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arkarian: 2008-11-22 10:31:50 pm
red chamber dream
The Hunters section of the site is now up and running, complete with loads of speed tricks, Sequence Breaks, and techniques! Go check it out!
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not evil,just hungry
speed tricks-stasis bunker seems to be missing its video
“Well done is better than well said”
Awesome guys.  I'm thinking about getting hunters soon and that will surely help.  Thanks.
Are you ready for some underwear music?
Online finally, great. aiwebs_011
Yeah, I noticed one trick has a missing video, and the Ice Hive 1 trick has the High Ground description.  Hopefully this will be fixed during our next update.
Quote from Phazar:
missing video


Quote from Phazar:
the Ice Hive 1 trick has the High Ground description

still waiting on the description from tahn.
Bangaa Bishop
It's fixed now. :)
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Phazar: 2008-11-23 09:18:39 pm
An update is in the works right now.  However, as a heads up, I will start deleting some of the videos from Mediafire that are now on the main site.  If they are on M2K2, there is no longer any reason for me to host them on Mediafire, and I need to make my Mediafire account less cluttered.  And now that I think of it, people from GameFAQs could possibly steal my videos and claim them as their own.  GFAQs is known for plagerism.

Edit: I just upgraded to Camtasia Studio 6, so I might get better quality videos now.
Bangaa Bishop
On the contrary, gameFAQs is one of the safest places to post anything. (But they don't do videos, anyway) I would personally rather post stuff to gameFAQs than any other FAQ site. If you post something on the internet, there are people that will copy it, there's no getting around it. But gameFAQs does NOT distribute the content posted on their site to any others knowingly.

Anyway... I'll be working on an update after the holiday weekend. So if there's anything you'd like to add, do it before then.
I've been trying to find anything I hadn't filmed yet.  There are a few more tricks coming, most of which were cut out of the original launch of the site due to time problems.  I wanted the site up as soon as possible, so I saved everything else for a future update.
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Sorry about that, but I have good news!  The Hunters section is finally getting an update, just in time for Christmas!  The update is not finished yet, but check back here in a day or so to see the new update.
Quote from Tahngarthor:
Happy Holidays from Tahn and Phazar :)
Bangaa Bishop
The new content has now been posted, along with some other minor updates such as giving credit where credit is due.

It's highly unlikely since the releases were relatively close together and the DS is not region locked, but I would like to know if anoyne has a japanese copy of Hunters to see if anything was changed in the singleplayer. (They cant have touched the multiplayer maps because that would cause issues online).

Finally, I'm willing to offer a small bounty if anyone can SW their way into the Volt Driver room, collect the Volt Driver and UA expansion, and SW their way out of the room. It's realatively easy to break through the game's walls in a lot of places, but the challenge here is the walls are invisible from SWing into the room. If there's any way to get out of the room with the volt driver, that will unlock some MASSIVE sequence breaking.
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Phazar: 2008-12-30 10:10:27 am
I also will be looking for more secret worlds that were not mentioned to put on the main site, so if you know of any, PM me with the room and entrance description, as well as telling me who discovered it.  And please do not take credit for someone else's findings.
You're missing the Harvester secret world with Sylux. That one's been around for ages.
Dodging Slench v3's beams also works on v2. The Magmaul shots explode before they reach the door.
Yes, there are several places where that trick will work.  The trick was just originally done with Slench v3.  I might change the description in the next update to tell which Slenchs it works on.
Bangaa Bishop
I think just the first one doesn't have that attack, but it's been a while. I could have the page name changed to simply "Dodging Slench beams"