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Ridley freaking explodes right in front of you in the original Metroid/Zero Mission. :/
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he also explodes and becomes dust in mp3.

he has definitely died several times. i guess some people can't handle the concept of cloning a living organism.
They could just say that even though they showed him exploding, he just "died" like he did in Other M (just knocked out, sort of unconscious). It certainly wouldn't be the biggest plot hole in Other M.

Not that I believe that, of course. I say he's certainly died plenty of times. Maybe it was just more finalized in Super, with the whole planet exploding and all.
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And that, next to "ZOMG PTSD" is the number one argument you'll get about the scene: "She though he was really gone for good this time!  She didn't expect to see him there!"

Didn't expect to see him at the beginning of Prime, Corruption, or Super, but she didn't freeze up and start whining on those occasions.
You look like a donkey.
I hate the scene. But with that link I think it actually makes sense....
Quote from UchihaSasuke:
he also explodes and becomes dust in mp3.

he has definitely died several times. i guess some people can't handle the concept of cloning a living organism.

Eh, you don't exactly see that one. The camera turns away from Ridley. Some people argue that his phazon just came out from him, but fled. Not saying I think that, but still.
I think Corruption has the weakest argument for her not freezing up.  She saw him, flying away, not advancing.  So she probably knew he was coming.  Plus...Morph Ball.  Although I doubt she expected him in the Leviathan.  But she was probably too hopped up on drugs to care at that point.
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If we're using the PTSD defense just the sight of Ridley flying by and nukeing dudes would likely have been enough to freak her out, though.
Actually, Prime 1 scans state hint he survived his battle in NES Metroid/Zero Mission, despite having exploded (a mistake from Sakamoto's part, if it was up to me, I would have had Ridley fall down into the lava pit, letting people wander if he died or not). I think the scans mention they found him severely injured and thus began rebuilding him.
In Prime 3, when you defeat Omega Ridley, there are two things that HEAVILY hint on him surviving: 1)You never actually see him explode. The camera turns away and if you notice, you can somewhat see him dig into the ground just before the explosion. Also, compare his defeat with say, Mogenar's, you'll see the difference between them; Mogenar turns into particles of energy in your face.
2)Remember Samus' ship logs that keep track of your kills? It DOES NOT increase after the battle.

Now about Samus freaking out or not. You could say that Samus was paralyzed with shock at seeing Meta Ridley in the Orpheon, since she does nothing but stare and lets him fly away. Ridley seemed more concerned about getting the hell out of the exploding Orpheon than to face Samus (who MAY have been in a VERY vulnerable position against Ridley because of shock and lack of good weaponry). After her battle with him on the Impact Crater, she simply sees him fall off a cliff, out of sight. Logically, one could be left wandering ''I don't think that's the last I'll see of him'', thus why she would not freak out seeing him again flying on Norion (and again, on Norion, she never saw him die, just fall down a pit). Now, in the beginning of the Omega Ridley fight, I feel there's a moment where she is quite distraught: she lets Ridley get extremely close to her, roar at her face, while she does not even bother to lift her gun to him, insinuating a moment of confusion and fright. THANKFULLY, she is STILL able to dodge a tackle, two bites, and a flameblast from him in a single cutscene. When one takes note of all of this, that silly Other M Ridley cutscene makes a tiny bit of sense (since he only died in Super Metroid and after she's had a long time of peace, sees him pop out of nowhere, memories resurface, freaks out).

But still, Other M was supposed to be a game that explores Samus's story, and yet we got nothing on her history with her nemesis that would allow players to delve deeper and get a very detailed explanation of her PTSD. If there was a moment that she NEEDED to have PTSD, it was supposed to be in Zero Mission which, not counting the mediocre manga, was the first time she saw him since her parents death. Instead, we just get a close up of her freaked out eyes (http://www.spriters-resource.com/gameboy_advance/metzero/sheet/8829 ). Samus had two scenes with dialogue in that game, they could have made one where she clearly expresses her overwhelming fear of seeing Ridley.
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In Prime, though, she didn't freak out.  She just... didn't fire right away.  It was less a freezing up out of fear and more a typical pre-battle staredown... until Ridley chickened out, that is.  Seriously, watch the cutscene.  Samus isn't afraid in that scene - she's pissed.
@Turtle: True at that. But apparently, Ridley wasn't dead before that,so I'd be pissed seeing a dude I tried to kill for obvious reasons coming back after blowing to pieces.
I like turtles.
But Samus thought he was dead...
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I honestly didn't know that factoid about Corruption's death counter not increasing when you beat Ridley.  Very interesting fact.  Still could've made it more obvious what was going on there.
does anyone not know this came AFTER the prime series! so ridley coming back, again. is a nightmare for her, she's a girl. she's not duke. she has emotions. GOD.
He ain't coming back again unless she goes to a planet of Ridleys ala SR388, which is entirely possible.  In Fusion, Ridley's corpse got taken control of by X-parasites and then Samus absorbed that X-parasite.  So basically Samus has a lot of DNA in her at the end of Fusion.  The ultimate bioweapon.
Well, they could clone him ala Other M. I'm sure somebody has his DNA by now, and the GF is certainly stupid enough to clone him intentionally.
Lol@KingBroly: Metroid: The Planet of Ridleys. (Or would "Space Dragon" be the correct name?)

Ridley kill count: 59

And now we find out that the Ridley we have been killing is a weakling...
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UchihaSasuke: 2010-11-22 12:47:32 am
my umbrella goes directly to Bankai
damn. that thing about the kill count not increasing is news to me.

still, it was a very half-assed attempt at making him not die. i remember him exploding and all but the death count not going up is just some Retro-like bull.
We don't actually see him explode though.  The camera focuses on Samus at the time he should.  They played some cinema trickery on us all.

I'm going through Corruption as we speak to confirm it.  A ways to go though.
my umbrella goes directly to Bankai
now that i remembered the scene on my mind, the camera focused on Samus just when the phazon was sent flying around after ridley curled up to "explode" (stupid Retro. cloning Ridley is easier than fixing him up to look completely new as he does in Super)
Well don't you see?  The Phazon made him reborn with his natural form again!
Quote from KingBroly:
Well don't you see?  The Phazon made him reborn with his natural form again!

No, no, no, no, no.
Once Phaaze was destroyed all the Phazon corruption left his body and he was once again gifted with his regular body.
Just like Samus!

It makes sense doesn't it?!
I like turtles.
Quote from KingBroly:
So basically Samus has a lot of DNA in her at the end of Fusion.  The ultimate bioweapon.

Not so much.  According to Sakamoto, back before he went senile, absorbing the SA-X at the end restored her genetic condition to what it had been before Fusion.
That'd be easy to retcon since it's not explained in-game.  It'd also be extremely easy to retcon Samus' Power Suit back with a 'oh, absorbing the SA-X gave her the suit back.'
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kesvalk: 2010-11-22 01:28:45 pm
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except for the fact that she is still with only the biological layer of the suit in the ending... the mechanical layer wil not only reapear all of a....

okay.... i get it...