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@ sabata2  thanks for the support! :) I have my fingers crossed for launch day (this wednesday) that I'll get go sales and be able to port ASAP, but if not I'll still be able to save up via my day job (comic artist) to pay the $500.

on the comic artist note, I'm actually adding a feature in chapter II of the game in which you can locate mini pin-ups by various artists within the station and view them in a gallery, but better still the first person to find each one and post a screen shot showing they found it on my twitter page will win the original art! here are the artist on board so far
Rob Duenas
Ben Bishop
The Mico
Diego Chaves

more to come...

@ryu I see what you are saying, the ting is there are no games like this that I can find for iphone, that's why I'm doing it :) plus I've designed it in a way it can work for casual gamers, it auto saves your progress so every time you come back you are right where you left off, so people could potentially  play for a 5 min train ride and still be progressing, but then there are also lots of hidden things/upgrades/etc. (the art work mentioned above for one) for mertoid type fans who want to explore

Thanks again for feedback guys
BeyondDead is live! http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/beyonddead/id488334170?mt=8 I hope those of you with iPhones will check it out!
and as soon as I have enough green stuff I'll be porting to android

Chapter II screens

SZC: BeyondDead Landing pad B by homeschooledmail, on Flickr

Beyond Dead Boss 3 by homeschooledmail, on Flickr

SZC: BeyondDead by homeschooledmail, on Flickr
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Don't have an iPhone/Droid but this is awesome! Can't believe you made this all by yourself.
Hey everyone! I've started a kickstarted account to try and get the $500 needed to port SZC: BeyondDead to android/kindle fire.
if you guys can spread the word, donate a few bucks that would be sweet!


I plan to port no matter what, this would just speed up the process by a few months :)

a look at the new controls, boss and puzzle! (i'm most happy with the boss entrance :)

more to come..
My crowd funding endeavor failed, however you can help get me the upgrade which will allow me to port Beyond Dead to android simpley by going to facebook and liking this image http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150779351337059&set=a.10150776767302059.469962.40582002058&type=1&theater please spread the word! :) if I get the upgrade I'll be able to port within a few weeks vs. a few months

here are the latest screens and videos of Chapter II

Beyond Dead Monster Robot Studios by homeschooledmail, on Flickr

Beyond Dead Monster Robot Studios by homeschooledmail, on Flickr

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Are you still working on this game?