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are all the things in the demo in the real game?  like metroid hunting and stuff?
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Opium: 2010-01-23 09:42:52 pm
I've never played the demo, but I really can't stand MPH.  The controls are so awkward that you end up giving yourself carpal tunnel syndrome and there are many areas that look the same. 
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I never played the demo, but MPH is actually a good game for the DS. If you haven't played it, try it out if you like FPS type of games.

As for all the areas looking the same, all the planets look very very different. However once you're on the planet all the textures are the same, but it's not as if other metroid games don't do that already.
i enjoyed it.
Not impossible
just highly unlikely
Pretty much nothing in the demo is in the final product. Including Metroids.
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There are certainly metroids <.<

But you might be being sarcastic. Meh idk.
there are?
Not impossible
just highly unlikely
You are wrong Poisioioin.
that sucks.  i wish i could find the demo, because mit was pretty sweet.
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aigamerDS: 2010-01-24 12:08:58 am
There was no metroid at all in final Metroid Prime Hunters, but there WAS metroid in Metroid Prime Hunters: First Hunts. I played the demo since when I first had a ds.
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Oh, I must be thinking of some other flying thing then. To tell the truth, the graphics for MPH aren't very good at all.
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Luckily graphics do not maketh the game.  I'll not add much to the stuff above, but I did enjoy it.
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Metroids were in the demo, kewl
Final game: no metroids, sucky
The demo had a cool remix of ridley's theme
Final game: no ridley's theme remix.
The demo was much more amusing than the final product, from which I only really enjoyed the remix of the boss battle with metroid prime(used in Gorea 2)
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MPH's strong point was really only the multiplayer. The single player was alright and stuff but not that great.
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The single was a crap full of bland planets, followed by bland OST, followed by bland story.
And the multiplayer was crowded with cheaters.
IMO, the worst metroid ever
Bangaa Bishop
the planets were not bland, the OST could have been better but wasnt bad either, and who plays a metroid game other than Other M for the story?

As for multiplayer, yeah, that was a problem, but that's wh y you only play with friends (where you can access all the modes, anyway)
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I guess I must've played the multiplayer before the cheating thing got big. The only time I ever remember finding a cheater was when you could use that one guy who turns into a turret and jump into the wall and easily kill people.

I do remember after my friend got an action replay, we wondered if you could use it on MPH on wifi. We never did try it, but I doubt Nintendo had any anti-cheat things in place to stop it.
it actually has my favorite ost of the entire series. it's very different but it's different in a good way. i still listen to it all the time and i can't say that for the others.