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I've had requests to post my segments as I complete them so I'm going to do that here.

Segment 1: 1:55.817

Segment 2: 3:48.233 (1:52.416)

Segment 3: 3:59.133 (0:10.900)

Thread title: 
Segment 4: 8:33.600 (4:34.467)

Zoid Time: 1:00.06...it had potential to be (the first recorded?) sub 1 minute Zoid time on console. Oh well. I'm pretty happy with this :)

That segment 4 is crazy.
This looks like a very strong segment yeah. Great movement in addition with a super fast Zoid.
I love that ruined shrine access bunnyhopping.
Sick segment. I agree with E-dragon about ruined shrine access too; there was some really good movement in this segment.
I run this here hotel of an evening
Holy shit that ruined shrine access bunnyhopping. Holy shit in general. Amazing run so far! Keep it up!
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JustinDM: 2017-07-18 09:15:35 pm
Long time no see. With all the SGDQ prep I finally got around to completing another segment of the run. Thankfully I didn't back up the save files from my 52 or I would know exactly how far ahead I am, but I estimate 25-35 seconds ahead. There were a few mistakes here and there, and the ghost RNG / execution could have been slightly better, but if I obsess over the small things, then the run will never be finished.

Segment 5: 11:58.167 (3:24.567)

Ghost Time: 55s

Edit: Decided to not keep the segment
I figured you were still doing the 3BSJ, but given how quickly you finished a good segment, I shouldn't have been surprised that you dropped it. It's such bullcrap.

Could have saved 8 seconds or so on a perfect ghost fight but...yeah. Probably a couple seconds on perfect bunny hops too for the suntower access and the dreaded missile miss for the save room, maybe an r jump would save a tad bit more time going into the save station. Really nice segment regardless. Very clean and fast.
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Hazel: 2017-07-19 12:33:27 am
Hazel: 2017-07-19 12:31:11 am
rocks, locks, and invisible blocks
I bet rolling into the Flaahgra room would save some frames over walking in. Also during the infinite bomb jump, you can lay the final two bombs together (UBJ style).
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Jack879: 2017-07-19 09:07:07 am
It might save a couple frames if he's at almost full roll speed. The collision there kind of blows though. https://gyazo.com/6cd10e32b3429fc6ca6b9e0f06edb628

As for Wild:

DBJ and even 3BJs work, but you have to know your bomb count and act appropriately.
Here's an improvement over the previously uploaded segment. The improvement is of a whopping...1.284 seconds! Probably moving on now. Actually finishing this run means more to me than having perfect segments in a dead run.

New IGT is 11:56.883 with a 3:23.283 segment time.

Edit history:
JustinDM: 2018-02-16 07:51:00 pm
Been grinding for the past 4 days to get a decent segment here. I think this is good enough. RTA suggests that I cut 48 seconds off of my 52 with this segment, minus a little RTA. Either way, the time save is in the mid to upper 40s.

Segment 6: 21:19.183 (9:22.300)

Damn that was really good considering how long and dumb that segment is. Glad you're keeping it.
Long segments tends to have rough spots but I'll point out the obvious as well as what I like:

Leaving the save station doesn't need such a sharp left-turn to the hallway.

The pit before Lake Tunnel of course had the r-jump mistake.

Lava Lake can be done without the missile to the boxes by delaying it until you SJ dash there (missile can sometimes hit nothing but just causes lag when it destroys the boxes).

Bad bhops to setup Pit Tunnel dash.

Triclops Pit probably could have had some better bunny hops and some kind of setup to start the first R jump earlier.

Ruins Entryway Bhops barely save time. 5-6 frames for a TAS. Not really worth it considering that you beat the load fairly quickly.

The way you did IRW snowcone dashes didn't seem to be better than the usual dash to the snow mound (especially with DJD), I'm not sure if it's reliably faster.

I have no idea if this is does much other than save a few frames, but rolling and (not literally) hugging the closer side of the tunnel after IRW so you reduce your morph turning arc should save distance, and thus time, to hit the load trigger.

Very nice reaction to falling in front of the door before CIT. Helps load it faster.

I've been a big fan of the R jump after climbing a few spots in CIT. Looks dangerous but on second thought it also looks consistent. Much faster than the L jumps too.

I'm not 100% absolutely certain, but perhaps pushing forwards then straight left into the unmorph would reduce turning time for the bomb jump in CIT? I'll look into it when I get there if nobody else does.

The 1 jump for the morph tunnel room door...is that faster? If you can clip height or just use 1 L jump that might be more effective than strafing at 11.80 speed then jumping to it. Perhaps the guaranteed low-height just makes it easier to default.

Big fan of the jump -> morph for the ceiling warp. It was an idea of mine once but I never put it into practice because I could not get it. Glad to see somebody's figured it out.

Is that dash -> L cancel -> Dash off the baby sheegoth even faster than holding the lock and dashing to the right?

Boosts in Shorelines access were poor only because of that annoying dip that pushes you to the wall. -_- I hate it.

Is the boost -> 2 bombs in Elevator Access after arriving in Magmoor really faster than 1 bomb? If so I bet it's because you cut the falling time short by just bonking the "ceiling".

No DJD Bhop :\

You got the bhop but missed the artifact ughgh!! That scares me for my segments but maybe it was just nerves at this point. Cool that you got that bounce downwards to recover during the artifact pickup.

Kind of sloppy intro into fiery shores and the dash didn't last too long sadly. I have an idea for dashing off the first triclops instead, it's a second slower, but way more consistent to get across and nearly to the door.

Is a bomb faster than unmorphing to shoot the door for the elevator to tallon overworld?

The old 52 segment 6 scare strikes again in Cool Missile room!!! Sloppy boosts because of that dangerous hp. (And no cool missile from the bottom :O)

Slow platforming up the branches and platform, you can ledge clip both of them and should jump immediately (even jumping before killing Justin) just to hit the trigger. I know the low hp scared you but it's still a mistake.

Ruins Entrance. :| Also I see you shoot the door, but I timed the bomb to be faster because you have a full boost charged instantly for Main Plaza.

Fuck Ruined Shrine.

Tower of Light was so lucky!!! You got the IU camera (not inconsistent) but also were able to boost almost twice fully before the IU! Awesome.

I need to adopt that aim down + shot before the pause menu after Lifegiver.

"Ok" boosts in the water in Tower of Light.

Ofc messed up hole in 1 (impossible). Maybe once I have my SJ dash down to a science I can share it and it'll replace HI1 because it's nearly 100%.

DJD in Main Plaza is cool,  but idk if it saves that much time over a normal dash (it's also kind of harder to position yourself for it) because of the sliding effect the tree often gives.

Nerves hitting hard before Ruined Fountain with that premature boost. ^^

Should be able to do 2 good boosts into an unmorph and hit the load trigger for Magma Pool than have to boost in the water.

Glad you started laying the bomb before hitting the wall with IS! It's a nifty timesave. Kinda waited a bit long to boost though.

No "oomph" strat in the Chubbweed room, sadly. It's fairly annoying but tilting between far up left/right directions usually gets it for me. Idk if it's worth doing if I start it late though, likely not.

You can boost into Ruined Fountain and unmorph onto the ledge you want, though it is a bit harder. And you premature boosted again on that stupid door. Nerves were real.

T3's 2BJ  for Arboretum is tricky to position yourself and barely saves some frames but if you're ok with it then more power to you. 3BJ is really annoying sometimes for me because of the invisible timer.

Lastly...you didn't pause to force the load for East Atrium to stop and open the save room earlier. >:(
Edit history:
JustinDM: 2018-02-17 05:18:29 pm
Very nice reaction to falling in front of the door before CIT. Helps load it faster.

This was not reaction. It was intended.

Is a bomb faster than unmorphing to shoot the door for the elevator to tallon overworld?

No, but health is a major concern here. Unmorphing early = death.
No "oomph" strat in the Chubbweed room, sadly.

I timed that to be slower than laying a bomb early.
Ah cool. Good to know. I don't expect to make huge write-ups for all the segments, but S6 is one that I find rife with possible improvements and never doesn't have anything with errors so I felt compelled to write that.
This didn't take long. Small mistake during IBBF and missed a few door shots at the end but nothing too crazy. I'm happy with it.

Segment 7: 25:19.133 (3:59.950)

Edit history:
JustinDM: 2018-02-19 06:35:22 pm
Nearly 7 hours...526 attempts at this 2 minute segment. Oh well, it's behind me now.

Segment 8: 27:18.483 (1:59.350)

Progress is definitely expected to slow down for the rest of the segments as they increase in length and difficulty (or in Segment 10's case, annoying RNG).
9 - Far Phendrana
10 - Maze
11 - All of lower mines to ship
12 - Ridley
13 - Exo (or lack thereof) and Essence
Yes keep going

Segment 9: 30:49.067 (3:30.584)

The excitement for the first sub-50 run is palpable!

Great segment. Even better video quality.
loving low%

Okay I think I know what you mean. And I also think you think you know what I think you mean.


But amazing segment overall! :D
Watched segment 9. It was nice to see some new strat additions I conjured like Frozen Pike SJ Dash (shoutouts to df for timing and recording it for me) and the RCore Ledge Clip!! And the execution was pretty good, save for some obvious trouble areas like getting the ghetto in Frost Cave post-dash. That's rough alongside optimal drop+the tunnel bounces in FCA, however.

I'm looking forward to implementing some of these things like 3BJ in my own run and perhaps SS as well. Research Core door was horrific but other than that it was solid, which is likely the reason why you were so annoyed by it. Definitely raising the bar this time around and forcing me to re-evaluate a lot of what I do.
The Research Core door mistake was not as bad as it looks. The room is still loading for the majority of the two beam swaps.
It's more ugly than anything.