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Well, I should probably update this thread with actual relevant things.

Fastest known Frigate TAS by Andy Cogan:

Fastest known 21% TAS by JustinDM: (1:09)

Fastest known Any% TAS by itsPersonnal: (0:37)

Fastest known 100% TAS by Edzan: (1:04)

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I know that dolphin cannot do savestates very well as of right now and playback function is broken(last I heard) but considering the fact we've been able to TAS N64 for yearsssss and that we can emulate Wii game, has anyone complied videos of Prime TAS?
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Well, as far as I know, I seen people make newer codes to slow down the gameplay to consider it TAS. So far, I seen people do this for several games for the GCN. Zelda TP, SSBM, and even Mario Kart DD. Though I'm not sure if the code is the same, or if it has something to do with the emulator, or if it's different for each game. Although I saw TAS on the Wii before. Someone beat all of the world records by slowing down the emulation rate. All I know is that it can be done. I'm not sure about the compilation of vids yet. Except for when Kip plays. That is SERIOUS skill. :P
Haha well I know that, and the methods of slowdown can be done via several things but usually it's an add on but sometimes built in feature of the emulator which lets you slow the emulation down or up to the tone of 100 to 0.1 FPS. I just know that savestates and video playback  are(were?) broken.
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petrie911: 2011-01-18 07:47:30 am
Yeah, playback doesn't work at all.  I wouldn't think it would be that hard, but apparently it is.

Savestates, however, work fine, or at least well enough.  People have been doing some TASes, but they use video editing to provide the "rerecording".  Which means if you're going to be super-optimal, it's going to need to be fairly short, since sifting through <1sec video clips to find the ones you need to string together is incredibly tedious.  Longer ones are more like segmented runs, except with the advantage of being able to segment anywhere.

I really can't wait for when true TASing becomes possible.  Sub-hour any% and 21% would both be pretty awesome to see.

EDIT: http://tasvideos.org/forum/viewtopic.php?p=255808#255808
hmm, if sonicpacker is correct, perhaps my info is out of date.  Even if it desyncs like mad, if Dolphin is sync-stable, then there's really no reason we can't make TASes.  This requires further investigation.
Sorry to double post, but this seems important enough to warrant it.

This is a playback of a single dtm file, with no splicing.  Sgrunt has managed to play back my movie on his computer perfectly.  In other words, Gamecube TASing is now a reality.

So, shall we get started?
so dolphin can do rerecording?
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rocks, locks, and invisible blocks
holy crap prime TAS :D this WILL be interesting. i have a few speed tricks that would really only help in TAS since were/your going for the best time
i still cant get dophin to even work if someone could tell how to use winRAR and how to get the game (witch is a RAR file) to be an ISO
If you have WINRAR ISOs appear as RARs.
rocks, locks, and invisible blocks
but dolphin won't run metroid it says its not an ISO

is there a good rom of the game i can find somwhere, i got mine from ThePurpleCube.com
Might want to delete that. Unless I'm mixing up my forums here, we can't actually link you to sites for them.
OK, there's a topic for Prime over at TASvideos, too.  Probably a good idea for at least some discussion to take place there.  There's a couple issues that need to be decided about Prime TASes before we can begin.


itsPersonal: winRAR isn't particularly hard to use.  Open up the file in question, then select "extract to" and pick a location for the extracted file.  Should work for extracting both Dolphin and any RAr'd ROMs you might have.
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i don't know how the wii versions are even under consideration over there. you lose like 1/3 of the total time due to the absent speed tricks and the japanese version has tricks that were removed in the trilogy and, last i heard, they don't like to use JP versions there.

0-00 is like the only option for this. even OoT which has way less version differences still uses V1.0.
rocks, locks, and invisible blocks
0-00 is the only one with scan dashing so that alone saves time and theres also other small Differences that save some time i think the bomb jump over the ruin gate can only be done in the 0-00 game and the sheegoth boss trick and theres other but that's all i could think of right now
Why to they go by clock time for TASes rather than game time?
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because tas input is based on frames.  frames naturally lend themselves to realtime.
So long as they keep the in game timer from after the credits I don't care.
They can stop the timer the second Prime is dealt the final blow, so long as they leave the Mission Final screen in.
my umbrella goes directly to Bankai
TASes usually keep the footage all the way to the end of the credits so there shouldn't be a problem to see the final time.
not sure there are too many differences between real time and in-game time anyway. only thing i can think of is that one elevator cutscene on the frigate that can be skipped.
also phendrana's opening cutscene would be skipped in a tas.
rocks, locks, and invisible blocks
Quote from T3:
also phendrana's opening cutscene would be skipped in a tas.

why if you watch it you get a scan pont to dash off of to speed up the way to boost
Yes, because that's completely worth watching a 10 second cutscene for.
rocks, locks, and invisible blocks
oh right i forgot where going real time
Can Phendrana's opening cutscene be skipped without a completed game file?  At the moment, it looks like the TAS is going to start from no data (probably even no memory card), unless someone has a serious objection.
rocks, locks, and invisible blocks
in one of my 0-00 copys i have skiped cutseens in some spots on a blank card, so i think some copys just dont give a crap if you skip the cutseens might be the same thing with ROM's
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You can't skip any cutscenes on a new file.