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Bangaa Bishop
For those of you who may have never had the chance to play MPH, it is now available on Wii U virtual console. The carveat is multiplayer is not possible (Local might work, not sure), due to the discontinuation of Nintendo Wifi Connection a few years ago due to GameSpy being bought out and shut down.

Personally I enjoyed the singleplayer game, even it didn't have the same depth as its console cousin. At least, I enjoyed it enough to contribute MPH information to M2K2:)

Although there aren't a ton of speed tricks and minimal sequence breaking, I think it's still a worthwhile game to play.

You can find it for $9.99 on the Wii U eShop.
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red chamber dream
the single player is pretty fun. if you've never played it before, i think it's quite worth the ten bucks
Quote from Tahngarthor:
Although there aren't a ton of speed tricks and minimal sequence breaking

I disagree
Bangaa Bishop
I saw that, though much of it was until recently rather unknown here.
How are the controls? Any new options or changes?
It's VC so it's basically zero changes from the original.
Not impossible
just highly unlikely
It's got to be even worse on the gamepad then it was on the DS. That extra bulk can't do you any favors.
Club 27 Goals
Shame it doesn't have any multiplayer. I would have LOVED to play that multiplayer again. It was a fun quake alternative when I was mobile
Bangaa Bishop
It would actually be amazing if you got analog movement out of the stick but its probably limited to 8 directions because the DS didn't have a stick.