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Hazel: 2010-12-10 09:18:32 pm
Hazel: 2010-12-10 04:59:43 pm
rocks, locks, and invisible blocks
thats kinda what i said but i dont know how the ather is in that room so i didnt really know what was stoping us
getting there...
Well, it turns out I forgot how frustrating wall crawling was without bombs. I guess since sparky already tested the morphball theory, I don't really have to do it anyway...
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UchihaSasuke: 2010-12-10 08:12:18 pm
UchihaSasuke: 2010-12-10 07:05:50 pm
my umbrella goes directly to Bankai
second attempt: game crashed at chozo elevator lol.

i'm going to stream just in case something turns up.

third attempt: crash before the aboretum room. (didn't unload a room)

fourth attempt: spent like 1 hour trying to find a trigger to load the room after the tunnel and no luck at all. i levitated and touched practically all possible spots.
this looks really bad. the last thing i can think of is use a code to morph and see if reaching the place in morph ball without collecting it loads the room.
not evil,just hungry
go through the room inbounds and find how far down you have to go to get the cube to start making noise.
rocks, locks, and invisible blocks
ok well post somthing on here if you get the boost
rocks, locks, and invisible blocks
im been doing some no ball SW crap and im geting pritty good at it i got to the  with just space jump and missles look like 4 hours but i did it so i think thats the 1st ever wild before ball

anyone know where i can get a AR i want to be the 1st to get boost without ball
rocks, locks, and invisible blocks
ok i know this topic is getting old but i still really want the answer to all the queston like "can you ummorph after MB before ball", "can you morph back after unmorphing" and so on... i think i can help people come up with a route for boost before ball if someone could tell me what is stoping us and why (i have some ideas that might help get by some stuff tahts messing everyone up and getting them stuck....)

and after like hours of sitting energy core trying to switch to brun dome i'm sure that whats stoping that is the athers to low in that room and when you enter it you walk on it thus stoping you from walking on the ball pipe and switching rooms... thers no way arownd that D:
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playe: 2011-02-03 03:06:07 am
playe: 2011-02-03 03:06:05 am
Alright I've just tried loading Burn Dome with the Morph Ball and couldn't get it done. (I tried for a whole hour.)
I think there's some sort of trigger that we hit in-bounds to unload Energy core or something, idk I think our pals at Retro actually stopped us with this one, unless someone can figure out a way on how on earth to hit the trigger and still be able to move freely.

EDIT: sorry, didn't notice that Sparky already tried what I did.
rocks, locks, and invisible blocks
Part-time philosopher
You almost got there! Just need to be inside the room when it loads up.