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trevormacro: 2013-04-05 12:54:15 pm
Hello everybody,

I never play Metroid games on GBA.
When I was young I had played to Super Metroid only.

I have found 4 Metroid GBA games.
They are in beta format and debug and early.

Build Dates are:

Zero Mission Debug US: 12/02 22:00
Zero Mission Debug EU: 01/14 14:30
Fusion Debug EU 1-16MB: 0911 10:23
Fusion Debug EU 2-8MB: 0916 16:57

Release data of commercials games are:

Metroid Fusion:

11/17/02 US
11/22/02 EU
02/14/03 JP

Metroid Zero Mission:

02/09/04 US
04/08/04 EU
05/27/04 JP


Metroid Fusion

Metroid Zero Mission

Who want to help me to find some differences with commercial games?

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards,
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trevormacro: 2013-04-05 11:01:38 pm
Some news pictures uploaded.


Anyone find some differences with final version of MZM?
I can't see any differences between those screenshots and the released MZM carts. But there's a million tiny things that can't be tested just from screens. I'd LOVE to play with that debug mode (any chance of a dump in the future?). Great find.
Ta'kaya as "Teyla the Demiphoenix"
*whistles* I can't wait to try it out. I might get back into Zero Mission (the last time I played it, the game randomly froze. When I turned my Gameboy off and back on, all of my Save Data got deleted in the process)
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trevormacro: 2013-05-11 08:15:33 am
Metroid Zero Mission Debug EU: 01/14 14:30 (intro):

Metroid Zero Mission Debug EU: 01/14 14:30 (debug menu test):

Metroid Fusion Debug EU 1-16MB: 0911 10:23 (intro):

Any differences?
Ta'kaya as "Teyla the Demiphoenix"
I wonder what'd happen if you set the game to make you play in the Zero Suit from the beginning via the debug menu. If all of the upgrades would still work, you could raise all kinds of in-game hell.
how to play in the zero suit? what section in debug?
Ta'kaya as "Teyla the Demiphoenix"
In status, there is:
Regular (I think that is what it says. Your regular suit.)
Powere (part of Powered, as in "Fully Powered Suit")
"Naked" (Most likely referring to the Zero Suit)
Like that :)

you like it?
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Kitsune_Phoenix: 2013-05-11 11:44:21 pm
Kitsune_Phoenix: 2013-05-11 06:07:38 pm
Ta'kaya as "Teyla the Demiphoenix"
Nice! Can you still damage enemies like that once you start collecting upgrades?
My concept was to start a new game in Brinstar, get all of the items normally, but play as Zero Suit Samus the entire time.

Speaking of which, you should put the demos on Autopilot while Samus is like that, and record a video of it.
there are 3 (I think) different sets of demo clips on the released carts, and your video is identical to one of them. If you leave the beta idle longer, does it have the others?
After a longs hours of interdpth work with his DH application.

When I load the betas roms it work.

For exemple here is the metroid fusion proto main deck with his title set:

There are a lot of bugs but it s a good start...
Hi guys,

I decided to release all the four prototypes.

Here is the 7zip file:


I hope all Metroid fans can help me to find differences comparing finals releases.

Best Regards,
thanks so much, these are fascinating!
I found the unused room mentioned in that forum thread you linked to. I will post details and a video once I've finished trying to find other interesting rooms :)
Hey does this have a debug menu acess? I want to have everything when I start the game so yeah does it have that?