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I definitely underestimated how hard it would be to make audio commentary. Therefore, I've decided to not do audio commentary and to just make nice typed commentary instead. Sorry to disappoint, but I'd like to get this run up on sda.
What is audio commentary? This sounds this not important IMO.

I really like see this run. Hopefully it come out without troubles. :)
This must be so clean. We know wassup near perfect segmented run looks like 48 without any saves. But this your run is SS. aiwebs_016
red chamber dream
Quote from MASTER-88:
What is audio commentary? This sounds this not important IMO.

It's when the runner records himself talking about the run as he watches it. Then people can hear the commentary as they watch the run. It's a really neat thing to do (e.g. I won't watch an Echoze run without it) but not necessary at all.
Thanks ark. You enlighten me :P

I think this not very important thing IMO. Still BioSpark run is so amazing itself. :P
my umbrella goes directly to Bankai
the commentary is very useful for people who don't know all the tricks or why some things are done in certain ways.
i know the mp2 commentary had a lot of good info on what was happening in a lot of places.
once GameFAQs, now Twitch
*suppresses giddiness*
*can't... hold... out...*

So, any progress on gettin' this up on the 'net (voice or not)?
Should go up later today, depending on what nate is doing.
once GameFAQs, now Twitch
Oh sweet jeebus, yes.  *has had the MF page up in a tab since before hitting "Post"*
Memorizer of Maps
Very nice work, BioSpark. Can't wait to see the video. :)