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Sylux102: 2016-04-03 03:15:22 pm
Sylux102: 2016-04-03 03:13:37 pm
Hello all. Hopefully I can stick within the board rules on this one.

I'm remaking Metroid Prime Hunters so that it actually feels like a Prime game.

Work actually completed so far:

Moving and aiming like in the Wii games
HUD design implemented
Some music revamped
Some areas imported and scaled properly for testing
Morphball (w/ springball)
Basic HUD map (top right corner of screen)

The game is very playable, but things such as combat, morphing to the morphball, space jumping, locking on, etc have not yet been implemented.

Planned features include:

Locking on and strafe jumping
Completely redone log book entries
Grapple beam
Other visors
Additional areas (and modified areas so it's not confusing or easy to get lost)
Beams that have their own look (IE, prime style ice beam, plasma beam, wave beam etc)
Beam effects (cold smoke from judicator etc)
Weather effects (maybe acid rain on alinos, snow on arcterra)

For the multiplayer side of things, I was thinking of having a Co-op story line, where each player picks the Hunter they want for campaign, and then they join a sublobby of sorts so that when you play the campaign, instead of other hunters being AI, they're actually other humans. With some safe areas and other balance factors, this would probably increase replay value.

On to posting work done so far. This is where I get a bit nervous. Given Nintendo's track record of mercilessly shutting down fan games that look equal to or better than actual Nintendo games, I'm not too keen on sharing my work. I can post a picture or two. I can probably post the music, but I'm not posting any sort of demo or video until a very, very minimal amount of work is left until completion.

I suppose I may try to get official permission, but again, given Nintendo's track record, they'll probably just say no, and then release a crappier version themselves.

Please allow some time for the image and music to upload, I'll edit the link in as soon as they're ready.

EDIT: Music (3 tracks in a zip file. Mp3 format. 1 alinos track and 2 celestial archives track.


Celestial Archives Landing Zone Screenshot:


Alinos Landing Zone Screenshot:
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Can't wait for this to turn out better than Federation Force ...

Good luck with your project !
Oh so your doing a remake?
Aww...I kind of intended to attempt making one somewhat Secretly myself once Ive gotten used to Unity,Unreal Engine 4..
Planned on first ripping the actual games models,and try to modify,study,and such on the models of the levels and characters.It would be in a quality of a 3ds resolution...and have it run well for controller.Sigh....
Guess I should scrap that fan project off my list I guess...But either way,I hope you get this done ^_^
AM2R Writer
Hi Sylux102. I'd like to offer my help in writing the logs of your Prime Hunters remake if and when the time comes. Hope to hear from you :)