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Insanity is normal
its hard to believe but its almost been 30 years since Metroid was released for the NES
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Not impossible
just highly unlikely
That's not hard to believe at all.
It's not hard to believe in a literal sense, but it does make me feel very old.  I got metroid for the NES when it was new.  I was in my early teens.  30 freakin' years.  3 decades.  Jesus.
Insanity is normal
i wasnt even around in 1986, but is sure is fun to play the NES version!
my umbrella goes directly to Bankai
and again, Nintendo will forget about the anniversary like with the 25th one.
It would be hilarious if Nintendo released an unaltered version of Federation Force from what it was like when they showed it at E3 and put some kind of anniersary stamp on it.
red chamber dream
Club 27 Goals
ryu, the meltdown from the fans would be so great it'd make fukushima look like child's play
Club 27 Goals

Happy Anniversary!
Bangaa Bishop
Metroid Prime 4. Official Metroid 2 remake. The latter being a possible explanation of the timing of nintendo's takedown of AM2R.
red chamber dream
could be, but they do that for most big fan releases anyway

samus returns looks pretty great though