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Hi guys About a year or so ago I lost my game cartridge at my aunt's house and I haven't gotten it back since *SAD FACE x2*

I  had a really good score on my game (like THREE stars or something) and I was wondering is there anyway to get my old "account" back when I buy the game again?

PS: <3
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this is because your game is saved inside the cartridge, not the DS....and it is not the DS cards that communicate, but the DS themselves

bad news dude, sorry to hear it.
At least you can still rebuy yours... the R and L buttons on my DS stopped working a few months ago, so i had to sell that, and Fusion, and MZM, among lots of other great DS/GBA games that use R and/or L.
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Wait, why would you sell your games?  The system, I can understand, but you could always get another one, but cart-based games... All that work (I'd assume), and you scrapped it?
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Yeah lol... just buy another DS. Or better yet, should've gotten your old one repaired.