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heh, I wonder what would happen if you left the Ghor fight... would Samus's ship still be broken? If not, then could you possibly skip fixing the AU?

too bad even if you can burn open the entrance, you still won't be able to get out... Retro really didn't want us to leave boss fights - we got lucky with Rundas because the doors lock at the pirate fight, not when the Rundas fight starts, but even so you still need to die to Rundas to get the door to unlock - and if you get into SW6 during the Rundas fight without killing yourself first, you can see that even the door the elevator leads to is locked... I don't see how they could possibly have expected us to get THERE.
maybe they know something we don't.
With Ghor, one might be able to use the auto-facing trick to spring-roll jump off of the main platform and past the terminal fall.  Gandrayda too (modulo the acid rain issue).

With Korakk, Paraxade has figured out how to get to the other side of a gate which closes during the battle.  Might it be possible to defeat Korrak from a distance - from the other side of the gate?  Power beam shots go through at least.  Since the gates open after the fight, we might have another SW similar to Piston Hall.  (This might not work however; in Prime if you wedge yourself to the backside of the runic gate in Arbitorium and scan the last rune, you are still in the room after the cutscene.)
Actually, PB shots don't go through the gate, and it's not sticky either.
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logitechSDAZ: 2007-11-14 11:14:51 am
I just thought of something.  If a SW is found on Valhalla, is a percentage drop even possible?  What I mean is, suppose a SW is found in the 1st room.  You skip the energy cell from the 1st room and wallcrawl all the way to the elevator.  Then what?  Would you need an energy cell to access the elevator because you need to get up higher, or could you just keep wallcrawling and get higher that way?  Ok, suppose you can just wallcrawl to the 2nd floor.

After that, you wallcrawl into Junction A, skipping using an energy cell to unlock the door.

Suppose you make it to Control Room on Valhalla from wallcrawling.  Then what?  You would need to activate the terminal for the pirate code.  In order to do that, you need to use grapple voltage.  You use grapple voltage, then you have to access the terminal.  This is when you would have to leave the SW.  You retrieve the pirate code, then have to head back to your ship. 

1. When heading back to your ship, could you get past the door in Junction A since you didn't use the energy cell to unlock it from the opposite side?

2.  Would the elevator from the 2nd floor of the Valhalla even be accessible since you didn't use an energy cell to activate the elevator on the 1st floor?

3. Could you activate the hand scanner from the opposite side to open the door to get back into Docking Bay 5 if the hand scanner was never activated from the energy cell?
pretty sure it would work fine; the locks are only there on one side. There shouldn't be any problems opening the door to Docking Bay 5 or the one in Junction A from the other side, and my guess is the elevator would probably work fine if you came from the other side too (not sure about that though).

even so we won't be able to skip more than one more cell since there are two required ones.
If you do the SA skip and go back to the elevator you are supposed to take to get to the highest set of platforms, it activates and stays activated until (presumably) you reload the room. Therefore, it's likely that any elevator will do the same thing if approached backwards.
I know this post seems pretty much useless, but, just to inform you people, you never want to drop into those things that emit electricity from Secret World 3 in Zipline Station Charlie.

You don't get hurt, or anything, you just get permanently stuck after a bomb jump or boost ball.
Secret Worlds 9 & 10: North Jungle Court & Hillside Vista

Both found by 79735 (random number ustream assigned to him/her for his/her username since he/she wants to be anonymous).

SW10 doesn't require SA. I'm playing up to Bryyo to see if I can get ship missiles early. :D
Awesome.  I can't believe SW10 wasn't found until now.  It looks so easy lol. 
probably because nobody ever tried jumping at that wall over and over until going through it. :P
Quote from Paraxade:
I'm playing up to Bryyo to see if I can get ship missiles early. :D

I don't see why you wouldn't be able to, as long as you can get to Hidden Court and past that pesky Ice Door in Falls of Fire. Since you call the ship in you don't need to come back out afterwards and can forget about it.
best attempt so far I got to Gateway. There was some sort of invisible ceiling or something over the door to Crash Site. :\ (it doesn't cover the whole room though, and the skywalk's actually pretty low from the highest possible point you can stand (the platforms you lower) - a Gateway SW might be possible.) I'll keep trying, though.
wow, wallcrawling Gateway is incredibly annoying. I've been trying to get through it for the past hour or so. The terminal fall covers pretty much all of the room, and you're going to end up hitting it; fortunately it doesn't actually move you anywhere; just makes you take damage and the screen flashes white, but you stay where you were before. Still pretty annoying since it cancels your ability to space jump, so you need to do a single jump, then continue aether jumping up after that. Not only that, but it's pretty annoying to even get the arm cannon to start bobbing in the first place; afaik you need to find the solid ground that covers most of the bottom of the room and make your way over to the edge of the room from there.

as for the invisible ceiling covering the door to Crash Site, my ideas to get around it are to get Crash Site loaded then drop down onto it or to fall down at another point over Gateway and make my way over to the door from there. I haven't had any luck with the first method, and I haven't tried the second yet... I will next time I manage to get to the skywalk. If anyone has any success getting through here, PLEASE post.
I really wish I could help you out, but not only do I have a lot of homework to do once I get back home tonight, I know next to nothing about Secret Worlds. I've only entered about 2 or 3 in my entire SB career and can't navigate them at all.

Gateway is what, 2 rooms away from SW10, and pretty much the only place you can go from there to begin with?
FYI, the aiming reticle/crosshair is a room geometry hole finder.  If you move it over something nearby it is thick, but the further the target is the thinner the reticle gets.  The hole in Hillside Vista is easily detected and its shape is easily discerned.

Interestingly, invisible terminal fall walls can also be detected.  On Piston Hall's standard, watch the crosshairs as you move around.  One can jump on the walls, which are sticky.  So for some rooms, there are bounded zones with terminal falls, and the game wants to prevent you from escaping those zones.

There is a question I hope we can soon answer about Hillside Court.  Is there an item placed there early on to give that humming sound?  That could lead to a 101% game.  I've only been able to fully get into SW10 twice now, but poor Aether Jumping prevented further exploration.
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really nice find. This should lead to more SW's (I hope).
Quote from SkippyJr:
FYI, the aiming reticle/crosshair is a room geometry hole finder.  If you move it over something nearby it is thick, but the further the target is the thinner the reticle gets.  The hole in Hillside Vista is easily detected and its shape is easily discerned.

heh, wish I'd known that sooner. when the SW was found, 79735 didn't remember where the hole was, just that it was there, so I had to spend 10-15 minutes jumping at random spots at the wall until going through it. :P

I'll check out grand court in my next playthrough. Didn't see anything before, though, but then again I wasn't really looking.
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Quote from SkippyJr:
There is a question I hope we can soon answer about Hillside Court.  Is there an item placed there early on to give that humming sound?
There's a missile expansion there, if that's what you mean.
cool. is it collectable?
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Quote from Paraxade:
cool. is it collectable?

>_> I mean in the room, not the sw.

I just saw that you had little powerups so I figured it was that.
Apparently the noise is there until you have X-ray, and I have a file that doesn't have X-ray, so I just looked at it. Unless I'm missing something, no, there's no hidden item inside the golem.

reka: what do you mean by that?
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You know, the power up buzz. I figured that you could hear it because of the missile expansion in that room, but apparently not. Whatever, I don't know what I'm talking about so you can just forget it. <_>
there is no missile expansion in that room.
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Awesome work, guys.