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Well, your tags didn't work, but refrain from using them for your entire post in the future anyway. It's usually just an annoyance.
hey everyone! Im Andeh,  not a speed runner or sequence breaker but im a very big metroid fan,  Ive watched almost every speed run on the site,  im downloading the fusion speed run by DaveB right now.
If I had the patience I would certinly try a speed run of my own but theres no point really :)  ive no hope of beating anyone here :P

anyway.  Nice to meet you all, hope to see some even faster speed runs in future!
Hi, I'm zeffie, I like cookies, how about you? I'm sort of new, say about 3 months? ;p Pass the leetsauce please. :)
Hi, I'm Aran... and I'm new... well, not to metroid, just to this site. Wink  and uh... nothing else really. ^_^ newness is...scary... I think I better go knock some more heads off of my bro's Ridley toys....
hi, im new...already posted a bit cuz i didnt find this page...already got some posts unfairly deleted by mods...ya... im pretty good at metroid, capable of pulling off things like infinate bomb jumps and wall jumps, but still have trouble doing so... im mainly a secret finder, i love doing stuff like getting this beam without this beam, or getting this before this...sequence breaking, in short. im a hopeless speed runner, so dont expect to see any of those from me. that and i dont have anything to record it with.
Yeah, you guys know me, but I never made a formal introduction. My name is SonicandTailspma, more commonly SonicandTails218, but after a very horrible mix-up involving losing my password, I had to choose this name. I am a Sonic the Hedgehog fanboy, something that I'm surprised hasn't gotten me kicked out around here. On April 1st and Halloween I become the ph33r3d RidleyandKraidpma, so fear that and it's occasional n00b-speak. I live in the great New England, and I've run out of things to say.
'Ello. I'm a newfie to the M2k2 boards. I love metroids. How can anyone not love those life-sucking free-floating little buggers?

Oh yeah, and I like Samus Aran, too. She's hot.

The Metroid series is one of my favourite series of games (Final Fantasy, Mario, and Zelda being a couple of others). All I can say is, major kudos to all of you who have figured out as much as you could possibly know about the Metroid Games up till this point. You have my gamer's respect.

I'm an okay artist fellow. That's my only real talent. Unless you count singing. I can sing okay, too. And write okay, too. And... that's it. Yeah. Sucks to be me, huh?
Quote from SonicandTailspma:
I am a Sonic the Hedgehog fanboy, something that I'm surprised hasn't gotten me kicked out around here.

surprised it hasn't gotten me kicked out, either. :P i guess i don't talk about the games much, though. they don't exactly have the depth people around here are accustomed to. hella fun to speed run, though. ;)
Hi my name EvaChrono been a big fan of Metroid since Super Metroid which still to this day my fav game of all time ;) Like alot of you :P I'm also done a map based on Super Metroid that I called Intro to Super Metroid :P for Unreal Tournament 2003 and 2004 ^_^ but other then that i'm just a nice well rounded guy :) Nice meeting you all ^_^ hehe
Yay Nate. We are not alone! Let us find our comrades! *drags Nate on a big exodus that ends up in them coming back with no change whatsoever.*
Yo, I've loved the site for a long while, but never posted on the boards before.  Big Metroid fan in general, but HUGE super metroid fan.  I've been over on the samus.co.uk boards for about a week so far, I'm sure I'll enjoy my stay here as well.
Hello I'm Katie and i dont have a CLUE about metroid i just gotta learn bout it cuz my bfs really into it. So is there any tips or advice and stuff people wanna give me?  :D  This is really cool so far. Hope to get replies!! thank you. kt xx
Well, Ive been here for about.....50 days i think it is! But i never introduced myself. So im not new. I am useless at speed running, pretty much useless at 100% runs as well. I have completed every game except the original, which is flickerbating hard >.<. Oh yeah you might as well know that person above is my girlfreind...its a miracle!! So.....well.....yeah
Hi. Been here a few days, got lured here by Smokey's 0:38 run of Super Metroid, which also reignited my love of Metroid games. I'm a pretty normal guy I guess. Not a speedrunner by any means. I like Sonic games too.

I also think the censor-words on this forum is hilarious.
Quote from Phoenix:
I also think the censor-words on this forum is hilarious.

Is there a complete list somewhere over which words are censored and which words they turn into?
yes, but only admins can see them. however, i can share them with you! just send me a pm requesting them and i can show them to you, but you really have to promise not to be offended or anything, as they're mostly, you know, rated r+ stuff.
Ready and willing.
Quote from njahnke:
Quote from Phoenix:
I also think the censor-words on this forum is hilarious.


Speaking of which, we need to turn that back on.
no can do. it interferes with links that have "u"s in them surrounded by non alphanumeric characters. :/
PM sent. Thanks in advance for satisfying my curiosity.
Mmmmmmmm...... there seems to be a few words missing there, anyhu I would  like to test them out if you dont mind. what the fuck is all this shit about? theres words like whore and vagina, those few i didnt expect, but surely there are a few other fucking words missing? Pile of shit..... Laughing  Laughing  Laughing  Laughing
Victory to the censorsystem!
Hi I'm new
welcome to M2K2!
I'm sorta new, but I'm on the metroid2k2 irc channel a lot more, so you'll see me there.