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kirbymastah: 2014-06-30 08:28:20 pm
Quote from Metroid177:
(Expect a lot more stuff from me now that I finally have my own recording set up)

oh snap
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Metroid177: 2014-07-04 03:27:18 pm
4:28.14 remaining Frigate Escape.  Randomly got this during SS attempts. 

Updated, along with my 4:27.93 that I got last night. I deleted my local recording :( not that I'd want to upload it until I break 4:28...

Hard 21% Recorded in 6:53!!!!

Second fastest hard 21% time ever! 

Seriously, screw that final boss.  That was easily the hardest part in the run.  <__<
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Daryoshi: 2014-07-09 05:09:59 am
loving low%
Congratz! :D

That was easily the hardest part in the run.  <__<
If you were to do your FIRST 21% playthrough on HARD mode, I'd for sure DISagree with you, but seeing as this was like your 5th or so 21% playthrough - rather fast on top of that - I can agree on that because you already knew how to do all the hard tricks. But health-wise, the only harder thing in this game would be a 3 Tank VMR I guess.
21%/hard prime fight was more difficult than a 3 tank vmr.
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Daryoshi: 2014-07-09 05:30:39 am
loving low%
Whaaat? No way, dude. No FREAKING way! I mean, the last segment of my 21% Hard Mode playthrough took me about 8 hours, but that's NOTHING compared to the amount of time a 3 Tank VMR would take me. Like 100 hours probably. I'm REALLY surprised you write something "silly" as that.

3 Tank VMR requires almost absolute perfection (+ quite an amount of luck because you need to get health refills from the boxes), whereas surviving a hard mode prime fight can be filled with errors as long as you get to refill your WHOLE life with 100 energy capsules. Luck is always nice for 21%/hard prime fight but is NEEDED for a 3 Tank VMR, right?

I think I could now do the 21%/hard prime fight like 1 in TWENTY or something whereas I could do 3 Tank VMR like 1 in a HUUUGE number. (Probably like 1 in a THOUSAND).
I did a 4 Tank VMR with just eight units of energy left and that already was really, really hard for me. I probably just suck at the Frigate Escape and at VMRs but this is insane; a 3 Tank VMR would be like the hardest thing I would NOT be attempting which has already been done by at least someone else; c.f. 21% in-bounds Great Tree Hall has never been done, so it doesn't count. But a 3 Tank VMR is literally one of the thing I've got most respect that has ever been done in MP.

Well, if T3 thinks he finds/ found a 3 Tank VMR to be easier/ less hellishly fucking hard, then it's his opinion; but I just ALMOST can't believe him that he had less problems with a 3 Tank VMR than with the 21%/hard prime fight. o_O
playing near perfect for 30 seconds is MUCH easier than dealing with all the bullshit associated with the 21% hard prime fight. one minor slip-up, one botched jump can very easily cost you that entire fight and it lasts 30+ minutes or something. this is only my opinion, if you find the vmr harder then that's fine.
loving low%
I'd totally forgotten to bear in mind you're still a far better speedrunner of this than I ever plan on being so that explains why you're better at 30 secs nearly perfectly played than at 30 mins without fatal errors. In contrary to you, I am apparently better at the opposite, although I'm not a bad speedrunner but still far from you speedrunning skills. I find that interesting. Let's let this stay the way it is; there's no further discussion needed, I guess.
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R Web: 2014-07-10 07:25:00 pm
R Web: 2014-07-10 07:24:27 pm
R Web: 2014-07-10 07:20:30 pm
I got a 1:08. I got really lucky with ghosts and Prime, but after all the bad luck I had been getting it's about damn time.

Also, I got a pretty good frigate escape PB during attempts (4:28.63 remaining):

Nice work R Web I'm gonna watch this.  Do you plan on ever using spider skip in a run?
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R Web: 2014-07-10 11:39:48 pm
Maybe. The problem is I have literally never sucessfully done a BSJ, so it would take a lot of practice. (I thought you are supposed to hit jump and X at about the same time, but I just can't do it.) Plus Thardus Dash mid-run is pretty intimidating.

I think I'd rather do a segmented run first to really get the spiderless route down.
You want to press x and then b within a three frame window.  This may sound really tight and difficult, but as long as you hold your controller in the claw formation, it's not too bad to bsj.  Prime (unlike Prime 2) usually gives you really bad camera angles for getting an instant unmorph, so bsjs in Prime are very annoying.  I don't like thardus dash either so I use a slower strat to get around thardus. 
Updated. BSJs aren't too bad to do as long as you use a claw grip, as Metroid177 says. Just find some comfortable grip where you have one finger on X and another on B and one on R so you can prepare for rolljumps in mp2. I personally have my index finger lying across X diagonally, and my right thumb on B. If you want to figure out it, I recommend practicing it by a door; BSJs almost always work in prime 1 against doors.

Or learn prime 2 or even prime 3, the timing of the unmorph + jump is exactly the same in all three primes.
MP2 also a bit MP1 speedrunning
after you take off the floor, there is a 22Frame window, where the game allows you to jump. By doing an instant unmorph you are able to jump before that window runs out, usually the normal unmorph animation does take longer. The problem on spider skip is, that you have to be very far up in order to be high enough, so there is probably just a small window to do this, there is BSJ's in mp2 and also mp1 which are incredibly easy, but this one is not.
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MASTER-88: 2014-07-14 04:30:50 pm
Quote from Daryoshi:
Congratz! :D

That was easily the hardest part in the run.  <__<
If you were to do your FIRST 21% playthrough on HARD mode, I'd for sure DISagree with you, but seeing as this was like your 5th or so 21% playthrough - rather fast on top of that - I can agree on that because you already knew how to do all the hard tricks. But health-wise, the only harder thing in this game would be a 3 Tank VMR I guess.

Is there differense actual fight between 21%/22% run? Impact crater climping is way much harder without spacejumps, but fight seems pretty similar. Make space jumps this fight much easier? I watch Miles 21% hard playthrough day ago and this fight look really damn hard to beat and also MQA part.

I personally might give my shot 22% hardmode in future, but last boss seems so nasty. But 2nd form is still nothing like what it is PAL version where he have 50% more health than NTSC version.

There might be cool to see 21% PAL hard in future? Its might some crazy challenge.
Master-88, it's really annoying to try and collect health/missile drops during the fight without space jump or charge beam. 

Well, I finally got a 1:08.  I estimate this run was only 5-10 seconds away from a 1:07, which is pretty disappointing.  The two worst things about the run where falling down Great Tree Hall after doing gate skip and the final boss.  However, I got some pretty ridiculous rng at I. Drone, among other good things. 

In case anyone is interested, I found another thardus dash alternative which is the easiest way found to skip thardus so far imo. (Watch from 24:34 to 24:57 for Part 1

The stream went down so the run got split up into 3 parts.  Links for other parts in the description. 
I got a 1:06 on stream.  I'm really proud of this run, but I still want to improve.  I plan on bringing this down to 1:05 or even lower before I start changing my room strategies. 

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Littlenino: 2014-07-23 04:17:08 am

It's not exactly a time I'm happy with, but I might as well throw my hat into the ring now that I've finally made a new PB. Hoping to start cutting this way down with more practice.

EDIT: This is SS
grats on that 1:06 Metroid ! I thought people just stopped running the game and I didn't thought that top 5 would move one day >_>
Hopefully you'll reach sub hour soon :P
Thanks Spacevector.  I hope you get back into running this game soon and beat that 1:08.  =)
loving low%
Congratz guys! Have fun improving it further and let's see what you'll eventually come up with.
Also: You don't YET plan on getting sub-hour anytime soon, right? O_o
PS: That was a nice one, Kirby ;-)
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Metroid177: 2014-07-26 04:11:51 am
Metroid177: 2014-07-26 04:10:56 am

4 minute improvement within 2-3 weeks of non-stop runs and practice
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Littlenino: 2014-07-27 01:39:47 am
Littlenino: 2014-07-27 01:35:10 am
Littlenino: 2014-07-27 01:34:41 am

Finally cut 2 hours. It's weird, I was stuck in a rut for almost 4 months, and suddenly I'm now making PBs left and right. Seems like all my practice is finally starting to pay off.
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Skull64: 2014-07-28 08:51:38 pm
Skull64: 2014-07-28 08:48:59 pm
So I converted this into a Google Doc. Let me know what you think.

I did combine the Segmented/SS/NTSC/PAL/Normal/Hard times into the same list, but they are labeled appropriately. I feel that doing it this way is better than having a whole bunch of random noncompetitive lists. This is also generally what other speedrun communities do for their games.

I also want to add another sheet which only contains links to runners' streams. I haven't gotten around to that yet.