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God dammit why did I have to use up all my Whys during 6%
It's like they added the name metroid to the game as an afterthought.
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rekameohs: 2015-06-16 03:31:02 pm
Anywhere, everywhere
I was so excited to see there was a new Metroid game announced when I woke up. Then I saw what it was... Crying or Very sad
One shall stand, one shall ball.
At last I can play as a Federation Mook! The dream is real!
25 minutes of gameplay from the Treehouse post-show.

Honestly looks boring to me even as a non-Metroid game :/
I'm not sure if I can be a metroid fan anymore...

One shall stand, one shall ball.
Doesn't help they found a bunch of idiots to present it.
If it has decent single-player I'll probably enjoy it for what it is.

If you get forced into having CPU allies I'm burning everything.
Now we clearly need a new subforum for this, someone wake up Nate.
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Zelkys: 2015-06-16 06:33:50 pm
French Metroid Prime Speedrunner
Not impossible
just highly unlikely
Metroid Prime: We Will Now Shit Directly Into Your Mouth
We probably should actually have a subforum for this game if we have a subforum for Pinball

Also, why
Not impossible
just highly unlikely
I bend to the will of the people.
Am I the only one who felt this looked like someone who had never seen or played Metroid, Skylanders, or Call of Duty was asked to make a game combining all three? Also, why?
Did anyone else notice how it specifically referred to the Metroid Prime Universe, as if Prime weren't part of Metroid canon as a whole? Is this a real thing? Or am I reading too much into it?
Not impossible
just highly unlikely
Any thought other than "why" is too much thought.
Anywhere, everywhere

lemme show you why they call it blast ball
Why? Because we are not their true metroid fans

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Serris: 2015-06-16 07:53:36 pm
I wouldn't be surprised if Prime is easily overlooked from a japanese perspective. The Prime Trilogy certainly is a completed sidestory that doesn't really have any bearing on the 2D games. They might be using Prime for all side games now. Also, Federation Troopers haven't really been around outside Prime.

As for this game, eh. They just wanted to make a co-op multiplayer shooter and decided to use the Metroid name for it. Doesn't really matter. Did they say anything about a singleplayer campaign? At this point it just seems like the next step from Metroid Prime Hunters. I certainly don't have any real hopes for a new Metroid anyway. Together with F-Zero, it feels like they still have love for these franchises, but they're not profitable enough to make a game for or they're just sitting on their plans while they take care of higher priority franchises. F-Zero stuff found its way into Mario Kart, can't really do anything with Metroid other than put Samus in Smash.
Well, after the series' own creator shits on it, there's not much of a future for it.
Quote from Serris:
Also, Federation Troopers haven't really been around outside Prime.

Not true. They've been featured in both Fusion and Other M.
The design in this game is based off the Prime troopers. I don't remember if the Other M guys were just redesigned or some kind of special elite subforce. Wouldn't really say Fusion features them just because you see some for a second in a cutscene or something.