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1. Turn on your Nintendo 3DS
2. Just kidding turn it off and play Metroid Prime 2: Echoes for the Nintendo GameCube instead
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3. Realize FF is bound to be more sophisticated than online discourse about it
4. Dispel your illusions that you would've gotten a real Metroid if FF didn't exist
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Quote from Skull64:
2. Just kidding turn it off and play Metroid Prime 2: Echoes for the Nintendo GameCube instead

Surely FF can't be that bad!
Club 27 Goals
5. Remember that you're playing a far superior game than Fun-Friends Metroid SummerCamp
6. Cry wishing you had a girlfriend instead of playing dated old games
Not impossible
just highly unlikely
7. Masturbate to Samus hentai
I like turtles.
8. Cry again when it turns out to be futa
what's futa?

tl;dr anime girls with dicks
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Bangaa Bishop
The main reason I'm not excited about this is how poorly they handled co-op with Zelda: Tri Force Heroes. Me and a friend both bought it only to discover you MUST have three people or go solo. With two people, you had to matchmake to find a third random person. On top of that, we actually didn't get to play because my friend had some weird networking issue that caused the third person to always disconnect from us, every single time. The only Zelda game I regret buying, and not because it was inherently unfun, but because of how poorly designed the multiplayer system was. Because federation force seems like the same concept, except Metroid, I'm not holding my breath that it will be handled better here.

Finally, who the heck wants to play as some Galactic Federation nobody? We want Samus! Hell, I'd even rather have the other bounty hunters from MPH...

I mean, it could turn out to be a good game, but I'm taking a wait and see approach (Which is sad, because usually anything Mario Zelda Metroid etc is usually an automatic buy from me)
red chamber dream
i dunno, for all of nintendo's series that i'm into, i only consider the main series games to be must-buys. this is a random arena shooter with the metroid name stamped on it, i feel no obligation to play it just because of the name

this isn't a genre i'm into, so i'm not gonna get the game. i felt the same about hyrule warriors.
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Tahngarthor: 2016-06-28 08:08:46 pm
Bangaa Bishop
That's unfortunate. Hyrule Warriors is actually a ton of fun (and it takes forever to completely totally 100%).

Though for clarity, while I do auto buy most games in Nintendo's major franchises, I'm not really into things like the Mario sports titles, like Mario Strikers, super sluggers, etc. (Mario Kart excepted)

Content-wise, Triforce Heroes was actually quite fun... it was the really badly designed system for multiplayer that ruined it. This is something they've got to address for Fed Force if they don't want it to flop.
red chamber dream
i played most of tri force heroes solo and had fun. that game has the same problem as four swords adventures, it's too long and got tiresome before i finished. i do want to go back to it sometime though

it's not unfortunate that i haven't played hyrule warriors. like i said, it's not a genre i'm into, and i don't like zelda because of its characters, so having zelda characters isn't enough for me. it would be unfortunate if i spent money on a game that's not for me.