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I figured I'd make one of these, just cuz.

After you get the speed booster and can return to the room between 7 elevators; for lack of a better name; build a charge, then spark, while in the middle room, toward the center and into the ramp. Then run down the hill, charge, and spark the other way back into the hill. Continue until bored again or out of spark.

Personally, I think it makes a neat little beat if you time it exactly right.
Just run, charge, right, spark. Run, charge, left, spark. Run, charge, right, spark. So on and so forth.

Feel free to post other crazy Fusion things here, or comment on existing ones, if you didnt know that thats what you do here already. ^^
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everybody knows it's true
0% is possible!!  :o
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red chamber dream
As Ekarderif just explained, this topic is pure spam. Frankly, not many people care about these "just for fun" things, and if you do, feel free to do things like this on your own. Just don't give in to your urge to let us all know about it.