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Alright, I think I made a bit of a breakthrough. This might not technically be a secret world, but it's the closest thing we've got as of now. More importantly, it gives good insight into some of the new sliding physics Retro threw at us. I recommend anyone trying to find secret worlds to do this and get a feel for the physics. This is HARD PROOF that Retro didn't fill all the plugs! Get searching!

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Insane! Is there anywhere you can go from there?
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It's a nice start, but defanitely not a secret world (or even that close tbh).

You're still very much 'in' the rooms boundaries, but it's defanitely an interesting start. Has anyone managed to replicate the MP2 morphball SA SW's that plagued MP2? (I'd imagine that'd have defanitely tested that, but then, they had supposedly tested MP2... ;) ).
I've been trying to screw into morph ball holes, but it doesn't seem to work. I could only get it to work 3 or 4 times in Echoes though, so it's probably not the definitive test however.
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So far, I haven't gotten a SA SW to work.  Sometimes the SA seems to be too big to fit in.  Other times the SA simply will not activate similar to the way double jumps don't activate against walls.  However, I can't say I've completely ruled them out just yet.
I've been trying to screw into morph ball holes

If I cared about sigs, I'd quote that in mine.
(Unless The Punch's trick can be used to leave the room...)

Secret World 1 Chozo Observatory

--kip's really easy method (requires ship grapple and unraised central platform)--
getting up chozo observatory is simple without ship grapple. All you do is jump on the stacked crates (2 levels high), spring-bsj to a ledge above, spring-bsj then screw attack to the top door. It's also a faster way to get into the secret world.

--Historical version--
It requires the method to get to the top of Turbine Chamber (twice actually - first to dispos of the miniboss) and you enter Chozo Observatory backwards to take a little ride.  There is a nice save room nearby.

After getting the grapple ship upgrade, head straight to Turbine Chamber.
Climb TC, touch the top, and terminal fall respawn upstairs.
If you came from your ship, the shutters will be closed (what we want).
Head to the door to activate the miniboss battle, and defeat him.
You'll have to wander a bit to get back to the bottom of Turbine Chamber - don't "solve" Chozo Observatory as you go through it.
Climb Turbine Chamber again, this time ghettoing to get atop the spikes.
On one of the two spikes (per platform) you can morph without rolling off.
Face the opposite fan and bsj up to touch the ceiling, then terminal fall respawn upstairs.
Now take the door (this is the reason for beating the miniboss).
Head to Chozo Observatory (using the save station would be a good idea).
Do not leave the top platform.
Call your ship to raise the structure, and then lower it.
After the cutscene, jump on your ship and it will take you into the SW.
SW1_ChozoObservatory.avi (there's a spoiler shown in the video)

Floating is back.
Standards are back (I was fearing terminal falls in every room).
Room switching is back.
Edge of Aether jumps are back.
The only weird thing is that after a bomb hop, the roofs become really sticky.  The only way through is a slooow process of flicking the control stick whenever the screen hops to "fall" a tiny bit in the direction of your choice.

(BTW, Chozo Observatory is nice and glitchy when you come in from the top, just like a Prime room should be. :) )
EDIT: Removed spoiler tags.
Holy shit, Skippy, that's awesome. :D I was thinking that SWs in Corruption wouldn't happen, that Retro might've done some crap like invisible ceilings in every room... it's great to know they haven't done that. (either that or the ship clipped you through it, anyway)
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Nice job Skippy. Now, can you do anything from there?  :-k
From the SW, it should be possible to get Spider Ball early.
Awesome job, Skippy. I fiddled with the area I found, but I couldn't find a way out yet. I doubt there is one, it seems kinda solid, I just thought the area was useful for learning the physics of the game.

BUT, I wasn't able to get a bsj off in that area. If someone does, it could lead to something.

Either way, I'd say it wont be long before we hit 24%.
Sweet, I just found SW2. I'll try to get a vid up in a few seconds.

I guess I better get to work, too.
Secret World 2: Creche Transit

Grab the ledge, then turn around. Morph and do a 1BSJ. At the peak of your jump, Screw Attack across the room. You'll end up in the SW.


Every Bit Counts
Good jobs.  =D>

Now can we get any items early. :-k

Somebody should try to get the spider ball early from SW 1.
Quote from Paraxade:
From the SW, it should be possible to get Spider Ball early.
Every Bit Counts
Quote from Paraxade:
Quote from Paraxade:
From the SW, it should be possible to get Spider Ball early.

Has anyone done it yet?
lol. oh dear. >_<

keep it up, fellas.
I was just about to report SW2, but Paraxade beat me to it. Which is bad, cause I wanted the credit, but good, cause that one was easy enough for two people to find simultaneously.
wow, the fact that you guys are finding this stuff so quickly is INSANE. I can't beleive I didn't think about getting on top of the ship. Is there anywhere else you can do that?
Quote from Azure:
I was just about to report SW2, but Paraxade beat me to it. Which is bad, cause I wanted the credit, but good, cause that one was easy enough for two people to find simultaneously.

it happens (see Feeding Pit, Metroid Prime 2)
I beat BoostR by about half a day to find SW1 in Echoes. The first few are always obvious, and usually stuff like that happens.

Great stuff guys, I was hoping SWs were possible.
When it rains, it pours.  Great work Paraxade (and Azure).

You need a pretty good bsj to get enough height and also have to time the SA's to miss the arches for SW2.  Alternatively, you can purposely get yourself stuck on the first (or second or third) arch on the left side and then go through the slow task of inching your way off the room by abusing the tiny drops.

Again there is this super-stickyness. :(  No jumps when upright and only ONE bomb hop.
Found this while looking for a SW in the Olympus... doesn't look like it'll lead to a SW, but who knows, maybe one of you can find something cool with it:;8572660;/fileinfo.html
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Shocked  Shocked  :o  laugh new  laugh new  laugh new

Man, I just have to extanded my warmest congratulatoins on these 2 beauties! I have no doubt the testers and designers tried EXTRA hard to prevent these in their fine prime instalment, and less than a week later, we exploit something as silly as standing on the ship, and SA'ing into a void... extra_smug

Now lets see if we CAN get an item early.