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"Should METROID: FLUX recieve a test-run?"
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Zeymah: 2012-09-06 12:33:14 am
Yol dok, Dovahkiin.
I propose this idea.

Multiple minds coming together to create a story, but not just any story. An interactive RPG-style story. I have created a possible layout for a Metroid influenced one, and would like the opinions of M2K2 users if it seems plausible.


While tracking a powerful energy source in an unmapped region of space, a Space Pirate frigate crashes onto a planet called Soluud, where only 3% of the ship's personell survived. Choose your class, weapons and tech, create your profile and help create a story that hopefully can be saved in M2K2's vaults. We are the introduction, we are the struggle, we are the climactic battle, we are the finale.

>> I suggest that METROID: FLUX be performed in alphabetical order of participants' names, and that certain ideas be observed. When a participant writes "their section" (which I suggest should be about 1-3 paragraphs long per turn) of the story, it should be noted that following their chosen specs is important, as it will maintain the necessity of every participant in the storyline. Also, lines such as:

"And then Bob came out of nowhere and blew up Alex with C4 and killed him instantly"

...is definitely over the top. Let's use imagination and make the story interesting. Also, I would recommend that each participant have a minimal level of access to dictate what happens to another participant. For example, if it's Andy's turn, Andy shouldn't write:

"Andy threw a rock at Bob, and then Bob took the rock to the face, fell down, broke his arm, and then Bob went and bought a cheeseburger, and Bob ended up getting food poisoning, and his wife left him, and his kids dropped out of school..."

...you get the point, right? Cool. It is my hope that these ideals will help guide those who want to participate to coming up with quite the adventure.

>> First select a class and recieve it's benefits. The names and additions of weapons are stricly to create a certain image in the writers' minds. Each class has different Primary and Secondary weapons.

PRIMARY >>  Kinetic Projection Cannon (chargeable)
SECONDARY >> E9 Plasma Blade (3ft)
SPEC >> A COMMANDO has extensive combat training, allowing the writer to be much more fierce when illustrating close quarters combat. Can also carry a TERTIARY weapon, if one is found.

PRIMARY >> Integrated Pulse Rifle (suppressed/auto)
SECONDARY >> E3 Plasma Blade (0.75ft)
SPEC >> OPERATIVES are much more keen to stealth and surprise, and are masters of silent movement. The writer is allowed more guile and cunning here. They tend to try to end engagements quickly and with explosive aggression.

PRIMARY >> Kinetic Wave Cannon (chargeable)
SECONDARY >> Kinetic Sidearm (chargeable)
SPEC >> An ENGINEER can interact more freely with technology, mechanics,     puzzles, riddles, and emergency situations as a writer and character. They can carry a SECONDARY tech item if found, but are not as proficient in combat.

PRIMARY >> Kinetic Projection Cannon (chargeable)
SECONDARY >>  K2 Energy Laser (powerful, slow cooldown)
SPEC >> The OFFICER has supreme medical skills, and can help keep other participants alive during dire situations. OFFICERS can often prevent death as well, and have a slightly smaller restriction against write-ins of other participants that comes with being a leader.

>> Once you have chosen a CLASS, it would be time to choose your TECH. TECH is simply another element of the story that allows players more freedom of choice to be creative and define who they are before the story even beings.

// LMD-93 (Light Manipulation Device)
>> The user can create a temporary field around them that masks their visual appearance, but does not last for long and does not work well with deft movement.

// KRS-12 (Kinetic Reversal Shield)
>> The user can utilize an energy shield that reflects projectiles occasionally, but the shield will overheat if used in excess.

// SAM-40 (Speed Alteration Module)
>> The user can dramatically increase their speed for a short amount of time, but the module will overheat if used in excess.

// RTS-85 (Rapid Teleportation System)
>> The user can rapidly teleport a short distance occasionally. The RTS overheats extremely quickly.

// Equilibrium
>> A prototype software system that integrates with the user's armor and HUD system. Equilibrium allows the user to convert physical life into destructive energy, therefore dramatically increasing offensive energy levels. Equilibrium does not have a failsafe, and can severly injure or kill the user if used in excess.

Now, create your profile. Here's an example:

TECH >> LMD-93

Easy, right? Three things to define your character, yet multiple possibilities.

Shall we get started?

Thread title: 
can it be a samus/adam fanfiction?
Yol dok, Dovahkiin.
Actually, I really like that idea. Metroid: Other M killed me with the storyline; Samus and Adam's untold story really gripped me. I will have to revamp this on my break today.
Super Secret Area - Dead Ahead!
No!  What have you started, BioSpark!gah
Yol dok, Dovahkiin.
Oh dear.
Yol dok, Dovahkiin.
Can I get a 1-10 rating? Opinions? aiwebs_000

Anyone have ideas for additions? Would you get rid of something? Someone be the guy that says what everyone's thinking. Very Happy
Anywhere, everywhere
What the flux
Yol dok, Dovahkiin.
Quote from rekameohs:
What the flux

What the duck
What'd you say?
0. I only say this because text roleplaying is incredibly boring in my eyes. Your idea and post seems well thought out though, so there that.
Yol dok, Dovahkiin.
Hiu ost lot onikaan. You show great wisdom to say that.

I guess it takes certain people. My roommates of last year really got me into DND and other table-top multi-dice games.
What'd you say?
Your (you?) ____ great wisdom. Why not just say it in English? It probably does take certain people, although I would have much, much more interest in DND rather than  text-based, online, RPGs.
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DND is sooo much better when you ignore all of the rulesets, and just make it up with your friends.  A quality dungeon master, who can make up decent shit on the fly, is all you really need.

Yol dok, Dovahkiin.
Quote from Tyjet66:
Your (you?) ____ great wisdom. Why not just say it in English? It probably does take certain people, although I would have much, much more interest in DND rather than  text-based, online, RPGs.

I guess I just like Dovah.