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IMPORTANT! I will no longer be updating this post with new times, as skull64 was kind enough to put everything into this:


I'm not sure if I should just nuke this or just leave this post for now. But the most up-to-date leaderboards is in that google doc above.

I haven't spent any time scouring around for times and stuff, so it won't be filled up much. Let me know what times to put up here!

As far as I know, I don't think anyone has ever done 100% segmented, so I don't have that listed here.

Furthermore, for those who are wondering about version differences, NTSC vs PAL don't affect speedrunning much. I'm not sure about japanese, and obviously trilogy times would be bad.

Finally, doing runs on emulator is highly discouraged because the times will be completely inaccurate due to instant loading times (which will also affect strategies, especially out of bounds). However, if you want to run on emulator and keep track, I can allow this post to keep track of that time; be aware that it should not and will not be directly compared with any console times though.

Any% Single Segment

0:59 MilesSMB (Video) (Stream)

1:11 Metroid177 (Video)
1:14 mrspeedrun (Stream)
1:16 kirbymastah (Video of a 1:18) (Stream)
1:21 MaskedKirby (Video of a 1:24) (Stream)
1:32 ptorflaxendrosis
1:35 axon64 (Stream)
1:39 timpz (Stream)
1:41 abahbob (Stream)
1:46 RaphaelRobo (Stream)
1:50 Itspersonnal (Stream)
1:54 UchihaSasuke (Stream)
1:57 SilentEcho (Video)
1:57 izzyaxel1024
2:06 JaggerG (Stream)

Any% Segmented

0:59 MilesSMB (Video) (Stream)

1:06 Mrspeedrun (Stream)
1:11 Metroid177 (SS)
1:16 kirbymastah (Video of a 1:18) (Stream)
1:20 MaskedKirby (Stream)
1:32 ptorflaxendrosis (SS)
1:35 axon64 (SS) (Stream)
1:38 DJGrenola (Playlist)
1:38 UchihaSasuke (Stream)
1:38 Itspersonnal (Stream)
1:39 timpz (SS) (Stream)
1:41 abahbob (SS) (Stream)
1:43 SilentEcho (Playlist)
1:46 RaphaelRobo (SS)
1:58 Master-88
2:06 JaggerG (SS) (Stream)

100% Single Segment

1:56 MilesSMB (Video) (Stream)

2:09 kirbymastah (Video of 2:13) (Stream)
2:25 sparky (seg) (Playlist)
2:28 mrspeedrun
2:34 SilentEcho
2:41 UchihaSasuke
2:42 Master-88 (seg)
2:57 MaskedKirby

6% Segmented

3:28 MilesSMB (hard) (Video)
4:21 Metroid177 (hard) (Video Part 1)
Thread title: 
my umbrella goes directly to Bankai
i have segmented any% of 1:38 since 2010 when ILS was found.
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MaskedKirby: 2013-09-26 04:57:21 pm
Arbitrary MP2 categories only !
My Any% SS Time is 1:24 and I also have a (Really, really bad and old) Segmented run which is 1:20.
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RaphaelRobo: 2013-09-26 11:35:20 pm
My any% SS time is 2:03. Because I lost 7 minutes against the final bosses. That was a great run.

Also, if you make a typo while writing that, I have the world record.
I have 1:11 segmented (old run) using the same route miles uses.  Not recorded or anything.  I plan on working on a brand-new segmented any percent run for this game, but I can't seem to really find the time to do a run lately.  Hopefully once the fall semester ends I can get back into this game.  (and the MP1 run I have been putting off)
Arbitrary MP2 categories only !
What about adding 6% and 7% (7% since at least more than people than miles have done it)
MP2 also a bit MP1 speedrunning
i also had an old 1:06 segmented.... that was a pretty good run but it used old strats, and no i didnt record it.
Quote from MaskedKirby:
What about adding 6% and 7% (7% since at least more than people than miles have done it)

If more than like 3-4 people have runs of 7%, then I'll put up the category.
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Hazel: 2013-10-04 10:38:01 am
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Hazel: 2013-10-04 10:37:33 am
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Hazel: 2013-10-04 10:28:14 am
rocks, locks, and invisible blocks
Looks like I have a 1:50 Any%. Ok.
Edit: I have a 2:30 7% (Segmented)
Miles has a 2:08 7% (Single Segment)
McHazard has a 4:36 7% (Segmented)
Parax has done 7%, I don't know the time.
Didn't abahbob do low% once? I'm not sure whether he did 6 or 7, though.
Has anyone run low%? People have done it, but I don't really think there should be a leaderboard if most/none of them aimed for speed.
I would think the idea of having a low% leaderboard would be to encourage people to start aiming for speed when doing it.
At the moment it's not even a low% leaderboard...
MP2 also a bit MP1 speedrunning
axon got a 1:35 single segment i think
mrspeedrun just tied my time with the grapple-skip route with 1:16! Gratz to him!
I think you should put low% on there regardless of whether people were going for speed, if only to track the number of people that actually completed a low% run
Okay, I went ahead and typed up the entire low% leaderboard for you.

Segmented Low%

3:28 MilesSMB
Kirby included 22% and 23% runs in the Prime 1 leaderboards; there's no reason not to include 7% runs here.
More like master-88 included them =/
yeah well, kirby still hasn't put 0% on the fusion leaderboards
hey kirbymastah, there is indeed someone that has done 100% segmented. It used to be up on SDA but I guess only us old farts remember that from 2005. bartendorsparky did one in 2:25 way back then: https://archive.org/details/MetroidEchoes_100p_225
updated. Though i marked it as (segmented), I don't think it's worth making a separate 100% segmented section until there are more times
I remembered another user with a 100% run from way back when, silent (((((echo))))) did a 2:34 ss run: https://m2k2.taigaforum.com/post/time__difficulty.382.html#time__difficulty.382

searching for these old runs lets me reminisce about the days when i had time to speed run...good times
1:48 segmented. Still rubbish, but better than before.
1:47 SS with GA.