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So if you're tryin to skip items in a low % run with sw's, hyper ball isnt gonna be much of an option.

But that scan thing sounds great. I'm gonna go try that out.
All my MP3 wallcrawling experience has taught me that instead of getting angry and restarting, using the small hops that the game uses to try and replace Samus onto a standable spot are your best bet for getting unstuck.  Just time it right at the top of the respawn and jam the stick in the direction you need to go, and if you get the rhythm right, it's really not slow at all.

Although I still recommend crawling underneath the rooms, but that only works for shallow floors of course  extra_smug .

Paraxade's account on YouTube is closed? And I was enjoying those SW's... :(
What did you do to deserve an account deletion anyways?

Also, do I need to go to Gearworks in order to make the floor at the top of Turbine Chamber clip? I did just that and followed the rest of the SW1 by going to Chozo Observatory AFTER fighting the Berserker Lord of which I did after I went to Gearworks because that's what I saw Paraxade do in the video on YouTube (long-run), and then the morph ball things locked in place and the door is still protected. I'll now climb TC without going to Gearworks and see what happens, and if that doesn't work then I'll go to Gearworks, climb TC, fight Berseker Lord, re-climb TC, boost the locks, and see if that unlocks the door.
Wtf, deletion? I closed it myself.

Closed = you closed it yourself. Suspended = you got banned.

EDIT: And you should be coming from the ship landing site so the ceiling is solid. Then jump up and touch the ceiling, then fall into the terminal fall.
Thanks for the clarification.

Okay, so, after using ( to help me with the Secret World, I've come across a problem. Once I backtrack to TC and have to bsj onto one of the spikes on my second platform, I am finding it EXTREMELY difficult to perform a bsj off of one. Once I morph on top of a spike I immediately fall off and it keeps me from pulling off a bsj. Can a double jump with my space boots get me enough height to touch the ceiling above, fall into the terminal, and still respawn above? It doesn't help that my chances of even getting to the second platform is 1/20 and I'm playing on Hypermode too so my health is going down 8 units a fall.
IIRC SkippyJr said earlier that you can only stand on one of the spikes per side. Try the other one.
Well, I could stand on the spike but as soon as I morph I immediately fall off. I'll <i>try</i> to stand on the other one, once I find enough health to recover from all of my falls.

EDIT: It would seem I can stand on both, and keep my ball balanced on neither. :( I guess I suck.

EDIT: I tried to double jump with my space boots to hit the ceiling and it didn't work. I'll try adding a screw attack to the combo next time to see if it will work.


EDIT: Now I just got to the SW1. Mission success, but now to get the Spider Ball... if possible.

EDIT: From what I can tell, it's impossible to get the Spider Ball by using SW1. Oh well.
Quote from Nario:
EDIT: From what I can tell, it's impossible to get the Spider Ball by using SW1. Oh well.

That's been confirmed a few times already.  Rolling Eyes
We've known early spider from SW1 is impossible since pretty much the day SW1 was found... in fact, I even said it can't be done in response to something you posted in another thread today.

EDIT: Here:
Quote from Paraxade:
We've known early spider from SW1 is impossible since pretty much the day SW1 was found... in fact, I even said it can't be done in response to something you posted in another thread today.

EDIT: Here:

I must've missed that. My mistake. Oh well, at least I feel satisfied that I got to do SW1 with my very own hands, that, and discovered a different method of respawning from the terminal fall after getting on a spike.
While trying to find SW7 in Elysia for spiderball early, I found this:;8596163;;/fileinfo.html

Maybe one of you can find something? Personally, I'd try jumping on top of the bomb component if I had a file anywhere near that point.
I'm there now, just need to get seekers and ship grapple
heh, see if you can stand on the bomb component, and if so, get the gunship to carry it/you into the SW.

Though I guess you already thought of that. I need to start a new file for this... :\
I can stand on top of it alright, even after its been unlocked
however I cannot get the scan point in view from there...........
Alright, I'll look into it when I get there (just got Grapple Swing, should be soon).

EDIT: Ok, this is definitely an interesting problem. You cannot scan the thing from any point on top of the component as I assume the game doesn't count the hole in the middle of it as an actual hole (it's solid), so you can't see the scan point at all through it, and if the component gets between you and the scan point, the scanning stops. The only way I can see to make this work is to manage to jump towards the bomb component while scanning it and finishing the scan right before making it up so your momentum causes you to make it up during/right before the cutscene. Then there's the problem of getting the height to do that, as the only way onto it is with a BSJ, and I'm pretty sure even if you have TAS-like abilities as far as switching to command visor and scanning there's not enough time to scan the whole thing and make it up. So that leaves the option of finding another, higher platform. I haven't seen any, but if anyone else wants to look, of course feel free.

I really hope we can find a way to make this work. :\ Early Spider would be awesome.
Every Bit Counts
Yeah. We have a way out with out grapple voltage, but we need a way in. Go, go, go.
download them and open w/ VLC.
Quote from granto:
download them and open w/ VLC.

Thanks it works now.

And great find! I is a potential lead to a SW, we simply had to get around that scan problem.
I tested it last night, you can't get on it and scan;8603070;/fileinfo.html

^Proof that you can't scan the command icon through the hole in the bomb component and a way to get over the invisible wall. Basically you can use the Scan Visor to aim at areas you can't aim by just aiming, such as straight down. The command icon is clearly in view, but I still can't scan it. As for the invisible wall, if you look at the top of the tunnel thing, there's a red strip; that's the top of the invisible wall. The other side is sticky. Still no SW yet, though. :(
Any cut scene stared by the command visor won't start until you release L, and I believe that once you get the lock-on you can't loose it. So if you can find a place that you can scan to icon from and get on top of the part it might work, but it might reposition you.;8603545;/fileinfo.html

Some other neat tricks. Still haven't found a use nor gotten into the SW yet. >_<

sp unit 262, if the component gets between you and the icon, the scanning stops and you lose the lock-on.
It does? Other stuff getting in the way doesn't interfere.