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How about this?
A Super Metroid Speed Run that consists of speeding through the game up to the Golden Torizo while collecting as few items as possible(Missile,Super,Bomb packs included), performing the reset glitch, going through the game a second time on the same time counter while collecting every item (Excluding beams and upgrades with exception to the Screw Attack, which must be collected), and finally, finishing the game with the perfect ending.
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You mean for fun, or for an actual 100% route?

For a 100% route, if I'm understanding you correctly, it wouldn't work because you actually need to collect every item. Just getting the number doesn't count; it would be like using the X-Ray Scope to get a clear time of 0:00

For fun, I can imagine it would be a pretty fun race category ^.^
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I don't quite understand what you mean.
When you do the reset glitch the game will restart at the very beginning(Opening intro and all) while preserving all the time you had played up to that point.

Oh, I think I get what you mean.
You should already have every item upgrade when you do the glitch.
You skip items on the first run through because you're able to use the Golden Torizo to obtain every item you hadn't obtained up to that point. The idea isn't necessarily that it's a 100% run, but a 100+% run. You should end with more Energy Tanks, Super Missiles, and Power Bombs than normally available.
Think of it like this, finishing the game with the maximum number of items obtainable in a regular run would essentially be failing a Double or nothing run. It's possible to do a double or nothing with more than twice the regular amount of items(+/- 20).
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Ohhhh, I get it now. My bad
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I'm finding it to be very beneficial to skip the charge beam the first time around.
I mean, you have to pick it up eventually because you can't progress without it, but it's better to pick it up when you inevitably have to backtrack that way anyways.
Super Secret Area - Dead Ahead!
Why stop at GT?  Why not some other boss, or more natural finishing point like all four bosses defeated, or before entering Tourian?
Super Secret Area - Dead Ahead!
Ah, I've just reread it, and you mean the GT code, not the reset glitch.  OK.
Super Secret Area - Dead Ahead!
In that case, there's no point in restricting what you get before performing the code.  You may as well let the player collect whatever the hell they like, since the GT code resets your stuff to a set amount, regardless of how many you have.  If you collect every item in the game, it'd reset your amm counts DOWNWARD to the set amount.
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Nonononono. You do the Torizo code then the Reset Glitch after beating the Golden Torizo.
You don't waste time collecting things before GT because those things don't come back the first time. The idea is that you GT then go back collecting things and taking the fastest path back to Old Tourian/Crateria(Depending on what you're playing on. The Reset Glitch can only be done in Old Tourian on original hardware/Wii, however; it can only be done in Crateria on an emulator.) That way you can really max out your items. It's always best to skip missiles when doing the reset glitch. You lose every single one you collect once you do it.
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Proof of Concept:

I'm going to benchmark the first portion to see what the fastest time I can achieve is.

General idea:
- Speed through the first part of the game up to the Golden Torizo.
- Do the GT code and collect the Space Jump Screw Attack from him.
- Make your way back to Old Tourian(Original Hardware/Wii) / Crateria surface (Emulator). Collect as many Energy Tanks, Power Bombs, and Super Missiles as you can along the way.
- Perform the glitch, and save. Restarting the game is optional, and will severely limit your completion percentage (114% is the highest number you can achieve if you were to perform the reset glitch and restart immediately after defeating the Golden Torizo. (230 Missiles, 70 Super Missiles, 70 Power Bombs, 21 Energy Tanks, 8 Reserve tanks for a total of 399/348 items.))
- Now do a 100% speed run by clearing every area in any order you'd like.
- You may also perform the reset glitch as many times as you'd like in order to obtain more more than twice as many missiles or more, however; your time is not reset when you perform the glitch and it resets your boss progress despite

* Must be under 3:00
* Must save the friendlies.
* Must have at least 110% completion to count.
* As long as the first rule is followed, item percentage outranks clear time as long as the difference is both within 5 minutes and 10 item packs or more. (280, 75, 75, 2:40 beats 230,75,75,2:35, but won't beat 230,75,75,2:30).

This sound good to everyone? lol
Hmm, some notes regarding this topic:
1.Minimal number of items to get to GT´s room (without Out of Bounds or SpaceTime-beam): 6% (Ball,M,Bomb,SM,PB, and for example: Gravity) which is even proven to be humanly feasible (but that is not the fastest option to get to GT with any %).
2. Yes, using ST-beam for ACE (arbitrary code execution) or maybe X-Ray while being far OoB, one can manipulate the game to show the % aswell as the clear time that one wants it to show.
3. Maximal number of items that can be collected/shown with a playthrough that does not use either OoB or ST-beam, but uses GT code, is proven to be 135%, and since 135 > 110, I guess one should add a rule saying that one has to use ST-beam at least once in order to start the game again, because otherwise ST-beam would not even be needed to fulfill all those constraints [and it seems that my in-game-time for Max%GT-Code would be 01:28, although I did not even intend/attempt to speedrun it in my old playthrough (and yes, I always save the animals whenever it is possible within non-speedrun playthroughs)].
4. I assume, "ScrewAttack" is meant instead of "SpaceJump" within the last post (by NearEDGE) right below "General Idea".
I mean, its not like this is for a prize or anything.
If someone is going through the trouble of making an in-game gameshark, then that's their deal. It's really just overkill for what's supposed to be a fun thing to do. I mean, think about taking it to all of the original bosses with a fully superpowered Samus with Missiles and Bombs to spare. That's more of the idea. It should be more challenging than a regular speed run because if your fastest clear time is 1:28 with the GT code, tack on doubling that percentage and trying to beat your best time or someone else's.