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OH ****!!!!
Now that the mertoid is more defined and not as it once was i have made a threoy and evoltion thingy to help sort the matter out infused with me opinion on the subject. There will be some spoilers as i put the info in some so please if you haven't played the games im about to list and discuss then please dont read. If yoour ready lets begins with the SR-388 evolution.

SR-388 evolution

The first step would be the Metroid of coarse in its larva state if you will. This is the first state in the metroids growth as as soon as it hatchs it is already dangerous and able to absorb energy. No one today is quite sure how they're able to do this even with disection. You see the metroid has 4 pairs of manibles, two for grasping and two for energy extraction. All we know so far is that metroids grasp usally the head of their enemy and sink its twin mandibles in the preys skull. But this is how far we get because how its exatcly extracts it is unknown as the prey looses energy with any body fluids being lost. So its kinda a mystery how it does so but if we were to discover this then we could be able to reverse this to save lifes. Stop people form dieing, the list goes on. As destructive as  this little guy is its kinda helpful and as you read more you'll understand more.^_^ Now then the metroid is beleived to be created by the chozo as metroid is a chozo word for "ultimate warrior" or something like that. It was created to destroy an army of of creatures that would end the world if they could. But thats a story for later.

              This marks the time in SR-388 when the metroid sheds its shell. The metroid is able to adapt to its enviorment and have many forms which is the reason im keeping you up to date. Time to meet the famliy.^_^

Not really the best pic but its something, yes that is a metroid, it is now an alpha metroid. As i said the metroid enters a cocoon as it sheds its skin inside and when it comes out you probally will think its something else. Ok now as we look at it we nootice some things. One it has eyes nowO_O, two it has a hardern shell on top of it making it look like a creaturea attached to a ball but im sure it isn't ;), three its mandibles have gone up now and are forming claw like apendigages. Who knows where that can lead to? Now some good things have happened but so have some bad things. Its still reatains its ability to float and now has harder skin and shell to avoid being hurt TO badly against an ice beam onslut. Bad thing is it doesn't have the energy draining ablility its once had, now its kinda hard for it to get it because its manibles are on top of its stomach and it ain't really going to eat anything unless it uses its beak. But now in place of that it can give of static charges, O_O i don't get it eitheir but who knows i dont make this stuff. Now that i covered that the metroid still will shed its skin, time for a change in appearance.^_^

              Now heres the next step, the gamma metroid. Now when we see this guy we noticed some dramatic changes. One the shell that had started to grow on top of its head has now engulfed its body! The shell on its belly is softer but still pretty dam hard. Two we noticed that it has legs and resembles and insect now and to thoses who played metroid prime2 will notice it has an ing look to it. It can still floats but for a short period of time, i give about and hour or so on account of the strength this thing has. eitheir then that nothing much changed, its still has its static beam attack thing but thats really it. So next.^_^

            Now i had to get this pic because i trying to show you the horrors of this thing for turning from a jellyfish to a dinosaur type thing.O_O This is the Zeta Metroid on are evolution and a lot of changes are present. One its now a bipedel creature meaing is ability to float is gone but with this things powerful legs why float? Now the manidibles have disapeared completely as now it has arms and legs, an effective melea contender. The beak that was on it is now a leach like mouth so it still has energy extraction abilitys but this is even a greater mystery to us now.O_O it still retains its static charge attack thing, not only that but it can shoot burst of plasma as a short range breath weapon. It is still unclear why but this is a powerful weapon indeed, though it is unknown it probally can combine both together to form some sort of attack. Now that it has legs it can't float but it can shoot bursts of preesureied air out of its bottom half of its shell which is still much softer but of course its a more powerful shell. Now the creature has taken a bipedel form, lets take a look at its next form.

              WOWWWWWWWW!!!!!!! This thing is, is, not much different, that doesn't change its difference now though. Now we have gone from a dino thing from about the size of a human to a dino thing to the size of a t-rex. Its main difference is how friggin huge this thing is now, its legs are like tree trunks and just as thick, probally thicker. The static bursts are gone now replaced by full fledged flamethrowers coming out a its mouth.O_O  The mouth now can swallow anything so food ain't really much of a problem anymore. The main asset of this thing is the massive hands it possesses. I mean look at this size of thoses things! They can probally break diamond like nobodys bussiness, and i haven't even brought up the phazon yet, imagine that nowO_O. But were not yet done yet, theirs always a mass breeder in one of theses things with the omega metroid being the drones, which means theirs........ Yeah you get it, now this marks the end of are understanding of how a metroid evoles. The next step is a bit of a mystery but read on.

                Yup you guessed it, this mad mother is the metroid queen, a now quadroped metroid but it can probally still use the massive arms as weapons. Its rarely needs to fight though, its has the omegas to do it for her.^_^ I hae no idea if it can use breath weapons but once again, the omegas do it for her.^_^ Besides its main features that are noticable, its has an extrely long neck that can reach out and eat whatever comes at her nest, doesn't help that sorry person with he rows of teeth. Even though this is the most prized metroid among the colony i really have no info on to how an omega becomes a metroid or if theirs a larva that is grown into a queen with out needing to go through the phases, but with this that ends the Sr-388 cycle. Now lets see if its true that a metroid is designed to adapte to its enviroment.^_^

Zebes/tourain evolution

This set of metroid are not like other kinds previously seen. They're the same but not entirely, this metroid, the beta metroid, has been cloned by using beta rays. Thus with this in place when a metroid is affected by beta rays it becomes a beta metroid and is unable to shed its skin and evolve, the reason the metroids in tourian have not grown but has been their for about 36 days as thats how long it takes for the metroids to be cloned by constent exposure to beta radiation. Now on to are next metroid as their is really no evolution line here.

            This is a Mocktriod, the first ever attempt to clone a metroid without radiation. This metroid has changes but they're for the worse on that part. They have only one nucliue in their body as metroids has three. It also cannot latch on to prey but it still has energy extracting powers. Theses are probally the same procedure but we STILL don't know how a metroid does it exactly. Like its clone it is sesptible to the ice beam. Next.^_^

Now if you look towards your left you'll see that samus is firing opon a really big metroid.^_^ No seriously this actually apart fo the evolution line because this metroid comes from the larva stage. It is now called, the super metroid! Now if we go all the way back to Metroid 2: return of samus, we remeber that samus was sent down their to extermanate the metroids on SR-388. Once samus beat the metroid queen and egg hatched and imprinted samus as its mother.O_O So she escaped from the planet with the help of the new hatchling and left the planet, and in the process made history as the first tamed metroid in the galaxy, unfortunantly the last metroid in the galaxy. After samus's missino on SR-388 was complete she then went to a galatic federation space station(can't remeber the dam name) and left the metroid in the hands of scientists. Shortly afterwards she felt an explosion rock the station and an unnamed fear awoken inside her. She then procided to the station to see the damage only to find the metroid gone and the scientists dead. She then proceded down the hall until she saw it laying their on the floor, just laying their. When she got closer she discovered the reason it was their, ridley was on bord and had taken the metroid. Samus did battle with the dragon but got no where with it and ridley escaped while setting of a time bomb in the station leaving samus a minute and 35 seconds to get out of the station. She then follows ridley to the planet only to discover that the pirates had rebuilt their base for below the old one. Samus was then tasked to hunt down and kill kraid, phatoon, draygon, and ridley himself of couse to gain access to tourain and once again defeat the mother brain. Whe she defeated ridley shes goes into the room behind him and discovers the tank that held the metroid was broken, the metroid gone. It was not a totally empty victory as besides gaining and extra energy tamk, she now possessed entry way into tourain. When she got down their she encountered a bunch of beta metroids and defeated them with relative ease. Then when she aproached one room she found a tourizo standing in its tracks. When she went to touch it it dissovled to dust. She went to the next room and found side hoppers, really huge side hoppers. She proceded past them and found a bunch of creatures that would turn into dust the moment she touched them, just like the tourizo. Then a side hopper apeared to attack her but the side hoppers purpose was soon realized. A metroid the size of ridley came in and and extacted the energy from its body and left nothing behind as its body was merly dust now like all the others. Then is attacked samus and for awhile it looked like samus had lost. When she had one point of energy left in her tanks the metroid stoped and then realized something, the metroid started to chirped in a way it would only do to its mother........O_Othis metroid which had grown to gigantic proportion was infact the very same metroid  that samus spared from SR-388.

            Yup thats him alright^_^, hence the title of the game super metroid. Ok the metroid that you see before you has been exposed to not only beta rays but gamma rays aswell. This is whiched made it grew to huge proportions and the reason why their was super sized side hoppers, food of course. Not much different tough expect that its tougher and bigger as already stated so next it tallon IV

Tallon IV

Yup its this little guy again, the metroid fresh from SR-388. Nothing is different from theses metroids, what they become however makes them different.^_^

Now then as i said metroids are able to adapt to their atmosphere pretty quickly. Are next evolution is the hunter metroid, they aren't infused with phazon yet. This is a direct result of Tallon IV eycosystem and it proves that they can adapt to the enviorment. The hunter metroid no longer has to grasp its prey but use one of its energy extracting tenticles it has formed. Now the funny part of this is that it went from a jellyfish thing to a squid thing(both marine animals aiwebs_008  ) Anywhos it cannot be dislogded from using a bomb so its threat level increases. The hunter metroid still has the weakness to cold temps. however so its easy way out of this thing. Now this is where the evolution stops as we take a look at are next metroid.

This is where thing get weird, now e have regular metroids going down to the phazon core and they turn into fiission metroids. NOw these metroid once damaged enough will turn  into 2 metroid hence the name fission metroids. Theses are color coded to indicate with beam would be most affective against it.
            Ok i know i should be introducing Metroid prime right about now but the data is ensuffeinct, so we have to wait until we see the phazon/phaaze varity. But next Ather and dark ather

Ather/Dark ather
not done yet :P
Its a lot of info so if you wanna take the time to read go for it.^_^ Leave comments please.^_^
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red chamber dream
Quote from Mr. Shadow:
Tallon V1

*Tallon IV.
OH ****!!!!
OK everyone i've updated it.^_^
my umbrella goes directly to Bankai
the evolution line of the SR-388 Metroid really makes me want a remake of Metroid II. they could do a lot with them and the DS' power.
OH ****!!!!
Quote from PiccoloCube:
the evolution line of the SR-388 Metroid really makes me want a remake of Metroid II. they could do a lot with them and the DS' power.

I know, with the better graphics theses days. Yup awsome game^_^. I'd like to see the SR-388 metroids in 3-d, think of how the omega metroid would look.
The only problem I really have is the "kinda"s and "or something like that". Other than that, it is very informative. Good job.  :-D
OH ****!!!!
Quote from Upsilon:
The only problem I really have is the "kinda"s and "or something like that". Other than that, it is very informative. Good job.  :-D

Sorry im not good at putting words together, i waiting for someone to rewrite this so i can continue the next planet, ather.