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Woah, Eagle, good job for your run ! ;)

Personnaly I tried to make a SS 100% run, with a personnal way because I'm not failiar with that kind of run =p
Finnaly I think the result is not bad, but I know I could improve it to sub-1:10:00 at least. More would need more practice, but I will do what I can ;)
Hey, I haven't posted it yet on the internet, but my any% SS record is 34:12. Unfortunately, the only proof I have is this image. (the image shows my best time attack record in any%, it is in spanish 'cuz I'm spanish :P). Well, I hope I'll get sub-30 soon, and I'll also start to record my runs :S

29:30 IGT. I know I can get sub 29 soon.
Man's reach should exceed his grasp
54:33 100% SS woohoo!!!

Forgot to record b/c I'm smart. Sub 54 soon.
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ElB0ludo: 2014-09-01 06:22:31 am
Well, yesterday I beat my record by 9 seconds, so my record now is 34:03. But it isn't sub-30, so I don't care a lot about it :S
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Eagle: 2014-09-02 09:16:10 am
28:18 any%

I'll upload the VOD soon-ish

EDIT: Here's the twitch VOD cause I'm lazy:
Let's improve some more.

28:05 any%

Congratz! Please don't get sub-28 and beat my time or else I'll feel obligated to work on this category again
I'm not stopping anytime soon. :3
I feel so depressed... I did about 10 runs trying to improve my time in any%, but no-one was very good. Finally, one hour ago, I did a very good one, even better than my PB. But I was stressed, did a lot of mistakes in the mothership, and finally I died. It's rude T_T
Thought I was done withe the game until my friend challenged me and I got a 39 49 and then practiced and got a 38 54

Barely worth posting about, but...

(40:31 RTA)

Mainly I just wanted an excuse to grieve about this run:

27:38 any%. 40:04 RTA. I'm pretty happy about this.
RIP 3rd best time
Congrats eagle =^O
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Lerd Praten: 2014-09-11 06:08:29 pm
Not sure if theres a reason behind why my time hasnt been updated yet, maybe my post didnt go through, if thats the case ill say it again I got a 38:54
I mean 38:56 thx for the heads up

you mean 38:56?
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JaySee: 2014-09-13 04:57:32 pm
40:25 any%. 54:13.73 RTA

Forgot to change the text on FFSplit to say the right thing... I also messed up my LiveSplits file during this by forgetting split after the hives..
You can change my segmented any% to 26:40. I just used my pre-brain save and then took a save before Charlie; I'm quite confident that my 15:43 save at the end of Tourian would allow for a 26:2x of some sort (with "x" probably being no greater than 5), but I just wanted to PB. :P
I got 26:51 segmented any%. Not even really happy with it, but I'm so tired of this category I'm just going to take it. I really don't want to do this anymore.

I'll encode videos later.
just make sure you don't beat your any% SS time; the 28:28 28% is too epic #Kappa
Dont know why im submitting this but i got a 34:12 somwhere along the road

that's a substantial improvement, good job!