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I have a feeling SM:Aegis will be completed soon, after waiting for 8 years, we can wait atleast 8 more, you just have to believe.
When the project was started I was a young boy living with my mother, now I'm a grown up man still living my mother but I haven't lost faith.
Now if you don't mind I will be busy checking the 1374 unread posts.
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Poision Envy: 2016-03-15 08:28:02 pm
Club 27 Goals
hey remember how they said it was like 95% complete back in 2009 and only needed some music?

el oh el
Club 27 Goals
I'm sorry but as a general rule if an indie game doesn't even have a solid demo a YEAR after development, let alone 2, or even EIGHT in this case, it's dead. Like it's nice to have some hope that it might be done, but it's not something to hold your breath for. There's plenty of good alternatives these days
Not impossible
just highly unlikely
What the fuck is SM:Aegis and why the fuck does a game that doesn't exist need it's own thread?
Club 27 Goals
yes please use the official SM:Aegis thread

Not impossible
just highly unlikely
I'm locking this shit because I'm a mean old grump.