thanks Paraxade, uhhh, but isn't that in the Piston Hall? Is that secret world 7? What secret world is the transit Hub in Elysia?
there is no transit hub SW. Yes, Piston Hall is SW7.
For SW10 without screw, is it normal to have to stick yourself on the wall then bomb jump/unmorph to reach the outside "ledge"? I don't feel like I'm doing this right.. the consistency is not good either with whether the bomb jump gets me to the right spot.
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uNsane: 2007-12-16 11:31:15 am
It is, as I said here, possible to enter the secret world by getting inside the wall and dropping until you start bouncing, then moving away from the wall (you can only move while you're falling from the bounce, otherwise you'll just stop bouncing) until you hear yourself land, then space jump to the corner and into the SW from there. The bomb jump method is a bit more consistent and much easier to get to, however, so I'd recommend sticking with that.
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Can someone please tell me a small list of the rooms discovered secret worlds are in? Not in the order they were found or anything just the rooms. Thanks you!  extra_smug
kip: try jumping through the hole in the wall from the top ledge (the one with the door on it), it's a bit easier to get more height and land in the right spot if you do that.

MJ: SW1: Chozo Observatory
SW2: Creche Transit
SW3: Zipline Station Charlie
SW4: Skyway Access
SW5: Powerworks
SW6: Temple of Bryyo
SW7: Piston Hall
SW8: Gel Processing Site
SW9: North Jungle Court
SW10: Hillside Vista
Hey, I'm new and all this talk of secret worlds is getting me excited! Lol, I never thought of secret worlds in metroid prime games before, I only have 1 and 3 can someone give me some secret worlds for one?
I'm not sure, but I think your perception of the term "Secret World" may be incorrect. To be safe, I shall tell you that a secret world is simply the area outside of the actual level boundaries. That said, you can scan through this topic to gain some knowledge on the locations of all the known ones in Corruption, and the pages on the main site for each Prime game also have them.
red chamber dream
And your game already includes them. You just have to get into them, usually through a series of difficult jumps and clipping glitches.
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Thanks a lot Paraxade! The list really helps :D
K thx I only got metroid 3 yesterday, it's SOOO COOL, oh and I knew that secret worlds yeah stuff out of boundaries and that anyone can get them, i just used the wrong word lol, (I said give I meant tell me or sumtin anyway...)
well I've gotten in many times now, sometimes through bomb jumping to the outside ledge and sometimes just jumping far enough and sticking to the wall a few times for a safer landing.

This is fine for me, but as far as the section's concerned I'm not sure how to make an easily understandable video/description out of it. I can see the average reader having a tough time with it, not because it's that hard, but because getting a bomb to launch you (and finding the magic spots on the outside that let you SJ) feels like trial and error.

I might just need to mess around with it more, but I've already done so for at least an hour or two and it hasn't yielded anything.
there's a sort of snake like thing on the ground where you land after the bomb jump; there's a standable spot around the third "segment" of it. usually when I do the SW I bomb jump so I land back there then use the tiny hops and hop around that area until I land. alternately, I don't think it's absolutely necessary that you land somewhere where you can SJ; you could probably just drop off the edge and still land in the SW.
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Can seomone explain how do do the SW7 in Piston Hall? I just keep getting knocked into the Abyss. Someone help! :(
I'm a bit new with sequence breaking, is a secret world like a glitch that happens when you leave the map?
Anywhere, everywhere
Quote from chibimetroid:
I'm a bit new with sequence breaking, is a secret world like a glitch that happens when you leave the map?
I have another question about skyway access.. I can reach the highest point now by doing a 2bsj + screw attack. When I morph, no matter what I do I can't hit the bomb since the game moves me away before it hits and boosting just shoves me further away. I try holding the stick various ways but nothing works for some reason. I don't understand how to go back to the bomb, especially when I boost. Do you HAVE to get up using the snake or what?

doesn't help much that I can't see the vid since my comp picks the days I try to work on the section to mess with me
yes, you have to get up using the snake. the game only allows you one bomb, so you can't use it in a 2bsj; a 1bsj is required.
but once you get up, how do you avoid being pushed back so you can hit the bomb?
AFAIK there's no way to stop sliding down... you'll need to turn on boost aiming and repeatedly boost up.
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kip: 2008-01-01 10:17:22 pm
huh.. boost aiming is required?

ok well thanks.. i guess i'll try messing around up there with 2bsj before i try it for real. i've only gotten up once using the snake so i really need to be able to hit the bomb.

Edit: yay, finally did it.. now i can get rid of the save slot i've had here since october or something. i appreciate the replies.

i still have an abysmal success rate at getting to the top, but i guess it can't be helped. or it's one of those things only you seem to do well.

i really don't get what's up with the snake though. both times i got up i barely touched it. it didn't feel like a ghetto at all, yet the height boost is crazy. i also had a lot of times where i swear i got a good enough boost, but just didn't slide up when i used screw attack.

i may leave it without a description for a while.. i want to get all the missing sw put in soon.
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stewox: 2008-01-01 10:06:42 pm
Quote from Paraxade:
there is no transit hub SW. Yes, Piston Hall is SW7.

There is , TransitHub2.mp4 on filefront , and lol , it is in your personal files paraxade , i just downloaded it
(the place where the 3-third piece of Teheronian termonuclear bomb is , SkyTown)

ALSO there is another from you , TransitHubTrick.mp4 , also named DockingHubAlphaTrick.mp4 in windows file name
(it is happening in the same place , just showing trying to find a SW above the 3 bomb piece)

maybe it isn't deep inside the SW , but it is the glitch , the normal level barrier is breached , there is no normal way of getting on the 3 piece of the bomb , anyone try getting the Lift up ship command working , while on the bomb piece (not possible yet)