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List of played things
- Byte's Adventure (Mega Man 1)
- Rockman 2 Gray Zone
- Rockman Exile (Mega Man 2)
- Rockman 2 Deus Ex Machina
- Summer Carnival '92 - Recca (Hard Mode Zanki Attack, lol. 'twas bonus content at the end of Deus Ex Machina.)
- RosenkreuzStilette (not a Mega Man hack. Doujin Mega Man clone.)
- Duo Princess on request for #sda, but I don't think any of you caught that
- Ufouria, 100% practice run
Thread title: 
this supposed to be kid dracula?
what is this shit
k.man sounds p. cool
that's some nice flicker there
half of this is just k.man swearing. it's pretty funny
lol, that's probably what you're supposed to do
maybe the nitrobust would've helped there
k.man needs to review his katakana
that font was just horrible
that was cheap
i like how he gets the extra life when he has savestates
oh well, maybe not. just noticed I had my screen scrolled down and saw him standing on pits quite often. thought there were just blocks bellow the game's screen
Oh hi people were talking here too.

I'm actually only keeping an eye on the ustrem chat while I'm playing, but I guess I could keep this thread open on the laptop... or in Chrome on the other screen. Or something.
I love your accent when you say "easy as pie" and "look at my sweet dodging"