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Ah i see, i hope the videos do come sometime.

And yes, Gravity Suit is not needed, i have done it multiple times with just the Power Suit, no Varia, no Gravity, i would not have said it otherwise!
rocks, locks, and invisible blocks
Could you make a video or further explain how it's done? I've never been able to get a bomb jump to work there, and neither has df.
I got the Bomb Jump to work.

I think how it works is, you want the third bomb to hit you while you're in the lava or something.
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Well, the above video shows it too, but i uploaded a video 4 days ago where i do it under the aforementioned conditions of Power Suit only:

DF6780 basically explained it already, it's exactly like in the Gamecube version, place the third bomb a little later than usual, since the Lava propels you up the air slower than usual without the Gravity Suit! You do not need to be in the lava as the third bomb hits you at all though, as you can see in my version.

Edit: I even performed it on the weak Trilogy version, so it should be possible everywhere!
Oh I've done that several years ago on trilogy. I guess I should've mentioned that, but nice to see a vid of it (b'w')b
rocks, locks, and invisible blocks
Updated some somethings, added all these videos to their respective spots.

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-- Vent Shaft
-- Strength

You can put these under skipping boost.

-- MQB 1

This can be put under skipping Spider I guess? The fastest way is the Phazon hop still but this is still good to document I guess. Can go under grapple as well, with this being an alternative:
-- MQB 2

-- Main Quarry w/o spider
-- Main Quarry w/o Grapple

-- FHA without grapple

-- Artifact of Chozo w/o boost

Chozo Ice Temple NSJ

Edit 2: You can probably add these under Grapple skip

-- Thardus' Missile
-- Root Cave

I'm still trying to get Frost Cave to not be stupid...

Edit 3: Frost Cave without Grapple or Gravity

Biotech SW works on Wii

For skipping Spider
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Draconif: 2015-11-13 01:42:30 pm
Some stuff

Ore Processing w/o Spider

Main Quarry stuff

22% Plasma Wallcrawl

FCS climb (I guess this is important?)

Crossway w/o Supers or Spider

Guess I can put Biohazard skip here too


Alternatives for No grapple / spider (these both suck)

  -- FHA no Grapple alt (Floaty Dash)
-- MQB Phazon Hop
Dood Trigger™
Good stuff as usual!
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Hazel: 2015-11-24 01:48:09 pm
rocks, locks, and invisible blocks
Here's some 21% stuff I found a couple weeks ago but haven't had the internet to upload. I'll get around to updating it on the first post along with everything df uploaded soon.

loving low%
very nice stuff!
Do you think that FHA mushroom bomb jump would work on GC?
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Hazel: 2015-11-25 04:15:25 pm
Hazel: 2015-11-25 04:14:49 pm
rocks, locks, and invisible blocks
There's no reason it wouldn't. Unless you mean the one onto the glider, that requires an HBJ.

Edit: come to think of it, it would be quite a bit easier to just do a UBJ there, using the fast morph and unmorph after burning a bomb to not fall off. If you're doing a double bomb jump, it's hard to land back on the collision and not fall down, but a UBJ would have no problem with that and make the height far less demanding.
rocks, locks, and invisible blocks
Hey so Icefire found addresses in Echoes Wii, and so I went to go try Watch Station Access again because this time I could actually see what I'm doing ... turns out there is a minor speed exploit in the Wii versions similar to L jumping. Once you're in the air, you want to hold slightly up on the stick rather than fully up (or whatever direction you're traveling in). This comparison video is super TAS only because I had first frame bunny hops the entire time and basically never slowed down. When playing non-TAS I believe it would be optimal to full press on landing. (So you kind of rock the stick between almost-neutral, and full up, depending on if you're on ground or in air).