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rocks, locks, and invisible blocks
I'd like to just make a "Metroid Prime Wii" thread on here so I can stop flooding other threads with various findings, that for the most part, people don't care to see.

I'll try to keep things organized in this first post, and pray that I stay motivated enough to update it with new things as I find them. I guess this can just be a place to document all things Metroid Prime Wii, since there isn't really any other place like this for people to learn about the game as of right now.

Secret Worlds:

For starters, I have a playlist of all the Secret Worlds still doable on MPWii. Currently consisting of:
Arboretum (NO VIDEO YET)
Biotech Research Area 1
Burning Trail
Chozo Ice Temple (NO VIDEO YET)
Control Tower
Gathering Hall
Ice Ruins East
Ice Ruins West
Landing Site
Life Grove
Magmoor Workstation
Main Plaza
Metroid Quarantine B
Omega Research
Tallon Canyon (NO VIDEO YET)
Transport Access
Observatory (NO VIDEO YET)
Phendrana Canyon
Root Cave
Ruined Courtyard
Ruins Entryway
Phendrana Shorelines
Transport to Magmoor Caverns West (NO VIDEO YET)
Transport Tunnel C
Waterfall Canyon

Major Tricks:

Early Space FIRST (TAS only?):

Early Space Jump:

Boss Skips:

Hive Mecha:

Plated Beetle:

Wave Beam Sheegoths (read Youtube description):

Skipping Grapple Beam:

Fungal Hall A:

Fungal Hall B:

Geothermal Core:

Metroid Quarantine B:

Phendrana's Edge:

Skipping Gravity Suit:
Videos soon...

Artifact of Lifegiver:

Skipping the Underwater Frigate (J Only):

Skipping Spider Ball:

Artifact of Wild:

Elevator Access A:

Geothermal Core:

Main Quarry:

Metroid Quarantine A:

Metroid Quarantine B:


Twin Fires Tunnel:

Skipping Boost Ball:
Artifact of Strength:


Life Grove:

Life Grove Tunnel:

Plasma Beam:

Reflecting Pool:

Ruined Shrine:

Vent Shaft:

Skipping Space Jump:
Phendrana Shorelines:

Chozo Ice Temple:

Monitor Station:

Spider Ball:


Super Missiles:

Omega Research SW (Leaving Mines):

Central Dynamo:

Burning Trail SW (Plasma Beam):

Life Grove:

Fungle Hall A:

Fungle Hall B:

Metroid Quarntine B:

Phendrana's Edge:

Frozen Pike:

Phazon Core:

Version Differences:
The only known differences between the PAL/NTSC-U "Metroid Prime Trilogy" version, and the Japanese "Wii De Asobu" version are:

J can not change helmet opacity.

Great Tree Hall gate skip was patched on Trilogy. (Making 22% currently J only).

Furnace has an invisible wall stopping early Ice Beam on Trilogy that appears when you collect Wave Beam, and goes away when you collect Spider Ball.


I have a lot to record and upload in order to build on this post. I think early items/low%/speedtricks/major tricks can all have their on sections and proper explanations/videos. Maybe even some info on routing?

If anyone has any requests or ideas, please say so.
Thread title: 
Can you number the secret worlds? It makes it easier for people to know what room you're talking about
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In all seriousness though, Tallon Canyon, Observatory, Waterfall Canyon, Arboretum, Chozo Ice Temple, and Transport to Magmoor Caverns West are all doable. I have some videos I'll upload on Tuesday.

(As well as probably North Quarantine Tunnel and Frost Cave.)
rocks, locks, and invisible blocks
Alright, amazing. I was also going to look into doing Phendrana's Edge.
Yeah, I was contemplating saying it might be possible but I literally hate it the most out of any secret world, so.
rocks, locks, and invisible blocks
If anyone has a better idea on how to organize things, please say so. I'm wondering if embedding the video is a bad idea, just because of how much space it takes up.
It's not 64k anymore I'm sure embedding is fine
rocks, locks, and invisible blocks
I won't go as far as to say this is TAS only... but like, let's be real here, it's pretty much TAS only.

loving low%
Nice try, but it's pretty obvious you used moon jump...
Thanks for finally getting a video... I always knew it was possible but didn't care anywhere near enough to try it
"It'll say life is sacred and so is death
but death is life and so we move on"
Well hey at least you actually show getting space jump instead of spinning around to "hide" a 2nd jump!!!!!!!!!!!!
so... what exactly did you do? it doesn't even sound like you got a floaty.
He used moon jump obviously
The best part is that not even Andy understands how he got it. Apparently he just did it without really knowing how he did it.
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Hazel: 2015-06-24 06:04:35 pm
rocks, locks, and invisible blocks
I tried to dash downward at the seem of the ledge and then get a floaty dash out of that. I figured that since (in MP1 at least) if you're already moving, dashes gain full speed in less frames, so I wanted to apply the same idea here to try and get a faster floaty dash. I honestly don't know why it made a dashing sound, I'm fairly sure I held the B button on the floaty-style-jump. I need to look into this a lot more before I can explain in detail why it worked and also how possible/not possible it would be for a human player.
Quote from itsPersonnal:
I tried to dash downward at the seem of the ledge and then get a floaty dash out of that. I figured that since (in MP1 at least) if you're already moving, dashes gain full speed in less frames, so I wanted to apply the same idea here to try and get a faster faster floaty dash. I honestly don't know why it made a dashing sound, I'm fairly sure I held the B button on the floaty-style-jump. I need to look into this a lot more before I can explain in detail why it worked and also how possible/not possible it would be for a human player.

Okay, you're saying that you tried to do a dash to a floaty dash?

So like, Dash>Fall>Floaty Dash>Win?
rocks, locks, and invisible blocks
Alright, I sort of died for a couple days there, I'll get back to updating this thread with all the known tricks I still haven't recorded yet soon.

I looked into SJF more and it's literally just a really really really really hard dash. If you press B for 1 frame in this game, you can strafe jump about as high as a normal jump (similar to the game on GC). This is quite literally a combat dash that rubs against the wall to convert some of that speed into height.

As shown here with the world editor
the red is approximately where I hit the wall, and the green is where you can actually stand. You'll notice in my video I pull back a lot and slowly slide onto the standable spot. That's the most "TAS only" aspect to this trick, the angle you need to hold on what frames, and when you need to let go of the target to gain max height from this wall is incredible specific. That being said, I wouldn't be surprised if this could be made doable on console.
rocks, locks, and invisible blocks
I'm about 99% sure this was caused by moon jump and/or dolphin... but like what the fuck? http://www.twitch.tv/cottonandy_/b/673209862?t=16m30s

I've been able to recreate it, but it works seemly randomly, it's never the same twice. The moon jump code seems to effect the analog stick, so even if I'm not pressing B and I get the glitch to work, if I do the exact same thing with moon jump turned off, I get different outcomes (samus is literally in a different spot). I don't know what to make of this, lol.
Can anybody make a video of how to get Plasma Beam without Grapple Beam on Metroid Prime Wii/Trilogy? It would be an important speedtrick.

There was somebody on youtube like 4 or 5 years ago who had videos about skipping the Grapple Beam on Wii for all known rooms, but he and his videos are gone. For example, a particularly interesting room was Fungal Hall A, i successfully remembered that you had to jump onto a frozen Glider with Ghetto effect, and i was able to do that trick today. However, i cannot remember how Geothermal Core was done. He jumped onto one of the Puddle Spores, then got a Damage Boost straight up onto the first Spinner platform, but i personally cannot do it at all anymore. There was some trick involved to make it work i think, like maybe shooting the Puddle Spore or jumping with a very specific timing, but i forgot how to do it. I do remember that i was able to do this trick with his video, it wasn't too hard,  but i can't do it anymore, help would be appreciated!
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rocks, locks, and invisible blocks
I've got a video of that, it's in pretty low quality because it's just a twitch highlight uploaded to youtube, but it should help 1:00:29

I should really get around to updating this page, I planned on getting a lot of it done but then got distracted with TASing another game. I guess I can make some videos next time I feel motivated.

Edit: I updated the Skipping Space Jump section with videos I had laying around
Fantastic, thank you very much! You brought up the Wii Menu several times while performing the trick, did you do anything specific while bringing the Wii Menu up?

Sorry about my useless Grapple Skip comments in my previous post, but the videos section is completely empty so i thought it was not known. I don't know if your run is outdated and if you already know this, but i think you should switch strategies for 2 rooms: In Twin Fires Tunnel you used Boost Ball on a slope and messed up several times... a simple Double Bomb Jump with unmorph lets you clear that room. The Boost Ball strategy can be used to get Artifact Of Lifegiver without Gravity Suit, instead of doing that Scan Ghetto Jump thingy (it's a pretty easy boost)
rocks, locks, and invisible blocks
I only brought up the wii menu for timing, you need to hold forward at a certain point in the damage boost to consistently get up.

I believe that double bomb jump method only works with Gravity... please correct me if I'm wrong though. And everything blank has been solved, I just haven't got around to making a video yet.