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red chamber dream
that's a nice thought ... if they used the space pirate instead of sylux, i would be way more interested. then they could tie it back to the previous games somehow. maybe introduce some underlying story for the space pirates that we've never heard before. i'd love to know more about where they come from and what their motivations are
One shall stand, one shall ball.
Mainly I just want more doofy Space Pirate science cause they are the best at science.
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Anywhere, everywhere
Quote from UchihaSasuke:
has Sylux even had a single line in all his appearances? even Samus' ship has spoken more in previous games.

it's true that Samus didn't have any lines originally but the games provided all that was needed. for Sylux, the games he's been in haven't provided anything to make him remotely interesting.

all he has going for hin is that he uses Federation tech (i read his Hunters scan because i beat that game 2 weeks ago) but the Federation itself is pretty bland.

hell, some of the other hunters are more interesting than him based on abilities alone. the Space Pirate one seems way more interesting.

It seems pretty apparent that Tanabe's got quite a hard-on for the Federation for whatever reason and has forced greater roles for them with both Retro and Next Level Games, scrapping their ideas for more generic shooter elements, so naturally he keeps trying to make the Hunter tied to them a thing.

If they really had to bring one from Hunters back, which of course they don't (and frankly the Corruption ones were all more original), it seems that Trace might be a better one, since he's a part of a militant empire operating in a hivemind, and that might be different enough than the Space Pirates to be an enemy force.
red chamber dream
well, it's getting pretty crappy reviews. can't pretend i'm not glad
I'd be glad if I thought that Nintendo will take it as "people want real Metroid games" rather than "people don't want Metroid games"
red chamber dream
yeah, sadly they will probably assume the latter.

"but this IS a metroid game! see, we named it metroid!!
I blame Metroid Prime's critical acclaim despite being way different

If that had bombed we'd be drowning in classic Metroids right now

Anywhere, everywhere not agree with that at all
Club 27 Goals
"Federation Force seems like it wants to stand on its own, yet its attempts to tap into familiarity with the Metroid franchise come off as desperate. One of its favorite tricks is to roll out a gently rotating model of the upper half of Samus’ power suit during mission debriefings, her name highlighted in orange for emphasis each time. It’s like meeting someone at a party who wants you to know they work with a celebrity, so they mention them again and again with an inflection that demands you demonstrate how impressed you are by how cool and important this person must be. Maybe they hold up their phone and show you a picture of the pair of them with beers and wire-thin smiles. Maybe they call this person just to prove that they can, then hand the phone over and grant you the most awkward and forced interaction of your entire life."

Pffff ahaha
One shall stand, one shall ball.
Hey yall remember when Samus was a thing?

Have fun with your Dorko Feds, losers!
Good game!


Check your MODs.

I'm dropping out.
Sorry but we don't ban people for having fun
Club 27 Goals
Quote from ryu:
Sorry but we don't ban people for having fun

I'm not even sure if that's what he's trying to say. Wasn't MODs part of the game? Or something?
Those are all communication voice clips from the game. Miles and Parax kept spamming them during their playthrough. It's by far the best feature of the game.