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Jagger ftw
about a year ago, I was on facebook's market place, and I was looking for 00 metroid prime version, and then there was this prime hunter for game cube (All i remember was the color of the logo on the disc was grey and It says metroid prime hunters), I didn't want to buy it at that time. but now that I've got my own ds and prime hunter, I went back to look it up, It was gone.. Is it really real? or its just something that some dude made in photoshop?
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probably not real. at least i've never heard of it.
red chamber dream
There's no such thing.
once GameFAQs, now Twitch
Perhaps a sort of preview disc, or something similar?
Most likely photoshopped, i got a copy a few weeks ago and i can understand it's potential, but, could i see the pic?
Jagger ftw
i am trying to find the proof, but facebook market place was refreshed many time since the last time i've seen it, but one of my friends in real life also clams that he've seen it before too (I was playing hunter in class on my ds and he said some guy was playing it on game cube, and hes gonna get it too, and then the teacher walks in and we've never talked about that again). maybe it does exist, retro studio and nintendo probably only released few copies privately, or it was fake.

close please..
once GameFAQs, now Twitch
No close yet; I'd like a thread to exist in the off-chance that an image surfaces.