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All the weapon upgrades in Metroid Prime Hunters, are sphere-shaped and match the color of the weapon’s bullet. They each also contain a specific symbol as well. Now the Omega Cannon is a different story, as its color doesn’t match the bullet at all (black/purple upgrade color to a white/golden yellow star-like bullet). The Omega Cannon upgrade is also surrounded by an odd aurora that is not seen with the other upgrades as a trait. Now time to go deeper into what the Omega Cannon really is.

Seal Sphere 01:
The fathomless power of the captive beast is the very engine of the Seal Sphere. As long as its psychic powers are ensnared, Gorea cannot escape.”

There are two Seal Spheres located within Oubliette, one powered by Gorea’s power and the other by the Alimbic’s essence.

Seal Sphere 03:
“The Alimbic Order directed surviving citizens to transfer their essences into the Seal Sphere. Our combined psychic energy is the engine that powers the sphere.”

Something is very odd about the Omega Cannon being in Oubliette along with Gorea.

Sealing Gorea 01:
No weapon could defeat Gorea.”

Alimbic War 12:
“We gave our lives to confine the foul monstrosity known as Gorea. Do not seek this creature unless you have the means to destroy it.”

If the Omega Cannon is the thing that was to destroy Gorea, then why is it obtained in Oubliette? The Alimbics state that Gorea is not to be found unless we have the means to destroy it. Odd, we didn’t have the Omega Cannon before we came to Oubliette. If you haven’t gotten the twist yet, I will continue.

Gorea 02:
Gorea is power beyond reckoning and evil unrelenting. The universe has not known terror such as this.”

This enemy scan is the key to what the Omega Cannon is, and also why that isn’t a “thank you” message from the Alimbics. *addresses the scan below*

Gorea 2:
“Gorea’s final form is impervious to all weapons currently equipped in the Power Suit. Alternative weaponry is required to penetrate Gorea’s armor. Sensors detect that Alimbic essence is no longer present in the Seal Sphere. Gorea remains attached to the sphere in order to draw all remaining energy from it.”

Interesting, if you recall what is said in the Seal Sphere 01 and 03 lores. According to the scan, there is no longer any Alimbic essence which is the power of one of the Seal Spheres. Gorea in its second form is still drawing energy in energy from a Seal Sphere, which would be the one powered by Gorea’s power and psychic energy. A question, where is the power source of its energy? I mean we can see the Alimbic essence located beneath the first Gorea battle arena (aka the first Seal Sphere room), so I wonder.

The Omega Cannon is Gorea’s power and psychic energy as well as the engine of the second Seal Sphere area within Oubliette.

Gunship Transmission [Gorea 2 battle]:
“Gorea’s defensive capability has increased dramatically. No weapons currently equipped in the Power Suit are capable of penetrating its armor. Intense gamma radiation has been detected on the lower floor.”

The following go hand and hand with each other.

Gorea 01:
The Horror shrieked its name: Gorea.”

Omega Cannon:
This proscribed weapon of mass destruction was called an abomination by the Alimbic Elders because of the harm it could inflict on anyone desperate enough to use it.”

A telepathic message from an Alimbic Elder even states: [Alinos: First Octolith]
“..The cannon holds the power..”

The Omega Cannon did do something to Samus then, it gave her the telepathic message where the Alimbics are thanking her so it seems; however, they were no longer aware of the event taking place between Gorea and Samus Aran as they had left at the beginning of that final battle.

How would Gorea’s power be able to send a telepathic message to Samus, is simple.

Gorea 04:
Gorea mimicked our cellular structure and replicated itself in solid form.”

History 10:
“Through science and technology we increased our already formidable mental skills. Significant advances were made in the areas of telepathy, telekinesis, and extradimensional exploration.”

Gorea crashed upon Alinos at the location of the Crash Site area. The Alimbics thought Gorea was a comet but then it emerged as a vapor (which is explained within the Gorea 03 lore, "At first we thought Gorea was a comet. It crashed upon our planet and emerged as a vapor."). In other words, the vapor emerged from the crater the supposed comet crashed (keep in mind there was no comet, only Gorea). Now if you head on over to the Crash Site, and scan the area, you'll get a scan like this....

Structural Debris
"Severe architectural damage. Evidence of unidentifiable interstellar matter, a result of an extraterrestrial collision."

In the Gorea 1 boss battle, we see Gorea having the ability to regenerate its arms. My point is that it may be possible for the ancient being to regenerate from the matter found at the Crash Site, as that matter has to be Gorea's since it was stated that it collided with Alinos. Also players can see little glittering particles floating around in that very area.

One thing that I noticed while wandering around the underground portion of the Subterranean area, is that there appears to be a resemblence of Gorea Phase 2 form within the ice blocks at the end of both of the tunnels. They can't be scanned, but I thought I would just throw this out there for you all to wonder about.

  In the recent battles against the complex menace, Gorea. I have noticed something about the abomination right before you go into a skirmish with him.

  At the beginning of the boss battle, players can clearly see Gorea produce a black vapor like substance around him that retreats into the air. Then we go on to completely annilate Gorea in both his phases. Lets rewind back to the vapor event. I believe he may have seperated himself at the very beginning of the battle with his Phase 1 form.

Gorea 03
"At first we thought Gorea was a comet. It crashed upon our planet and emerged as a vapor.

This is just to explain the evolution of Gorea, he goes from the form of a comet to a vapor then to his Alimbic form. What interests me is the vapor, as Gorea was once a vapor in his earlier days on Alinos (where he crashed at the Crash site in the comet form).

Gorea 05
"We have seen Gorea alter its atomic structure from a vapor to a solid. Our scientists believe Gorea may also possess other shape-changing abilities."

Okay so Gorea can alter his atomic structure. I notice that this lore says only from vapor to solid; however, in the first lore it says that Gorea was a believed to be a comet then was suddenly a vapor (this would suggest he can revert his atomic state back to vapor from solid). So since he is solid in his Alimbic Form, he can just as easily do what he did when he was a comet.

Well thats why I think Gorea seperated himself at the very beginning, changing a part of himself back into a vapor. Now, most will notice that the same black vapor appears over Gorea's shoulders when your inflicting damage to him. Well this is not self-enforced like the thing at the beginning. Also, since the black vapor appears when you damage Gorea, the black vapor produced at the beginning would be the same (due to the seperation of a peice of him, he would actually be making himself weaker).

Now some of you may be wondering, well what is Gorea gonna do as a vapor?

As I've addressed in the 2nd lore, he can alter his atomic state back into a solid form. On top of that, without the containment of the Sealed Sphere, Gorea would be at full power once again (like he was when he crippled the Alimbics) or perhaps half of the power since its only a part of Gorea.

In the final cutscene of Metroid Prime Hunters, players have seen the ancient being of Gorea explode and have seen the destruction of the Oubliette prison. As Samus escapes, we see the Oubliette falling apart all around and debris everywhere. Then as Samus's ship and the other hunters' escape, the Oubliette blows up and Samus enters a vision where the Alimbics seem to "thank her". Rewind.....to the time between Samus's ship escaping and the vision. Pay close attention to the bottom right corner of the top screen, and you should see a chunk of gray-colored matter pass by coming from the Oubliette as it collapses. Now this isn't debris, as no peice of the Oubliette complex is gray. The only thing in the Oubliette that was gray is the being Gorea in its phase 2 form.

If one analyizes the Gorea battles, you'll see that when Gorea regenerates its arms its head will produce those light red circles. Just in case you don't know, Gorea's phase 2 also does the same thing when teleporting around the arena. It's the creature's telepathic abilities copied from the Alimbics. Now back to that gray matter I mentioned escaping Oubliette, if Gorea can regenerate its arms with telepathy then it sure would be able to send out a telepathic vision to Samus Aran. Keep in mind too, that both the gray peice and her ship go off in the same direction. Gorea was only defeated in the Alimbic War because it was captured in the Seal Sphere and contained within Oubliette. It's clear that the Alimbics wanted no one to access the Oubliette, now this is the consequence to such an action...

Also, take a look after the vision. Samus nods her head accepting the Alimbics' thanks, but there's something else to the scene. She is in her armor again but take a look at how her ship continues on from there. It does the exact same flying action that it does in the scene where the ship is flying to the Alimbic Cluster. Samus is saying something by that action, she knows that something is still wrong in the region of the Tetra Galaxy. Yes, it says "Mission complete!" but that's because Samus got the Omega Cannon for the Galactic Federation, not because she defeated Gorea. Omega Cannon's capture mission? Complete. Gorea's destruction? Not yet.

Gorea is much more complex than fans may realize. In Alimbic Lore, it is said that Gorea copied the cell structures of the Alimbic. Gorea then gains their great minds, telepathy and intellect, and exoskeleton properties allowing the creature to survive on their harsh homeworlds. Now time to look at the cutscene where we see Gorea phase 1's interaction with the other hunters. Many fans just think Gorea absorbed the 6 hunters' respective weapons, but Gorea did much more than that. The being also copied each hunter's cell structure into memory due to the creature's color-changing features. If not, Gorea would be using the same functions for each hunter like Samus's subweapons do; however, Gorea uses the affinity versions of each hunter's respective subweapon. The hunters are the only beings with the that ability respectively. Keep in mind the abilities of each hunter goes deeper than their affinities.

Gorea enhances the weapons it gains from replicating the cell structures of these hunters. Yes, Samus will burn from getting hit by the Magmaul just as she would if hit by Spire; however, look at the Gorea's Magmaul impacts against the arena wall. You'll see smaller Magmaul bullets flying out from the fiery impact. Also Gorea can charge up the BattleHammer to produce an assualt of rapidly released explosives. The Shock Coil's reach goes out farther than with Sylux. The Volt Driver's charge rate has increased from Kanden's. The regular Judicator shoots in bursts of 3 when used by the menace where as with Noxus, it is only one bullet uncharged. With the Imperialist, the ability is harder to see besides the fact that Gorea's form of the weapon has a charge feature.

The thing that remains a constant though, is that Gorea's Armor color represents the weakness it currently has. Like how the weakness is the Shock Coil when the creature has blue armor using the Imperialist, then when it has red armor with the weakness as the Imperialist the being uses the Shock Coil. My point is there is an interaction between weakness and armor also weapon and armor. With that being said, when Gorea's armor is gray its weakness is the Omega Cannon...So what? The thing is that Gorea also has a armor relation here. At the beginning of the Gorea battles, Gorea's armor was black. This would mean that with that armor cell type active, Gorea would be using the Omega Cannon against Samus Aran. Where as with the gray armor, Gorea would be using the weaponry that would be the weakness to its black armor. The thing is, Gorea releases this armor cell make-up into the air as a black vapor before the showdown begins with the legendary Samus Aran. It's clear to me that Gorea's weapon is the Omega Cannon, and used it against the Alimbics during the Alimbic War (thus the view of abomination is set upon the weapon). Also, Gorea is the 7th new hunter featured in Metroid Prime Hunters...

Hunters of Hunters
  • Kanden--Volt Driver
  • Spire--Magmaul
  • Weavel--BattleHammer
  • Noxus--Judicator
  • Trace--Imperialist
  • Sylux--Shock Coil
  • Gorea--Omega Cannon

One more thing, the weapons that Gorea copies can't kill it. With that being said no weapon in the Alimbic Cluster can "kill" Gorea. In fact, Gorea doesn't even register as a "kill" within the enemy kill record, where as every other enemy does and doesn't count as a defeat like with the hunters. Also, in the final ending we see a gray object fly out from the Oubliette. This has to be a peice of Gorea phase 2, as no part of the Oubliette is gray at all. Don't forget, Gorea retains the cell make-up of each hunter besides Samus Aran herself.

"A large mushroom that explodes on contact, emitting noxious gas. Originating on Tallon IV, its spores can survive without atmosphere and have propagated throughout the galaxy on solar winds."


With that definition taking into account, and with the abilities of the Shock Coil. Gorea can absorb the life energy of the spores found throughout the Tetra Galaxy to replenish its own. Then, having the mental intellect of an Alimbic, it could possibly copy the cell structure of the BlastCap spores. Thus it could then reproduce itself in said form using the spore's ability to propagate, to restore itself to its former physical size in the beginning of the showdown with Samus Aran.

Now what about that black vapor that had the armor type that would use the Omega Cannon? That is the Omega Cannon and here's why. At the beginning of the phase 1 battle, Gorea releases the black vapor and it flows upward. How does Gorea get to the Oubliette room containing that weapon? By flying upward. Both the vapor and physical Gorea could gain access to the chamber, and there's a time difference in between arrivals. Plus, Alimbics know of extradimensional exploration (History 10). With that, the black vapor wouldn't have a problem accessing the chamber without the help of the 6 beam cannons stationed in the Phase 1 chamber. Being that the Black Armor would use a weapon that is the weakness of the Gray, the Omega Cannon would be able to damage the Phase 2 form of Gorea.

The Omega Cannon being the black vapor Gorea releases at the beginning is supported by this as well. Throughout the whole game, Samus Aran gets telepathic messages from the Alimbic Elders after collecting Octoliths in the form of text. Before the Gorea 2 battle, it says all Alimbic essence has left the Seal Sphere; however, it never said anything about the elders leaving the Octoliths. This Alimbic essence is that of regular Alimbic citizens under the elders. Making them weaker in the areas known for by the Alimbic people. Now with that being said, the telepathic message she is sent at the end is sent by 3 regular Alimbics. My point is that if an elder can't produce a vision to Samus Aran at close range with the Octolith, how can 3 regular Alimbics have such ability? Samus now has the Omega Cannon, that's why. Gorea's telepathic abilities within the cannon (being a form of that black vapor) strengthened Samus's telepathy allowing her to see a vision of thanks thinking Gorea was gone......

Gorea's powers are as follows.

1. Cellular Mimicking Abilities
Gorea 04
"Gorea mimicked our cellular structure and replicated itself in solid form."

2. Atomic Structure Changing Abilities
Gorea 05
"We have seen Gorea alter its atomic structure from a vapor to a solid. Our scientists believe Gorea may also possess other shape-changing abilities."

3. Shape-shifting Abilities
Gorea 06
"Gorea is capable of changing its shape, and it uses a wide variety of lethal weaponry."

4. Sight and Telepathy Weapon Copying
Gorea 09
"We deployed our deadliest weapons to defeat the beast. To our horror, every weapon was somehow used against us by Gorea."

5. Life Energy Absorbing/Gaining Power Properties
Alimbic War 04
"Gorea devoured our people's life energy and grew powerful from it. Death swept across our worlds, and we despaired."

6. Weapon Immunity
Alimbic War 03
"Gorea was immune to even our most sophisticated weaponry, while we were defenseless against its relentless attacks."

7. Telepathic Regeneration
Seen in the Gorea phase 1 boss battle, Gorea uses telepathic abilities (as seen by the red circles around Gorea's face region) to regenerate its arms.

8. Tenticle Weapon/ Ability Copying Abilities
The technique Gorea uses against the 6 bounty hunters within the first Gorea cutscene. It copies their respective subwaepons; however, it also gains their abilities with their subweapons (i.e. the Magmaul gaining the burning effect). If it did not gain each hunter's abilities then the subweapons would act like they do for Samus Aran.

Those are a few of Gorea's abilities, it has others but they're more easily spotted. Gorea was much more of a threat during the Alimbic War. Also I figured I would mention this as well, that there is a Clone Engine at the Vesper Defense Outpost. Gorea, back when it was still working, could've used this machine to make clones of itself as through the copying of the Alimbics' cell structure Gorea would've also gained their brains acquiring their knowledge. I, personally, think that the Gorea boss in Hunters isn't Gorea at all or at least not the one the Alimbics encountered (see above theories).


Samus and Sylux--Chozo relation

When I say Chozo related, I don't mean that they have shared experiences with the Chozo themselves (although according to scans in Metroid Prime and in a scene in Metroid Zero Mission in Chozodia when about to obtain the Gravity Suit, Samus clearly is involved with the Chozo more than just her armor and weaponry). Anyways, I've been thinking about a post I made recently on other sites...


Sylux has some similarities to Samus Aran as well. Both the Hunter Gunship and the Delano 7 are said to be influenced by the Galactic Federation in some way. Both hunters also feature neon-green on their respective suit and alternative form. Both the Morph Ball and Lockjaw as seen in Hunters, have a green orb in the center of the alt's armor plating. Not only that, but both Sylux and Samus seem to have a Command Visor and each can only lay 3 bombs while in alternative form.

I think both Sylux and Samus Aran have Chozo-ralated armor (of course Samus does  :P). If you remember each hunter was drawn to the Alimbic Cluster through a telepathic thread. It also says that the Galactic Federation has empaths that translated this message (keep in mind it's telepathic), and then lead to Samus Aran's mission in Hunters. Time to fast forward to the mission, where Samus herself is able to translate the Alimbic's messages (through the Octoliths) into easy to read english upon the radar screen. This makes me wonder, is it possible that the empaths and Samus Aran used the same technology? I think so, and I believe it deals with using Chozo technology. If this is the case, the Federation may have made some technology based upon the Chozo devices quite possibly leading to the designs for Sylux's Power Suit (that he later steals and crafts the Power Suit from the Federation's design notes). This would then explain all of the similarities Samus Aran with her Chozo Armor has with Sylux's Federation notes-based Power Suit.


If you look closely, Weavel's Power Suit has similar colors to that of the Chozo's Armor. Both having what looks like a greenish gray armor color. Not only that, but the armor design surrounding the neck region is very similar in both almost to the point of being identical. Weavel's abdominal armor also is similar to Samus's own Power Suit.

The two also have similar shoulder, boot, and leg designs.

Weavel, although only seen in Metroid Prime Hunters, has similar traits to the legendary Ridley. Ridley has been reconstructed before in the history of the Metroid series, and Weavel is reconstructed after his defeat against Samus Aran on Brinstar. Ridley has been seen to have a ship in Metroid Zero Mission; however, Weavel's ship was cut out of Metroid Prime Hunters though he has a hover bike featured in his intro segment. They both share the rank of Space Pirate general as well, and their major losses were due to an encounter against Samus Aran on Brinstar.

Weavel ,in contrast to the other 6 new bounty hunters featured in Metroid Prime Hunters, uses both the non-affinity and affinity form of his weapon of choice: the Battlehammer. While in biped form, Weavel fires out Battlehammer shots that produce a larger blast radius due to his affinity with the weapon. In the Half-Turret alternative form, the turret fires out Battlehammer shots that are not enhanced by Weavel's affinity of the weapon. This may suggest that there is a component in Weavel's gun that produces the characteristics of the affinity Battlehammer.

Weavel’s Half-Turret is pretty advanced as well. It can sense enemy presence within a set radius and fire non-affinity BattleHammer shots at them. Meanwhile, it even has a larger scanner radius when it comes to enemy fire to the turret. It senses the enemy’s location and fires at them. The HalfTurret, with its scanners, can be a threat near and far. The lower half also obviously contains a teleportation system or Weavel wouldn’t be able to get back into biped form since he leaves his lower half (the turret) behind.

Weavel’s Battlehammer allows him to perform various tasks. Players can bash other bounty hunters around with the powerful blasts of the affinity Battlehammer to prevent them from getting to their destinations which usually involves health. The affinity of the Battlehammer is great for Weavel to use in order to reach higher ground quickly, by performing specialized jumps with the weapon as a combination.

Weavel’s lethal life support suit has a few tricks itself. For one thing, its design is oddly familiar to that of a Chozo Power Suit. The suit has been seen to be equipped with two energy sythes, one being used while Weavel dishes out pain as the Half-Turret’s upper half and the other being a highly energized saber Weavel pulls out in his intro while in his biped form. When Weavel splits into the Half-Turret, the split can be used as a double-jump move. This increases Weavel’s advantage of reaching high ground quickly. Plus, even if Weavel’s lower half is destroyed, he can still wander about as the upper half and get health. Whats more interesting, is that Weavel can even regenerate his lower half and go back into biped form with 2 hp (not the 1).

“The Battlehammer is powered by a miniature nuclear reactor. This heavy-duty repeater is recommended only for those familiar with high-caliber weaponry.”

If you didn’t know yet, the Halfturret fires out non-affinity Battlehammer shots at Weavel’s enemies. Unlike the Battlehammer equipped into his gun, the HalfTurret shows an unlimited amount of ammo within both the single and multiplayer. As you can see by the lore, each Battlehammer is powered by a mini-nuclear reactor. Weavel’s lower half is practically a little nuclear battle station, with its unlimited Battlehammer ammo.

Weavel seems to display a suit upgrade in his intro segment in terms of his energy sythe. In gameplay, Weavel uses an energy sythe to cut down rival hunters when in his HalfTurret alternative form. There’s a difference between the two though, as the HalfTurret’s upper half uses an energy sythe that can only be used while the upper half performs a flipping action. Meanwhile, in the intro, Weavel can simply pull out an energy sythe without any work. The hand/arm designs between Weavel’s biped and alternative form are also different in looks and purpose for their respective form. Not only that, but the energy sythe in the intro is seen to be either energized by or producing sparks (as orange lightning-like energy is seen surrounding the energy sythe).

Lore from Prime....
Hunter Weapons:
Science Team is attempting to reverse-engineer Samus Aran's arsenal, based off of data acquired from her assaults on our forces. Progress is slow, but steady. Command would dearly enjoy turning Aran's weapons against her. We believe we can implement Beam weapon prototypes in three cycles. Aran's Power Suit technology remains a mystery, especially the curious Morph Ball function. All attempts at duplicating it have ended in disaster: four test subjects were horribly broken and twisted when they engaged our Morph Ball prototypes. Science Team wisely decided to move on afterward.

Here's your Prime connection.  Weavel's suit looks similar to that of Samus's Suit design, just look at his suit's shoulder pad and the abdomen region compared to Samus's suit. Keep in mind, Weavel is introduced in Metroid Prime Hunters which occurs after the events of Metroid Prime when these experiments were introduced in a lore. Weavel also can turn into an alternative form, like Samus has the morph ball. Weavel's split into HalfTurret form also is similar to Samus's double jump ability. Of course, the lore mentions prototypes. As we can Weavel's health is split in half when he goes into HalfTurret, so it isn't perfect.

Weavel wields a secondary weapon in the Gorea 1 cutscene. Unlike the Battlehammer, this weapon fires off like a machine gun as players can see bullet shells flying out the side of his gun and produces an impact blast similar to that of the non-affinity BattleHammer. Weavel, like Sylux, hates Samus due to being a Space Pirate and having to be put into a life support suit to survive after their past skirmish on Brinstar. Weavel may have wanted the ultimate power to become the high authority of the Space Pirate legions but he wanted revenge on Samus Aran for the wounds she left him. He is also a special operations Space Pirate.


Sylux is from the planet Cylosis, and is of an unknown race. Sylux is great threat to the Galactic Federation, as he seems to have some knowledge of the layout of the Federation. Sylux is accused of stealing federation technology on multiple accounts; however he has only been guilty of the stealing of the Shock Coil weaponry. His suit is based off federation property, but it was made out of their hands. His alternative form, the Lockjaw, and his fighter-ship, the Delano 7, are both believed to be of Galactic Federation origin. No one knows why the hunter, Sylux, expresses so much animosity toward the Federation and their assistant, Bounty Hunter Samus Aran, since his past is covered by a blanket of mystery. Being an expert tracker, only makes matters worse for Sylux's advertisaries.

The Lockjaw is the alternative form of Sylux. As said earlier, it is believed to be made up of federation technology. The Lockjaw can lay down electrical trip-wires to set up ambushes on opposing arrogant hunters. The wires can also be chained, to inflict a load of damage on those who may step in its deadly trap. A triangle wire is the top of the line for the lockjaw's offensive capabilities, the closer to the opponent the triangle is weaved the greater the chance of getting a one hit kill. The unique wire system can also be used for hovering in gravity courses and flying in low-gravity areas; however, the Lockjaw does have a limit so be cautious when flying/hovering.

Delano 7:
The blue-green battle air-craft of the hunter Sylux, is a major annoyance. It is believed to be a stolen prototype of federation origin. The ship has an auto-target turret located on its under belly; consequently, it has a slow fire rate. The turret can also be disabled for a few seconds due to several blasts of weapon fire, thanks to a flaw in the Delano 7's design. The Delano 7 also emits a dark-blue smoke from its boosters, it can also be commanded to assist Sylux in times of crisis.

Shock Coil:
The Shock Coil is a federation weapon, that is useful in close quarters combat. Due to its homing feature, aiming is a sinch with the coil. While Sylux uses the Shock Coil, he is able to leech the health from his foes while replenishing his own. The Shock Coil is a second health pick-up to Sylux, and allows him to stay in the fray for longer periods than most hunters. Be warned, when "locked" the shock coil in Sylux's hands can be the most deadly weapon known to the galaxy.

Sylux is an expert tracker, who contains a deep hatred toward the Galactic Federation and all of its relations. Sylux's intro just clarifies how much he actually hates the Federation. We can clearly see him smashing the Trooper into the ground, with tremendous force. Now Cervial made an interesting discovery, there is a green flash as Sylux lands a top the ill-fated Trooper. I agree with his theory on the Delano 7 playing a role in the assualt upon the Trooper; however, I believe Sylux caused the fatal crushing blow. So I've began to search for how Sylux is capable of such an attack.

As I said earlier, I believe the Delano 7 played a role in the attack on the Trooper. As the explosion occurs, we see a green flash. The impact also produces a blue-colored shock wave, similar to the missile weaponry of the Delano 7. With that being said, I believe the intro attack was two-sided. The attack was a combo of Sylux and the Delano 7's weaponry in my opinion.

Now how did Sylux perform such an impact?

It obviously wasn't the weaponry of the Delano 7. The missiles (as seen in the Weapons Complex encounter) were not seen to be capable of an explosion of that size or force. Now, on the other hand, Sylux does have something that could explain the deadly impact. This is his weapon: The Shock Coil.

Sylux (Bioform Lore):
"This hunter's power suit appears to be based on a federation prototype and possesses extraordinary offensive and defensive capabilities. Sylux's weapon is the Shock Coil, a banned technology that fires charged blasts of high-density neutrinos."

I'm only addressing the 2nd sentence of the Sylux lore. It says that the Shock Coil is a banned technoloy that fires charged blasts of high-density neutrinos. High Density has the potential to also equal a high mass; however, the volume of the neutrinos within the Shock Coil plays a large role in the mass.

Ex 1:

For the first example, I will be using a low volume (0.001 cm^3) for the Neutrinos, and a density of 10,000 for each of the examples. By the way, ^3 is a substitute I'm using for a "cubed" value.

M=D x V  (D=M/V---->V=M/D----->M=D x V)

M=10,000 x 0.001

M=10 grams

As you can see, even if the neutrinos do have a high density their overall mass is heavily effected by the volume. Keep in mind though, .001 cubic centimeters is tiny, so a mass of 10 grams is quite high for something that small. Now this is just an example, but you can see how high density gives the object a high mass for its volume (no matter what it is).

The Shock Coil is seen to expand itself though. When not in range of life-forms or mechanical objects, the Shock Coil appears to just be a small cluster of electrical energy at the end of Sylux's arm cannon. On the other hand, it increases in size when it attracts to an object. As it increases in size, the amount of space the Coil takes up also increases. In other words, both the size and volume of the neutrinos will increase.

Ex. 2

This time I'll be using a higher volume of 0.5 cubic centimeters (.5^3), while still using the 10,000 for density.

M=D x V

M=10,000 x .5

M=5000 grams

As you can see, as volume increases so does the mass of the neutrinos. In other words, when the Shock Coil expands the neutrinos increase in mass and volume. Now, I know Sylux's Shock Coil isn't expanded (considering the distance and range of the Shock Coil). This would mean that the neutrinos would retain their same mass and volume. The thing is though, Sylux's Power Suit has the Shock Coil flowing through the whole suit (as in the single player, he has it automatically equipped). Here's why:

When the Shock Coil is used by Sylux, it connects to prey when they're within range and absorbs their health. This absorbtion then replenishes Sylux's own health. The Shock Coil is the thread for the health that returns to Sylux.....

--------=Shock Coil*
Red color= loss of health

Shock Coil Affinity Diagram:



If the Shock Coil was only stationed in the arm cannon of Sylux, the health would have no means to reach the rest of the body. Of course, his suit helps him harness the drained health; however, its the Shock Coil that contains the health energy. In other words, Sylux's whole Power Suit has technology to help regulate a Shock Coil network.

There is also some visual evidence that Sylux performed the impact, and it occurs within the intro. The explosion and debris clear, and Sylux starts whipping his arms around in a form of intimidation. Then, he roars with an electronic voice. I think that may be due to the theory of his Power Suit flowing with the Shock Coil at all times. Anyways, look at the screen when he roars. If you look hard enough you can see an energy wave pulsing through the air around Sylux as he roars. This energy could easily have been stored within Sylux allowing him to smash the Trooper, as well as the mass of the Shock Coil's neutrinos.

Hunters Con't


Sylux should have the ability to absorb the energy within his Delano 7 with the Shock Coil to strengthen himself. It may say that the Shock Coil fires a concentrated beam of high density neutrinos; however, I believe the Shock Coil is actually a beam of energy (as in the thing the scan talks about) as well.

Now this may sound crazy, but there's somethings that need to be considered. When a hunter dies in the multiplayer, they release a blue figure that's ghost-like. To me, that seems to be the hunter's last amount of energy; however, not enough to suit a hunter's life thus causing it to vanish. Also the Shock Coil replenishes energy when being used by Sylux in regards to his health. In other words, the Shock Coil has to be carrying energy to Sylux. In terms of the Shock Coil with the other hunters, it does bring in energy to them but in a different way. As the Shock Coil increases its time attached to a being, it begins to drain faster and faster. This can be considered an enhancement to the Shock Coil's technology, as it clearly drains a target's energy; however, it's an enhancement to alien technology not a hunter's health (also composed of energy).

Shock Coil Diagram:
Sylux (energy-health)

Other Hunters (energy-enhancement to alien technology)

Insider Look

Due to the game's unique features and character traits, the hunters of MPH aren't anything recolored in different designs which is a usual standard in most first person games dealing with a multiplayer that has intense shooting elements. For example, the LockJaw is said to be made of Federation prototype technology according to the respective scan. Well guess what? Unlike the Morph Ball, the LockJaw's bombs have the tendency to give out if they're being overused for things like Wire Hovering and they can't be obtained till a little bit after due to being a consequence of overuse. This also applies to the prototype thing since that is a flaw in its design, especially if the wires give out when one's wire hovering in the low-gravity of space when combating on Headshot. Then there's Weavel, who was badly wounded on Brinstar after a near fatal battle with the legendary Samus Aran. Well just look at what he's able to due because of it, he can split his body in two; however, being wounded has its scars as Weavel's energy is also halved. Then Spire comes to mind having physical traits similar to compounds found within a planet's core, and one of his abilities is to walk through lava without taking damage. Now let me take you to Kanden's being who appears to be surrounded by a distortion field, now that right there goes hand and hand with how the Volt Driver affinity as him is distortion of visor systems. Time for Noxus to shine with his living on the harsh cold climate planet of Vho and with his superb insulation properties, this is reason why when he used the Judicator that he can freeze foes due to insulating the harsh extremes of Vho and incorperating it into the weapon's own abilities. Trace of the Krikens is known for having a not-so durable exoskeleton; therefore, this is why he uses the sniping weaponry of the Imperialist and uses cloaking devices in both of his forms. I can't leave Samus Aran out of the picture, the missiles she uses in Hunters are like a fusion of the normal missiles she normally uses meanwhile it's also like her Super Missile Beam Combo from Metroid Prime. Guess what? Since Hunters is the only Metroid game to feature missile ammo in that design it's clear that it's Alimbic Technology and also reveals the possibility that the Chozo's Missile Launcher/Super Missile Beam Combo is based off of it.

To be honest, I could post more on the connections to each hunter and how strong the links are in relation to other game elements. Needless to say, some of their actions in the story and where some of the settings of said actions open the character depth within Hunters to levels high above with which one will see the game from first glance. Such as this. Due to Sylux's hatred and thrist to end Samus's life, he calls in the Delano 7 strike fighter into his encounter with Samus Aran in the Weapons Complex sector of the Vesper Defense Outpost. Then there's Weavel, who's battle takes place within the Echo Hall. Now take a look at the intro scene for Samus Aran and take a look at Metroid Prime 2: Echoes's Pirate Grenader enemy. Now realize that each army of Space Pirates within a Prime Trilogy game has had a leader....I think you've gotten the message I'm sending. The fact that Trace and Noxus are battling at the Sic Transit area, goes to show that Noxus is all justice as he is fighting against a member of a race known for their invasions of planets. Now what's ironic about Kanden is the Data Shrine he's located in when we face him, and that's the fact that the Alimbic's anthropological hub lies there. What's so important you ask? This is why it's important: anthropological.

I wonder why they weren't included, maybe so that Samus wouldn't out shine the new hunters unique abilities. For one thing, the Space Jump (which is like a double-jump type move according to Prime's gameplay) can be seen with Weavel's arsenal of abilities. Players can jump as Weavel, then split into alternative form to perform a second jump similar to Samus's Space Jump upgrade. Not to mention the Quad Jump technique, which can allow Weavel to gain elevation quickly.

As for your Spider Ball, the Dialanche's ability to climb walls and such is very similar to the overall concept of Samus's Spider Ball upgrade. It may not use magnetism to roll up metal tracks, but it doesn't have its "climbing" ability confined like the Spider Ball in Prime, Echoes, and Corruption.

Not to mention, the Spazer Beam is seen to have an influence over the Judicator. When charged by someone other than Noxus and released, it fires 3 bullets simultaneously. If you want the Spring Ball, take a look at Spire and Samus's intro cutscene, they both use that upgrade or something similar. As the Dialanche hurls down the cliff face, it is seen to jump to crush the 2nd rock and jumps into the air where Spire then transforms into biped form. Samus, in the brawl against the Space Pirate, morphs into Morph Ball form then launches up into the air. Spring Ball is seen in MPH as well as the characteristics of the Spazer Beam.

These aren't the only things that show upgrades or past upgrade influences within Hunters....

Super Missiles in MPH

Super Missiles are one of Samus’s most lethal weaponry. In Super Metroid, they appear faster than normal missiles and can cause various environmental effects as well as being able to destroy specific enemies. In Metroid Prime, the Super Missile is used in the form of a deadly beam combo. The Super Missiles seem to be seen as Samus’s affinity in Metroid Prime Hunters. Like Prime’s Super Missiles, there is a stronger version of the missiles featured in MPH that can be created by holding down the fire button (similar to how players must hold down the button for beams then press the missile button to unleash the Super Missile combo in Prime). Samus’s affinity, which is seen in the Super Missile Combo, allows her missiles to home in on their target and both require larger amounts of missile ammo to perform.

There are several differences between the Super Missile beam combo and Samus’s affinity. The Super Missile beam combo changes the color of the missile from a mostly blue color to a golden yellow color; however, the same color is used in Metroid Prime Hunters for both her affinity and her normal missiles. Being a beam combo, the Super Missile combo uses both the Power Beam and Missiles for the lethal missile unlike Samus’s affinity.

The term, Super Missile, fits Samus’s missile affinity in Metroid Prime Hunters more than the term Homing Missile. The Super Missile term addresses both the increased power and homing ability of Samus’s missile affinity (like in Metroid Prime). On the other hand, the term Homing Missile fails to address the increased power of the missile affinity. Anyways, doesn’t a Super Missile sound better than a Homing Missile?

Hunter Upgrades

During the actual gameplay of Metroid Prime Hunters it seems that none of the hunters obtain upgrades in the game. When players take a deeper look into the game towards the many cutscenes, upgrades begin to reveal themselves. All the 6 new hunters have gained a weapon upgrade by the events that take place in Oubliette and in the first Gorea cutscene (the scene where the weapons are shown), so all of them have at least one upgrade in the game.


Sylux seems to have an upgrade within his arsenal when he crushes the Galactic Federation Trooper; whether it be a Power Suit or Delano 7 upgrade. In terms of a Power Suit upgrade, Sylux has gained the ability to perform a violent crushing attack that is only seeen in that cutscene. In terms of a Delano 7 upgrade, the prototype ship gained the ability to shoot a type of green laser (as right upon impact there is a green flash, thanks goes to Cervial for pointing it out) as it never has such an ability during the Weapons Complex skirmish (the ship is seen firing light blue projectile weaponry from its autocannons).

Sylux’s Delano 7 seems to have another upgrade when it is seen flying over the Alimbic Gardens room on Alinos. Players can clearly see that when the Delano 7 takes flight from the Weapons Complex room, there apprears to be no flames or smoke emitting from boosters just a take-off sound. In the Alimbic Gardens scene, the Delano 7 seems to have gained a smoke bomb upgrade to the booster area of the ship as players can see a trail of smoke coming from the Delano 7.


Weavel seems to display a suit upgrade in his intro segment in terms of his energy sythe. In gameplay, Weavel uses an energy sythe to cut down rival hunters when in his HalfTurret alternative form. There's a difference between the two though, as the HalfTurret's upper half uses an energy sythe that can only be used while the upper half performs a flipping action. Meanwhile, in the intro, Weavel can simply pull out an energy sythe without any work. The hand/arm designs between Weavel's biped and alternative form are also different in looks and purpose for their respective form. Not only that, but the energy sythe in the intro is seen to be either energized by or producing sparks (as orange lightning-like energy is seen surrounding the energy sythe).

Kanden is seen to have some upgraded abilities in his intro as well. For one thing, he appears to be using a boost ball upgrade as he is seen glowing and moving at increased speeds as his StingLarva lays down the lethal yellow bomb cord. This bomb cord is then the other upgraded ability, as we see the Stinglarva releasing deadly homing tail bombs during gameplay. That is nothing compared to the power of that yellow bomb cord Kanden used to destroy that laboratory.

Trace has an upgraded imperialist when we run into Noxus for the first time at Sic Transit. When Trace does that odd screech, the upgraded imperialist can be seen a moment afterward. Unlike in other moments of the game where Trace only fires out one of the lethal red lasers, this time he fires off many in rapid session. This suggests that there is a more powerful version of the Imperialist in the universe crafted by Metroid Prime Hunters.


In Metroid Zero Mission and in Super Metroid, the Gravity Suit offered Samus the ability to walk in lava without taking damage. In Metroid II: Return of Samus, Samus was first able to use the Spider Ball upgrade, which is later used to climb up on Spider Ball tracks in the Prime Trilogy games. These abilities are both similar to Spire's own techniques. The Dialanche is similar to the Spider Ball in that it can climb up objects such as walls during gameplay. Spire's own physical composition is like the Gravity Suit in that he can go without taking damage while roaming through lava (in relation to Super Metroid and Metroid Zero Mission).

I think Spire may have relations to the Bryyians (former inhabitants of Bryyo), and that they may indeed be the very thing he searches for. It's common for people or other races to call a not well-known people by the name of their planet (similar to how we have the term martians with the whole Mars has life forms thing), which is what I think was used in the inhabitants of Bryyo's case. The people of the planet obviously dealt with fuel gel which has similar traits to lava and we can see that they constructed war machines made out of rock in regards to the War Golems found across the terrain. My theory is that these people are the Diamont race associated with Spire. I think that, due to having Chozo connections, the Diamonts (assuming that they are the race that inhabited Bryyo) were given information on how to construct a Power Suit or a Varia Suit. In Bryyo Ice, we see a statue of a Bryyian leader holding the Screw Attack and then we see a Chozo statue accepting it (this is just how I saw it). Perhaps, they gave the Chozo the version of the Screw Attack found in the Prime games and then received payment from the Chozo with their knowledge on suits and morph ball technology (after all, I believe it was stated in a lore that the Chozo shared their knowledge with a great number of beings).

Analysis of this creature's physiology indicates the presence of molten ferrous compounds normally found only in a planet's core. Spire is armed with the Magmaul, a weapon that lobs cohesive bursts of superheated magma."

Spire's alternative form is the Dialanche, a hypercondensed ferrous orb able to roll at high speeds. The Dialanche is equipped with two retractable titanium limbs used to batter adversaries."

Spire, in Dialanche form, appears to have more underneath that rocky appearence. When players use the alternative form attack, they can clearly see Spire is a gold yellowish spiky orb in the alternative form. I think that is the true suit of Spire, except it's in a compacted into an orb. Keep in mind, if the Diamonts were given knowledge of Morph Ball technology by the Chozo they may have incorporated such a design in their own armor (which is what I think they did). Also the Diamonts (if they were the inhabitants of the planet Bryyo) also appeared to have been the creators of the Screw Attack, which has similar dynamics to that of the Dialanche's titanium blade attack. Both attack in a rotating motion, so I thought they were similar. Plus, in Spire's intro while in Dialanche form, he's seen using something similar to Corruption's Spring Ball technique to break the rocks on the cliff. I think that Spire has two types of armor in Hunters. One being the golden yellow, and the other being the rocky armor. Another similarity Spire has with Bryyo, is that the Reptilian Hunters also have a spiky-appearence in regards to their back region as does Spire (for the most part).

Bryyo Lore

"The Hunted
The Primals crafted new magics to protect their warriors, and sent them into the burning wastelands to hunt the Lords of Science hiding there. Though we tried to avoid conflict, many Science Lords were found and ended by Primal war bands. I was but the sole survivor, the last remaining Lord of Science. In order to protect myself, I adopted the wisdom once shared by the Chozo. I merged the ways of the new--science--with the ways of old--magic. I built mighty Mogenars out of stone, and placed them outside the walls of my home, there to silently protect me from all enemies."

According to the lore, the Primals used magic to protect their warriors; however, it then mentions that they were sent into burning wastelands. I believe this magic was also used on Spire (if he is indeed a former inhabitant of Bryyo and that the planet's inhabitants are the Diamonts he searches for as a bounty hunter), and was once a member of the Primal group. This magic may have been used to protect the Primal forces from the flames that engulfed the wastelands. As we know, Spire is also protected from the lava found in terrains. Both Primal forces and Spire were protected from heat-based terrain.

"Our Plea
...Fleeing would only drive them to pursue us to no end, and they would show no mercy to either one of us once caught. I had no other choice except to stand my ground while the prophetess fled to safety. With her I sent my records of the past, in hopes they both find sanctuary. You now read my last words, etched in stone and placed by the prophetess. We speak to you from beyond the grave, to plead with you...Save our world from the starborne plague...."

The Phophetess was never stated to be dead, and as far as we know is still alive somewhere in the vast Metroid universe (she was also stated to be a young Primal when her master saved her). She seemed to have been able to make it to safety too, or she would not have been able to place the lore across the planet Bryyo. This may be the key person Spire is searching for as it seems she's the only original inhabitant of Bryyo that is still alive. Also if those are the master's last words (the Last Science Lord), he is speaking in relation to the dead Bryyians when he used "We". As he suffered the assualt of the Primals, and the phophetess fled. The two seemed to never have met again, so he wouldn't know if she died or not (which doesn't seem to be the case).

"Reptilicus Hunter
...They have adapted to the harsh climates of Bryyo, and are quite resistant to Feul Gel and heat-based attacks."

The Reptilicus clearly weren't original inhabitants of Bryyo, or they wouldn't need to adapt to the planet's climates. They are the inhabitants of Bryyo after the fall of the original Bryyians, which I think is still just a name of the race there based on the planet not the actual race that once was dominant on Bryyo.

Species: Diamont
Origins: Mondreus"

I also think Spire's origin refers to a region on Bryyo, instead of an actual planet. Something similar to the origin of Kanden, where it stated "A sinister laboratory" which is a place compared to an actual planet. If one looks at that Bryyian statue in the area of Bryyo where you first land, to me, it seems very similar to how Spire looks but has a few differences.


Lore: Kanden
"A disruptive electromagnetic field appears to surround the hunter Kanden. Analysis suggests voltage potential comparable to that found in lightning storms. Kanden carries the Volt Driver, which is capable of a charged blast that can disrupt the Combat Visor."

Lore Ex:
Looking at the lore, it may suggest that Kanden may be able to cause power outages using his electro feild, however, I believe he controls the field through the use of the Volt Driver (which would explain why Kanden's VD causes distortion).

Lore: StingLarva
"Bioengineered with genetic material from the galaxy's most dangerous predatory insects, Kanden can transform into the StingLarva. This fast-moving segmented insect has a detachable regenerating tail that homes in on its target before exploding."

Lore Ex:
The only metroid insect (that I know of) that may have been used to create Kanden is the War Wasp. In MPH, we see that there are multiple species of War Wasp (5 total, including War Wasp Queen). Therefore, the Kanden we see in MPH may be at its beginning evolution stage (hints the name StingLarva for alt. form). Now I don't know if War Wasps go from egg to larva to adult, but I do know they've gone through evolutionary changes to suit a specific need. In other words, Kanden may go through adaptations/mutations in the future. *I do not know the insects used to create Kanden, I only picked a known lethal insect as an ex.*

Lore: Volt Driver
"The Volt Driver draws energy from the planetary electromagnetic field and converts it into multi-terawatt bursts of high voltage."

Lore Ex:
The Volt Driver gets its power from the e.magnetic field of a planet. Earlier, I said the field of Kanden is channeled through the Volt Driver thus giving it the distortion trait. What about the homing VD feature of Kanden? I believe it is caused by the combining of the 2 e.mag fields.

Manual: Kanden
"A lab experiment gone awry, Kanden was created to be the ultimate soldier, immortal and relentless. He is a ferocious, deadly and dangerously unpredictable Hunter. To prove himself as the finest bounty hunter of them all, he now seeks to attain the ultimate power."

Manual Ex:
1.  Kanden was meant to be the ultimate soldier, things went wrong in his making.
2.  Kanden is unpredictable not insane. If he was insane, would he have been able to track Samus's Warp Sig and help the hunters free Gorea from his immobile casing? No.
3. His mission: Gain the ultimate power to become the greatest bounty hunter.
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Alimbic and Chozo Similarities

In a lore from Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, it states that the first Elysian was created around 1,400 years ago. The Chozo seem to be made out to be the oldest race in the Metroid universe, perhaps due to their role in regards to Samus and the locations of the missions. And as everyone should know, the Elysians were created by the hands of the Chozo race. Taking a look at the Alimbics, it is stated that Almiiak brought the Alimbic people to victory in the Tetra Border Wars about 2,000 years ago. Keep in mind, time has passed between the missions of Hunters and Corruption. However, there is a chance that these lores were written long ago as well. This would then throw a loop at which one is the older of the two. It seems that the Chozo are more advanced than the Alimbic race; however, it says in the Hunters manual that the Alimbics probably disappeared around several thousand years ago. At the time, the Alimbics were probably the most advanced. Also it's debatable that the Elysians and the Sky Town complex were made off of the Alimbic's Celestial Archive and Guardian works. The descendent of the Chozo and the First, even has the ability to transfer its memory into a databank on Elysia. That sounds similar to how the Alimbics could transfer their essences.

They also both have created their own respective creatures: Quadtroids and Metroids. If Metroid translates into "ultimate warrior" according to the Chozo, then I guess Quadtroid would mean "4 warriors" or "4th warrior" in the Chozo terms. Take this to mind. If the Infant Metroid is included, the Gamma Metroid is the 4th evolution of the Metroid species. If not included, it's the Zeta Metroid. Both forms have 4 limbs and so does the Quadtroid species. Not only that, but like the Zeta Metroid, the Quadtroid also features a leech-like mouth. I believe that the Quadtroid, like the Celestial Archives and Guardians in relation to Sky Town and the Elysians, came before the Chozo's creation of the Metroid. Also there is some other interesting things dealing with the Quadtroid as well.

Genetically engineered from leech and reptile DNA, this creature can crawl on almost any surface. The Quadtroid seeks sources of biological energy. The use of a Morph Ball Bomb is the only method to break free of its grasp."

Being made from leech DNA, just goes with my words relating to the Zeta Metroid earlier. Now time to address the reptile DNA. Reptiles as we know have the ability to lay eggs like snakes and alligators. What do we know that lays eggs in regards to Metroids? The Metroid Queen itself, has the ability to produce eggs of Metroids. It is very possible that Quadtroids can also produce eggs of their species, thus sharing an ability with the highest Metroid evolution.

I also think the Alimbics may have helped with the design of Samus's own Chozo Armor. In the Gorea 2 enemy scan, it states that Gorea actually is wearing armor. Now since you know that Gorea is wearing armor, take a look at its phase 1 form. If you look closely, Gorea's shoulder designs look very similar to the Varia Suit's shoulder designs in the Prime Trilogy. Something else to consider is that Gorea also has "arm cannons". The Chozo Armor allows Samus Aran to use any weapon that she obtains due to the armor's adaptation properties, same thing goes for Gorea's armor. When Gorea absorbed the weapons of the 6 hunters, its armor adapted to using the weaponry hence the color change and the reason why it uses their affinity weapons (where as Samus, not obtaining the subweapons from the hunters, doesn't use the weapons at their affinity level). When Gorea was zapped by the Alimbic lasers stationed in the arena, we later see that the armor has changed to a gray format. This is kinda of like how the suit upgrades are shown in the 2-D games of the series, perhaps due to a reaction with the lasers similar to how the Chozo Armor reacted to an overload of Phazon in Metroid Prime giving birth to the Phazon Suit.

How do I know that Gorea's armor is one of Alimbic craft? It states that Gorea emerged as a vapor after its crash landing upon Alinos, and then later changed its cell structure to resemble that of the Alimbics. There is one thing left though, Gorea likely copied their armor as well and thus is the form we see (not the Alimbic figures we see in the vision in the final cutscene). It can change shape after all. In other words, Gorea possibly morphed from regular Alimbic (like in the final ending) into an armored one. Some more reasoning I have that the Alimbics helped with Samus's own suit is that they are the creators of the Universal Ammo, which is basically what Samus's suit can do when it gets new weapons in the form of a compacted green crystal-like pickup.

I was hanging out in the Vesper Defense Outpost, and decided to explore around a bit. I ended up to traveling to the Cortex CPU area of the station, to see what could be found there. Anyways, what I found was a cool little tease I thought. Everyone knows that room where you get the BattleHammer, right? Anyways, it's accessed through the long tunnel at the top of the morph ball area that makes up most of the Cortex CPU area (where you take multiple jump-pads to the top trying to avoid those green lasers).

Moving on you'll pass a wierd damaged thing as you make your way to the room where you obtained the BattleHammer (the substance within the damaged structure looks similar to a brain to me, and has that space wind blowing at it making it look even creepier). In the BattleHammer room, you'll notice in the center of the room a scan that addresses this brain-like substance within a glass containment object.

"Cortex Chamber
Controls the entire neural ensemble by processing input from the thalamic coil."

neural=Of or relating to a nerve or the nervous system.
ensemble=A unit or group of complementary parts that contribute to a single effect
thalamic=of or relating to the thalamus
thalamus=Anatomy. the middle part of the diencephalon through which sensory impulses pass to reach the cerebral cortex.
diencephalon=the posterior section of the forebrain.
posterior=situated behind or at the rear of

In other words, the Cortex Chamber is like the controlling unit of what happens in the Cortex CPU. This is a tease because it seems like Mother Brain under goes the same role in relation to Tourian, could be wrong though. I consider it a tease that's suppose to symbolize MB, as it has similar attributes to the mechanism. Well that's what I think about that detail located in the VDO, you can form your own judgement on it. I just thought I would point that out.

I don't know if I mentioned this or not, but it's also ironic how the BattleHammer (a Space Pirate weapon) is located in the same room upon first visit. To add, a Quadtroid (regarding first visits) is first seen in the Cortex CPU area as well. That's really suggestive of Mother Brain but in Alimbic terms.

It seems the Chozo and Alimbics met up at one point. If you look at one of the Alimbic writings in the Combat Hall area (near the Alimbic Cannon Control Room door), it seems like the Alimbics had their written language impacted by the Chozo. In fact, it's behind that "liquid" image thing as well like the Chozo Lore found in Metroid Prime. Most characters are similar too, at least to me.

The Power Suit seems to be adaptable to any weapon that it obtains, making the suit universal in that regard. We have seen it use the Dark Beam to the Wide Beam to the Nova Beam; adapting to each one without flaw. The Alimbics have crafted a smaller scale version of such a great gift in the form of their own Universal Ammo (since it only appears in the Tetra Galaxy, it's likely that the ammo was crafted by the Alimbic people).

"Small UA Pack
Replenishes 10 rounds of Universal Ammo. Morphing UA contains munitions nanotechnology engineered for instant adaptation to almost any weapon, altering caliber and composition at the molecular level to match the ballistic specifications of the host weapon."

I just found this out a short time ago myself. I thought the Chozo were the only race to be known for creating something that can apply to the universe's weapons with their Chozo Armor that Samus Aran wears, but now it looks like the Alimbics did the same thing in regards to their Universal Ammo.

The Statis Bunker area is very similar to the Metroid containment areas in both the Research Vacilities in Prime and the area within Sky Town in Corruption. The Guardians were contained in glass-like structures filled with a liquid substance (as players can see bubbles in the containment chambers). This added to the creepy and eerie atmosphere that was given off by the Celestial Archives, with the suspense of a Guardian breaking out of containment and attacking. The Guardians were unique though, in that they had different weaponry that they used against Samus Aran in the attack. The Guardian Containment areas within the Statis Bunker was only a trait of the Vesper Defense Outpost. Also the Guardians are similar to the Elysians, as their creators (Alimbic, Chozo) left them in charge of their respective domains when they left.

The Torizo are statue-like mechanisms the Chozo designed to protect their sacred items (i.e. like the Morph Ball Bombs and Screw Attack in Super Metroid). They've also been seen to aid Samus Aran as well. Like in Metroid Prime, when the Torizo statues of the Artifact Temple fired lasers upon Meta Ridley and when the Torizo in Super Metroid led you through the "spiky" floor of an area found within the Wrecked Ship, bringing Samus closer to obtaining the Gravity Suit. In the meantime, the Alimbics have the mechanisms, Slench and Cretaphid, that look over their sacred artifacts: the Octoliths. Although the Slench and Cretaphid don't look like the Alimbics, they still have the "swirly" pattern known as an Alimbic "fingerprint" upon their design. The Cretaphid, like the Torizo of the Artifact Temple, also feature lasers to use against their enemies.

Mother Brain is the Space Pirate mechanism shown in Metroid Zero Mission, Metroid, and Super Metroid. It has overlooked the operations at the Zebes base, and is stationed there. The Mother Brain shares similar attributes with the Slench as well. Both use turrets to aid them in their respective arenas, and both remain stationary for most of their boss fights. The Slench uses a generated shield for protection while the Mother Brain uses a glass containment, which unlike the Slench's shield, can be destroyed.
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