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I'm sitting by the command room where I have to go get Adams helmet or whatever, and I have 5% left. I think they are all missiles. I have 75 missiles, and have 95%. I don't know how to get all the rest. Help me please.
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Doesn't it tell you where all the items are on the map?
I like turtles.
There is one (or maybe two) item(s) that you can miss, though.
Yeah, the ones at the elevator by the sector elevator room. There are two I just can't get to, then the one missile in sector 3 or something, can't remember off the bat.
There's nothing missable... Just missable BEFORE the Epilogue.

You're AT the epilogue. You can get everything.

Maybe not before the "final boss" but definitely before the countdown.
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Wulfgearr: 2011-01-19 10:37:47 am
It depends on where you are. We can help you out for sure, but on your map, what are you missing? We can tell you what you need to do and how to get 100%.

IIRC, the one in the hallway is the middle thing Samus can wall climb too. (Where the Reos rain down from) It's hard to picture atm. /wishes there was a comprehensive map. I couldn't stand the map on my first play through.