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Tbob, you just described damn near every counter argument too.
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Turtle: 2010-10-03 08:27:06 am
Turtle: 2010-10-03 08:24:26 am
I like turtles.
Well, not every "counter argument."

"She froze up when she saw Ridley in Prime!"
"Her reactions aren't shown in the 2D games!  Sakamoto meant for her to have PMS PTSD all along!"
Quote from sabata2:
you just described damn near every counter argument too.

They could have given her believable and interesting character traits that we could relate to, and built up to the Ridley scene in such a way that any reaction she had made sense.

They didn't.
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KingBroly: 2010-10-03 09:01:08 am
It was supposed to be a "surprise" I guess.  To a lot of people, not just Samus either.  If they built something like that up, they'd kinda ruin that moment, whether you're fine with it or not.  The only part they didn't do correctly was give it context.  There were a ton of people who didn't understand that scene and probably still don't.
I understand fine. I understand that we're meant to be shit scared of ridley the same as samus is, but when we can't relate to samus at any point in the game up to then, they can't suddenly drop an emotion like that on us out of nowhere and expect everyone to respond like they intended.
They had a couple of things in there that I could relate to.  Like regret.
Regretting being a bit concerned about Adam killing off his own brother? See, I thought "oh, Samus is being a bit irrational, a bit emotional about this, and I understand why" and then her monologue says

"I should not have doubted Adam because he was right and he always is he's so cute I wish I could touch his hair I REGRET EVERYTHING"

The thing that was wrong with her character throughout the whole game was how reticent they wrote her. The biggest example is the not-using-abilities-for-no-good-reason. It doesn't fit with someone who flies through space only landing on planets to massacre the local wildlife.
I feel like I said this in the other Ridley scene thread.
fuck haters
I like turtles.
Seeing a rabid fan after taking away the bad arguments is kind of like seeing a celebrity after taking away the makeup.
fraroc this site is not for you. I can tell you that up front. If you are going to use a "Haters suck" arguement, then leave now.
lol no way
Yeah dawg it's a pretty exclusive community, a whole lot of us are riding the knife's edge just waiting to be raged at from any number of directions. Actually though that's why I like it here, because I can waste as much time as I want to and I know the time will come when I'm no longer wanted so I don't have to feel like "...oh god this could be my eternity."

On topic, I personally think the PTSD thing is obviously what they were going for, and as much as y'all hate the manga and are correct in insisting it is not canon, I feel that it was being used as a guide for art and story direction (quickly: mzm in-game cutscene art is the same as many scenes from manga; the ridley-freakout thing happens to samus in the manga and her suit falls off and it's almost the same but she's in tourian instead of some generic circle fire room with a black dude).
I think at this point it's not really an argument over whether it makes sense to have happened to samus at some point or other, and is now just a good focus for all of the disappointment with this game.
I tried not to hate the game, I really did, but there's too much stupidity throughout. The one factor I fall on when searching for something likeable is the combat, but the focus on it is so slight and it stagnates so quick that it alone can't save the game.
Erm, I've found the thousand-light-year stare to be less problematic than other parts of the game. Like the controls. And the VOICE WHAT THE HELL.

I've read several arguments that Samus shouldn't have frozen up in Other M because she didn't in, say, Ridley's first fly-over in Corruption, or that she should have frozen up every bloody time.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the 'D' stands for Disorder, does it not? Imma speak from personal experience here: School fucked me up. Sometimes I can watch lulzy school comedies, other times I can't. There's no exact level of stress that triggers a flashback. Sometime nothing's happening at all and your mind wanders and you're back in hell.

IMO: The story is fine, but the storytelling is lacking.
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Turtle: 2010-10-04 08:56:05 am
I like turtles.
Even if it is an accurate portrayal of PTSD, the issue becomes "Should Samus Aran, a respected character and figure in gaming for over twenty years, suddenly have a crippling case of it?"  Because I think it's pretty obvious that they didn't intend or even imagine her to have PTSD in any of the other games.  In my opinion, all it does is weaken the character.
The more I think it about it, there more I think it's just disbelief that he's alive, simply because of the dialog they have for her in that scene like 'no' and 'it can't be' (and one that sounds like she's about to throw up, but I can't be certain).

If you want to say PTSD, you can say she froze up for a second or two at the Ridley fight in Zero Mission, but continued on her merry way.  I don't think it weakens the character, but it could've been explained a heck of a lot better than 'yup, here is something she's afraid of.'  If you want to talk about weakening characters I can list some if you want; some of which were done in far worse ways.
Indie Lover
now really, do anyone think they will change the opinion of the others?

whiner will whine, haters will hate, fanboys will try to find excuses for everything...

there is no point in arguing, even more here, as the comunity is based on how fast you can finish the game...
the less story and talk the game have, the better for a lot of ppl here...
Quote from kesvalk:
whiner will whine, haters will hate, fanboys will try to find excuses for everything...

Now why is it that the only people who enjoy anything about the game are automatically labeled as fanboys? (Just an example, I know, but it seems consistent with any game that has a division in the fanbase like this one.)

And no, I don't care if I change anyone's mind or not because like you said, it probably won't happen. I'd be happier though if both sides would be a little more accepting of the views of the other side of the equation. I've said plenty of times that I'm on the side of liking the game more than hating it, and obviously that gives me a bias towards the people who find the game to be enjoyable. But it's starting to feel like anyone who didn't like the game is trying to make it seem like the ones who do enjoy the game for one reason or another are being stupid for finding something worthwhile in Other M.

Yes, I get that the game isn't perfect. Yes, I get that there are things that could've been handled much better than they were. And yes, I realize the story and gameplay may not be up everyone's alley. But regardless of all of that, I STILL ENJOY THE GAME.
Indie Lover
sigh man, when did i said you're a fanboy?

if you forgot, i was the first one to say that i think this game is better than super...

i am just saying that no one will be "more accepting" on the internetz.
of course, if we were all face to face, more than half of the guys here would change their opinion... and that is just like the internet works...
my umbrella goes directly to Bankai
the one thing where Other M beats the entire series is the automatic opening doors. if the next game doesn't have that, it will be a downgrade.

btw, i liked Other M more than Super since the very first time i went though it..
I'd rather shoot doors than have to grow old waiting for them to open on their own.

Though I guess the two are not mutually exclusive.
lol no way
I just liked shooting doors because I watched stargate growing up and that whole bubble-wall thing just makes me feel good. None of the prime games had bubble doors anyway and it does make less sense to keep them around, it does make more sense that they'd only be on chozo planets or in pirate bases or something, but if they're not gonna do it right I agree it's better to not do it at all.
Quote from kesvalk:
sigh man, when did i said you're a fanboy?

Sorry, that wasn't really pointed at you specifically, but the internet in general. The term is thrown around way too much these days in my opinion, and whenever it shows up it's always a negative tag that gets applied to people. (In the sense that "being a fan of something that a good portion of a fanbase disagrees with" automatically makes anything that tagged person says not important, no matter how good or bad the arguments may be.) As you can see, it gets on my nerves a little.

And yeah, you're one of the few around here that's been on the side of enjoying the game despite it flaws since the fanbase started splitting over Other M. Didn't mean to imply that you were calling anyone here a fanboy either, since we seem have similar enough mindsets about the game as far as I can tell. That said, I still prefer Super and several others to be better Metroid games overall. But just because it may not be the best Metroid experience in existence doesn't mean Other M is a terrible game.

As far as the doors go, I'm not sure which ones I like better. They all work within the context of each game in my mind, although I do agree that having doors in the middle of natural caverns is a little odd.
Game Reviews
This scene would be acceptable if they were referencing an encounter Samus had with Ridley as a child that was previously unexplored. However, this is never elaborated upon. The scene as it was presented just didn't work.

Check out our full podcast review of Metroid: Other M.
I've read in some places that Ridley has only died ONCE (which is in Super Metroid) despite all of his defeats in past games.
What are your opinions on this? If its true, then the cutscene in Other M makes A TINY bit of sense. Especially when, according to the game, an undetermined time of peace has passed since her last and final encounter with the dragon (in which he actually died), and seeing him suddenly alive, which in her mind is impossible, could have shocked her and made her realize her parents death will never be avenged. Alas, bad storytelling did not make this scene as epic as it could have been.

But I still would have MUCH preferred having her get pissed off and think ''Why....why won't you die?'' and start losing control of her anger and attacks Ridley without strategy with a very disorientated rage to the point where he gains the upper hand.