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history of metroid 2002 speed demos archive

- part 1 (june 2003 - 11 november 2003)
- part 2 (11 november 2003 - 30 june 2004)
- part 3 (30 june 2004 - 15 july 2004)

part 2
the metroid hq forum was relocated to this server and renamed the metroid 2002 forum two years ago today. it took me over a week to force life back into it after transplanting it to my server, and every minute i spent doing it was pure agony. i ended up rebuilding my entire server nearly from scratch to try to accommodate this, what was once mhq's forum. when i finally triumphed, the #metroid log looked like this:

11:21:44 PM: Nate has set the topic on channel #metroid to Metroid 2002 Forum now online! http://www.metroid2002.com/ | Radix is the 100% god. 1:37 | http://www.metroid2002.com/demented_arboretum.avi
11:21:47 PM: MagiBrad: you don't need bittorrent
11:21:48 PM: Nate: :)
11:21:50 PM: Radix: woot woot
11:21:50 PM: Banks: and still no Cal
11:21:57 PM: Banks: i'm not sure if he's coming
11:21:57 PM: Radix high-fives Nate
11:22:09 PM: Nate: thanks radix :)
11:22:20 PM: Nate: it was apache 1.3
11:22:21 PM: Nate: basically
11:22:28 PM: Banks: ??
11:22:35 PM: Nate: it was hella other shit too but today's work was basically changing over from apache 1.3.x to apache 2.0.x
11:22:48 PM: Nate: and then recompiling EVERYTHING X_x
11:23:05 PM: MagiBrad: Banks, what is your thoughts on "Warp Pipe Project" and "XLink"?
11:23:31 PM: Radix: major apache upgrade doesn't sound like fun
11:23:32 PM: UnrealLoky: Hey nate,you transferate MHQ forum data to m2k2
11:23:39 PM: UnrealLoky: did*
11:23:56 PM: Radix: delete the old forum before more posts on it :-p
11:23:59 PM: MagiBrad: in terms of GameCube LAN-Online
11:24:28 PM: Nate: radix: it's shut off
11:24:29 PM: Nate: no one can post
11:24:34 PM: Radix: ok
11:24:40 PM: Nate: yeah i had to go line by line through the config
11:24:45 PM: Nate: i like 2.0.x though
11:24:50 PM: Nate: less shit, more worky ;P
11:25:03 PM: Radix: now that you've got that done you can go bakc to geo ;-)
11:25:13 PM: Nate: :)
11:25:14 PM: Toozin: the old forum now completely redirects

in celebration of two years of metroid 2002 forum, i've compiled more history of the site below. enjoy!


on 9 november 2003 radix released his 100% run in metroid prime. mine followed two days later, the same day that mhq and m2k2 merged (see the previous episode for more on that). radix and i had originally been competing against each other when we had started the runs in august, but i was not as resilient as he was when it came to some of the more unpleasant parts of the run. i stopped working on it around the fourth segment, then picked back up much later and did the rest of the segments rapidly. thus, he came through with the then-astonishing time of 1:37, while i accepted 1:50. our original pie-in-the-sky goal had been 1:49.

radix hosted his run using gamespy's fileplanet, which gave his quake speed running site, speed demos archive, theoretically unlimited space and bandwidth through its daughter site planet quake (and you didn't even have to get a fileplanet account to download the quake demos and radix's 1:37). i hosted my run, along with kip's old 1:23 any percent, on the new, unified m2k2.

immediately after its release, radix's run was slashdotted, appearing on the front page of slashdot.org, and becoming an internet sensation. publications in numerous languages ran stories on the run, and there was a topic on practically every gaming message board on the internet about it. at the peak of the craze, the first segment of his run was being downloaded over five thousand times a day.

[mockup of radix's 1:37 page at speed demos archive circa november 2003]

people streamed into #metroid on irc, heavily altering the demographics of the channel. my friends and i were now a minority, with random people who had heard about the run and wanted to get in on the action the new majority. the forum saw its memberlist more or less double in size during the period in november and december immediately following the release of radix's run, and the personal attention of retro studios even came into play. sequence breaking had gone mainstream, and metroid 2002 was in the limelight.

a new breed

talking to my friend adam (who had originally introduced me to metroid prime) about radix's and my 100% runs, he asserted that there was no real skill demonstrated in such a run, because you could, for example, try the same trick at the start of a segment over and over until you were successful, thereby distorting your gaming ability in the eyes of the public. i tried to explain to him that it was tradition to save in metroid runs and to use those saves as segment breaks, but he would have none of it.

i considered what he had said and decided that i would try a "single segment" run, probably using the same route as my segmented 100%, as it was still fresh in my mind. i also mentioned the idea to radix, and he, as usual, beat me, getting a time of 1:59 on 28 december. unfortunately, because his experimental capture setup ate the run (he was sending the video directly to his antiquated computer as he played), we have no record of this first single-segment run performed in metroid prime.

radix had beaten me to the punch again - this time without proof, but i still felt that trying to compete with him again would be a waste of time. then, a newb in #metroid called link1984 started trying to get people to run the game the way it had been "intended" to be run, with his so-called "natural route". eventually he mentioned a terrible time that he had gotten using this "natural route", and i knew that i could beat it easily. the only problem would be the pesky freezes afflicting the original north american version of the game.

i tried for two nights, 29 and 30 december, and got a complete, albeit lackluster, run at the end of the second after several superior attempts had been cut short by crashes. the run is downright terrible by today's standards, and of course on a totally idiotic route if one wants to talk about how fast the game can be beaten, but it was the first recorded single-segment run in metroid prime, and no doubt the origin of the term "single-segment" in this community. ironically, my friend adam's distaste for segmented runs forever branded his preferred kind of run with a label derived from the former.

the release of my single-segment natural route run in december of 2003 was the straw that broke the camel's back: my server suffered its first bandwidth overage that month. however, the small size of the overage caused me little stress; i would be paying only a few extra bucks for the few dozen gigs the server used beyond its monthly quota. then, on 6 january, when i was billed for december, i noticed that the overage somehow had not been factored into the total. i wondered if the overage had to be excessive for my host to notice and bill me, or if this had been a one-time glitch.

january saw an even higher overage, but again i was not charged for it. i thought that, as long as i could keep traffic only slightly above what it was supposed to be every month, i would continue to escape the notice of my host and be able to offer the speed runs for download without any restrictions.

enter red scarlet.

m2k2 -> m2k2sda

only ten minutes after the metroid hq forum went live at its new home at metroid 2002 late on 21 november 2003, someone from the super metroid community called deskjockey contacted me on irc and asked if i would capture some material from a party unknown to their community who had surfaced on the gamefaqs message board.

i was mortified when i heard the person's name: agrias oaks. agrias, besides being a character from final fantasy tactics, was an infamous evildoer on espernet, the irc network where #metroid was then located, and whose administration i was a part of at the time. he was a "kill on sight" offender, second only to one other crook. i asked fellow members of the espernet administration about this gamefaqs account, hoping to establish whether or not i was being asked to help a sworn enemy of my beloved irc network, but they were unable to positively identify this agrias for me.

here is the actual exchange (the "congrats" was for finally getting the forum working on my server after over a week of non stop work):

11:35:19 PM: *deskjockey_* congrats :)
11:36:14 PM: --> deskjockey_  thanks :)
11:36:19 PM: --> deskjockey_  so i'm running apache 2.0.x now
11:36:23 PM: --> deskjockey_  let's hope it doesn't fuck up ;)
11:41:47 PM: *deskjockey_* yeah, really
11:42:46 PM: *deskjockey_* house of cards, upgrade something and pray everything else doesn't fall apart
11:43:50 PM: --> deskjockey_  X_x
11:45:19 PM: *deskjockey_* oh, we've got someone on the super board with a 72% nbmb run recorded on the console, but no way to transfer it to the computer
11:45:49 PM: *deskjockey_* if case you want something like that for m2k2 even though ultima would surely let you use his 73% zmvs
11:45:52 PM: --> deskjockey_  oh, just mail the tapes here
11:45:55 PM: --> deskjockey_  i'll be happy to do that
11:47:30 PM: *deskjockey_* it's not entirely clear what the person wants:
11:47:35 PM: *deskjockey_* From: AgriasOaks | Posted: 11/22/2003 5:05:13 AM | Message Detail
11:47:35 PM: *deskjockey_*                      Well, I did the NBMB run all over again and recorded it this time (game time was 2:41 or so, but the video tape is almost at 4 hours).
11:47:35 PM: *deskjockey_*                      Still only 72% though.
11:47:35 PM: *deskjockey_*                      I also took some pictures of my TV, but only 1 or 2 came out alright.
11:47:35 PM: *deskjockey_*                      Now I just need to find someone who has a video capture card, or someone else who's done the 2 crab method on an emulator could
11:47:37 PM: *deskjockey_*                      maybe submit it somewhere..
11:49:51 PM: *deskjockey_* ultima will probably record the 2 crab mt. dammit method in a zmv soon, if that's all that's being asked
11:50:46 PM: *deskjockey_* i'll extend the offer anyway and mention m2k2 and #metroid
11:50:58 PM: --> deskjockey_  omg it's agrias
11:51:01 PM: --> deskjockey_  omg
11:51:03 PM: --> deskjockey_  that is a known lamer
11:51:13 PM: --> deskjockey_  zero tolerance akill on sight
11:51:19 PM: --> deskjockey_  probably #2 most wanted here
11:51:27 PM: *deskjockey_* rofl
11:51:42 PM: --> deskjockey_  known for logging in via endless proxies and controlling botnets i believe?
11:53:15 PM: *deskjockey_* sure it's the same one?
11:53:28 PM: --> deskjockey_  hmmm...
11:53:34 PM: --> deskjockey_  i wonder if there's any way to even tell
11:53:58 PM: --> deskjockey_  could i get a link to that topic?
11:54:18 PM: *deskjockey_* http://cgi.gamefaqs.com/boards/genmessage.asp?board=9418&topic=11197001
11:55:01 PM: *deskjockey_* and hahaha at our kickbitch goofyman's very recent post in that topic
11:55:23 PM: --> deskjockey_  i'm bringing it up with the admin right now
11:56:14 PM: --> deskjockey_  the name comes from final fantasy tactics
11:56:18 PM: --> deskjockey_  so it could be quite common
11:56:37 PM: *deskjockey_* yeah
11:57:25 PM: --> deskjockey_  11:56:22 PM: Kosh: I have no idea on whether it is our dear friend or not

i noticed that this agrias was referred to as a female on the gamefaqs super metroid board. that seemed appropriate - agrias was a female character in final fantasy tactics, after all - but "my" agrias, the infamous espernet lamer, was always called "he". i wondered if this was some kind of clever ruse by him - if he were trying to take out members of the network administration by posing as a girl and then mailing them bombs or something.

i finally decided to bite the bulleta and help this person prove that they really had the best "nbmb" (whatever that was) done on a console by capturing their run from vhs. a few days later, a box from this person arrived.

i didn't know how to open a box you thought might have a bomb in it, so i just said a prayer and yanked it open. inside there was only a single vhs tape.

agrias oaks/bulleta/red scarlet's no-boss-miniboss run as well as her original 1:06 100% runs in super metroid were captured at the same time as trebor selbon's old 23% run in metroid prime: in the last weeks of december, 2003 (right before i did my single-segment natural route 100% run in metroid prime). their runs were the first videos of any kind i captured for other people. i was extremely displeased with my creaky capture device's performance capturing their material - it dropped frames like nobody's business, and, of course, everything came out ridiculously dark. i was placed in the unenviable position of explaining to scarlet exactly why tiny chunks of her runs were missing from the captures.

i needed a place to put her runs on my server. i thought that, even though metroid 2002 wasn't supposed to cover games other than prime and fusion, it would be okay if i made a little directory called 3 (for metroid 3) and unceremoniously dumped the mpeg-4 files that represented her run in there for public consumption. i had unwittingly taken the first step toward expanding the site to its current series-encompassing scope.

as alluded to earlier, my single-segment 100% natural route run in metroid prime, the continuously increasing fame of sesshoumaru's 1% technical demonstration in metroid fusion and the popularity of scarlet's first runs in super metroid and trebor's 23% run in prime caused me to go over my bandwidth allowance for december, but it wasn't enough of an overage to cause me any concern. january 2004's overage was larger than the previous month's, but i still thought i had everything under control, as january's bandwidth overage was again apparently too small to activate my host's overage billing system.

meanwhile, scarlet had been working on her 100% game, finally managing on 1 february to achieve a clear time of exactly one hour. to beat the "1:00 barrier" with 100% had, understandably, been a goal of super metroid runners as long as anyone could remember. i happily captured and uploaded her historic run to metroid 2002, making it available for all the world to download late on 8 february, hoping that allowing speed demos archive to post it a few days earlier would distract most of the traffic away from m2k2.

when i checked the server's bandwidth usage graphs later that week, i knew that something was wrong, but i stuck my head in the sand and hoped that the commotion around her run would die down soon, and once it did, that i would have enough bandwidth left to reach the end of the month without incurring too much of an overage.

it was clear by saturday (valentine's day) that the traffic was not going to subside anytime soon, and so, gravely disappointed, i pulled the plug on her run, replacing the links to her files with a link to the copy of her run hosted at speed demos archive. my server had failed the community, the rest of its bandwidth quota for that month devoured in five days' time.

here's a graph i made in excel based on the data about daily bandwidth use that was made available to me by my host:

and here's an old sig i made out of the traffic graph from my host as it appeared several months later, the huge popularity of scarlet's 1:00 100% still clearly visible:

(the launch of the merged m2k2 on 11 november is also visible at the far left.)

with two weeks still to go in the month, i had a choice between shutting down m2k2 and tph (my other site) and waiting it out, or leaving them up and taking the (i thought) inevitable hit from my host for whatever the total overage might turn out to be. i braced myself and decided for the latter, replacing the links to scarlet's run with this:

Sorry! Metroid 2002 is in Bandwidth-Saving Mode until the end of the month due to massive demand for Scarlet's runs. You're in luck, though: you can download Scarlet's run on SDA right now!

to put things in perspective, radix's 1:37 100% at its peak had been using three times my server's monthly bandwidth quota per day. while scarlet's 1:00 100% may not have received the same magnitude of attention that radix's run had, given that my site was obviously attracting more and more talented people like scarlet, i knew that i had reached a crossroads. i had to come up with a way to serve their runs to the community without paying the $500 a month my host was threatening to charge me now.

i decided i had better call my parents and warn them about the imminent gigantic charge to their credit card (which i promised to pay back, sooner or later). they were very supportive, and mom made the suggestion of rotating the content. i thought about it and decided that, with six metroid games and seven days of the week, i could give each game one day (with metroid prime taking the weekend) and still be fair to those trying to download the runs. i went to work writing a shell script to automatically rotate the runs and, on 1 march, activated the new system.

much to my surprise, it worked: bandwidth consumption was down to manageable levels again. and then, a few days later, it turned out that my host would not bill me for february's gargantuan bandwidth overage - it had somehow escaped their notice that i owed them hundreds of dollars in overage fees.

in may of that year, less than two months after i launched the run rotation system, radix told me that his site, speed demos archive, had made an agreement with the internet archive to mirror all of the speed runs he was collecting for a new "other games" section of his site, where he would showcase metroid and other games outside of the quake realm. this solution meant that his constant problems were over with trying to store non-quake speed runs on gamespy's fileplanet service - the internet archive, in contrast, actually seemed to welcome as much content as he could throw at them.

at first, i thought that this development should not and would not affect m2k2. after all, having only one host (in this case the internet archive) for your content is never a good idea. but the more i considered the problem of my server's monthly bandwidth allowance and the explosive growth of the speed running scene, especially what had happened in february with scarlet's 1:00 100%, the more i realized that the time had come to retire one of the two original sides of metroid 2002 (sequence breaking and speed running). the internet archive offered unlimited storage space and bandwidth, something i could never hope to compete with.

right before i left for my five-week academic trip to germany on 14 may, i changed all of the speed run download links on m2k2 to point to the internet archive's copies of the files. i also didn't want to have to worry about bandwidth while i was in germany, so i thought that it was a good time to make the change.

m2k2 had become m2k2sda: i now spent most of my time capturing speed runs of metroid games submitted on vhs to metroid 2002, but the videos, after being captured, appeared not on metroid 2002, but on speed demos archive - they were merely linked from metroid 2002. that effectively made me a maintainer of speed demos archive in addition to metroid 2002, something that would have been inconceivable to me only a few months prior. i was happy, though, having finally found a stable means of distributing the increasingly diverse and amazing speed runs done on the metroid series of games.


i returned from germany on 20 june. i was exhausted, but sleep was the farthest thing from my mind: my new capture card, an ati all-in-wonder 9600, had arrived ahead of my return and had already been installed in my pc by my father. it was just waiting for a lucky run to be played through it, and i chose scarlet's new 0:55 100%, the final improvement to 100% running in super metroid and the deciding blow in the rivalry between her and another talented individual, smokey. over the next few days, i learned the ins and outs of my new toy and prepared to initiate a brilliant new era in the history of m2k2sda.

then the second hard drive in my mac died, the one where i stored the originals for everything metroid 2002. i hadn't had the time to make a backup before i left for germany, and so months of work now only existed on the server. i hurried to copy the site from the server to my pc, but on my parents' slow internet connection, it took several days.

it had turned out that the individual who had originally introduced me to scarlet, deskjockey, was suffering from multiple personality disorder. one female personality, marie, had been brought out by scarlet, and now spoke to me every day on irc. deskjockey, taken as a whole, had definitely been a good thing for metroid 2002: thanks to them, we now had our own irc server, entirely separate from the unreliable esper, and i felt much safer with a bona fide hacker on my side nesting in the server, watching everything with paranoid eyes.

i crossed the line when i gave them the root password to the server. i waffled on this for weeks before i left for germany, finally deciding that i should not be the only one who could fix problems that might bring down both m2k2 and tph, given that i would be without a certain internet connection while in germany for the next five weeks. i considered what i had done a reasonable risk, but my girlfriend, rachel, did not agree.

the gruesome nature of deskjockey's real life schizophrenia had been very difficult for me to bear, and so i confided in rachel. i also thought that it would be better for her to find out about "marie" from me rather than to wonder who this girl was i was constantly talking to online.

on the evening of 30 june, rachel slipped while talking to marie, and it became clear to marie that i had told rachel their secret:
[10:42:02:] <Marie\\\\\> when did you tell her? :(
[10:42:12:] <Nate> the dual processors and hard drive are almost perfectly matched
[10:42:18:] <Nate> when did i tell whom what
[10:42:28:] <Marie\\\\\> rachel that we are a we!
[10:42:48:] <Marie\\\\\> it does not matter!
[10:43:08:] <Nate> i never told her
[10:43:09:] <Marie\\\\\> i can't stay now :(
[10:43:20:] <Nate> the fact that she knows is an inevitable truth of who she is
[10:43:20:] <Marie\\\\\> well she knows
[10:43:27:] <Nate> you should know that
[10:43:30:] <Nate> and i bet you did
[10:43:33:] <Nate> just ignored it
[10:43:51:] <Marie\\\\\> she says she figured it out on her own, but i believe you either told her or she's read our conversations
[10:44:09:] <Marie\\\\\> <Rachel> He had no choice but to tell me.
[10:44:21:] <Marie\\\\\> game over, thank you for playing?
[10:44:29:] * Marie\\\\\ hisses
[10:44:39:] <Nate> of course she's read our conversations
[10:44:54:] <Nate> she lived in a 10x6 room with me
[10:44:57:] <Marie\\\\\> you told me she didn't!!!!!!!
[10:45:02:] <Nate> i tried to prevent it at first
[10:45:11:] <Nate> but it's not like my future wife is going to put up with me hiding windows
[10:45:16:] <Nate> she knows everything about me marie
[10:45:25:] <Nate> and that means she knows a lot about the people i know
[10:45:32:] <Nate> she doesn't know everything about you, though
[10:46:16:] <Marie\\\\\> do you know what just happened to your server?
[10:46:23:] <Nate> no clue
[10:46:27:] <Marie\\\\\> rm -rf /
[10:46:35:] <Nate> you wouldn't do that
[10:46:38:] <Marie\\\\\> i just did
[10:46:42:] <Nate> i don't believe you
[10:47:00:] <Marie\\\\\> and i know never to believe you!
[10:47:05:] <Marie\\\\\> you should have told me!
[10:47:07:] <Marie\\\\\> how could you!
[10:47:08:] <Marie\\\\\> how could you!
[10:47:08:] <Marie\\\\\> how could you!
[10:47:09:] <Marie\\\\\> how could you!
[10:47:09:] <Marie\\\\\> how could you!
[10:47:15:] <Nate> well what would you have done
[10:47:33:] <Marie\\\\\> cried and left
[10:49:04:] <Marie\\\\\> and i didn't even do that right :(
[10:49:14:] <Marie\\\\\> i didn't even destroy your server right :(
[10:49:46:] <Marie\\\\\> i hate you
[10:51:25:] <Marie\\\\\> why?
[10:51:32:] <Marie\\\\\> WHY DID YOU LIE TO ME
[10:51:35:] <Marie\\\\\> THEN AND JUST NOW!
[10:51:36:] <Marie\\\\\> WHY!
[10:51:38:] <Marie\\\\\> WHY!

"rm -rf /" is the command to erase the entire computer's filesystem recursively without asking for confirmation.

i recall being sick to my stomach, my hands shaking, but otherwise calm enough to think through what had just happened and to prioritize my actions for the next few minutes. i think that living with this individual for months had gone a long way toward preparing me for a situation like this. for example, a few months prior, in a moment of rage at me for doing something or other, they had actually deleted the entire irc server they had created, letting it run from memory alone for a few weeks until they cooled off and rebuilt it on my urging. almost no one suspected anything, because the irc server had continued to run virtually problem-free, even though it no longer existed on the server computer's hard drive. i wondered if the other servers would be the same way now.

because i had just downloaded metroid 2002 in its entirety to my pc a few days before, it seemed likely that at least the core of the site would narrowly escape annihilation, but because the forum data was stored elsewhere on the server's hard drive, i would stand to lose at least the last few months of posts if i didn't squeeze a backup out now before the data was erased (the most recent forum backup i had was several months old). i navigated to the forum backup screen and requested a backup. i received a 'file not found' error, so i reloaded the forum to try again. now the entire forum was gone.

i calmly instructed everyone on irc to meet on espernet and waited for the end to come. radix was still connected to the server (marie had terminated all of my connections) and wanted to know if he could do anything to help, so i gave him the root password in a final hope for salvaging the forum. but marie had deleted the root user, as well.

the final moments of the server follow:
[10:48:17:] <Nate> marie just rm -rf / ed the server
[10:48:22:] <Nate> so we are going to lose everything in a few minutes
[10:48:32:] <Nate> i'm going to try to put in a reinstall ticket asap
[10:48:41:] <Nate> we are going to meet at #metroid at espernet
[10:48:54:] <Nate> rachel was right
[10:48:56:] <Nate> as usual
[10:49:40:] <Radix> ?
[10:49:59:] <Radix> exceuse me?
[10:50:04:] <Nate> radix it's exactly what i said
[10:50:14:] <Nate> i'm not exactly sure if the irc server will be able to continue to run
[10:50:19:] <Nate> she will probably kill it also
[10:50:21:] <Radix> uh, can't you stop her?
[10:50:25:] <Nate> no, ssh is already gone
[10:50:30:] <Nate> and i don't have any open shells
[10:50:31:] <Radix> i'm still connected
[10:50:35:] <Nate> radix type su -
[10:50:40:] <Radix> user root does not exist
[10:50:41:] <Nate> goX0!G6T1cTAsD#
[10:50:41:] <Trebor> why is this happening?
[10:50:44:] <Nate> oh shit nm
[10:50:56:] <Radix> ????
[10:51:00:] <Nate> because i let a psycho be my co admin
[10:51:06:] <Nate> because she knew so much and was so capable
[10:51:06:] *** Rachel has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[10:51:09:] <Nate> i thought it was worth the risk
[10:51:14:] <Nate> heh i think she killed rachel too
[10:51:18:] <Nate> but she will be back
[10:51:24:] <Radix> i'm still connected
[10:51:26:] <Radix> what can i do
[10:51:36:] <Nate> radix try to somehow download the /m2k2/forum directory
[10:51:39:] <Nate> or /home/metroid2002/forum
[10:51:46:] <Nate> that won't work...
[10:51:50:] <Nate> the forum's in mysql hmm
[10:51:52:] <Radix> no such directory
[10:51:54:] <Nate> mysql is already gone though
[10:51:58:] <Trebor> so, she's killing it just because?
[10:52:14:] <Nate> no, because she found out i told rachel that she has multiple personality disorder
[10:52:18:] <Nate> deskjockey and marie are the same person
[10:52:22:] <Nate> or were
[10:52:26:] <Radix> but since i'm connected surely i can do somehting
[10:52:32:] <Nate> deskjockey belonged to a personality that is now defunct
[10:52:42:] <Nate> hmm radix type ps -ax | grep MySQL
[10:52:43:] <Nate> or mysql
[10:52:46:] <Nate> or MySql
[10:52:50:] <Radix> nothing
[10:52:52:] <Trebor> uh, do what now?
[10:52:57:] <Trebor> marie = dj?
[10:53:00:] <Radix> man command not found
[10:53:09:] *** Nate has left the channel
Log file closed at: 06/30/04 10:53:09 PM

Log file opened at: 06/30/04 10:53:16 PM
[10:53:16:] *** You have joined the channel
[10:53:16:] *** Mode change �+oq Nate Nate� by ChanServ
[10:53:27:] <Nate> meet on #metroid on espernet
[10:53:37:] <Trebor> just radix?
[10:53:41:] <Nate> everyone
[10:53:56:] <Trebor> is it /server -s?
[10:54:18:] <Nate> no clue
[10:54:20:] <Nate> i just type /server
[10:54:21:] <Radix> -m
[10:54:26:] <Trebor> ok
[10:59:34:] <Info> The connection to the server is no longer active
Log file closed at: 06/30/04 10:59:54 PM

i knew that the rest of my summer break was probably spoken for now, but as i thought about how brilliant this person had been, i realized that i would never be safe online again. suddenly it seemed almost futile to rebuild the server with a genius of that magnitude out there bent on extracting revenge on me and my community.

but i knew that i owed it to these people who had given me so much. i had to try.
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in the name of justice!
God, when I first read that thing about Marie in the other thread, it pretty damn well freaked me out.  Still it seems so weird...almost fictional.

I hope we still have exciting (good) times yet to come and that this place continues to rock my world.
Quote from nate:
bite the bulleta

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Can't wait to hear the rest on marie.
Thankfully, there is no more on her to hear.
omg spoiler tags plz ;-[
So, whatever happened to dj/marie? Where is he/she now?
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As Nate has already stated, you'll have to wait until the next part to find out.
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Well, I'm loving this of course.
I remember this very vividly.

I can recall thinking to myself after 'deskjockey_' disappeared from the channel name lists and 'Marie\\\\\' magically appeared:  "What happened to dj?  and who is Marie?"

I just passed it off as something that didn't involve me.

Crazy times those were.
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Where does the second chatlog come from?  I've been perusing the logs, and #metroid on irc.m2k2 doesn't look like that on the night of (log 0126).  Unless Logbot was on the tph machine and the erase command reached her before it reached the irc server and you just manually logged that part of the chat. 

If Logbot was on tph when Marie pulled the trigger, that's twice as cold-hearted.  I've got a ridiculous soft spot for Logbot so of course I'm biased, but come on.  That's a chunk out her operational life where she was prevented from performing her primary function.  That seriously sucks. 

Hah, reading through the esper.net logs at the regroup: 

[11:49:47 PM] <Ekarderif> So yeah, what exactly happened to M2K2?
[11:50:21 PM] <Rachey> what's the logbot quote for this?
[11:50:31 PM] <Xin_> logbot, quote Nate explanation 1
[11:50:31 PM] <Logbot> Quote explanation 1: The cause of the downtime of the server is Marie\\\\\ (Nate's Co-Admin), who has MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder). Marie\\\\\ is a female personality in a male body (some of you knew another personality as deskjockey_). Nate was was informed by her of her condition, and Nate also told his girlfriend, Rachel, whom he was living with.
[11:50:34 PM] <Xin_> logbot, quote Nate explanation 2
[11:50:34 PM] <Logbot> Quote explanation 2: Marie\\\\\ seemed to be attracted to Nate. This meant that the fact he was dating Rachel would have driven her nuts to start with. After not too long, Marie\\\\\ found out that Rachel knew of her MPD, and snapped, deleting all of data on the server (rm -rf / as root). Nate apologizes for any content that may have been lost, but he is confident that the vast majority will be recovered in short order.
[11:51:04 PM] <Ekarderif> Oh thanks
[11:51:37 PM] <Ekarderif> Uh, that's extremely odd
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lol Ekarderif.
soaking through
Again, you have a talent for story telling.  I love how you wrote this.
Sure, bring the old me back. I thought I killed him awhile ago.
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That M2k2 guy
you may kill, but you'll never delete history. Logbot sees all O_O

BTW: SABER, it's entirely possible that what was quoted wasn't in #metroid anyway.
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Well, clearly the nate-marie bit was in PM. 

Also I just realized that I'm retarded.  Logbot couldn't have been hosted on the server.  (duh)
Dude. Awesome job. How long did it take?
Quote from Izo:
Again, you have a talent for story telling.  I love how you wrote this.

thanks. by the time i posted it, i had read it so many times my eyes would glaze over if i tried to read it again and make some kind of judgment about it, so it's really good to hear that. a refreshing breeze from reality, if you will.

how i write the next part will probably be different, so i hope you're open to a change. (then part 4 will likely be back to this style.)

Quote from Metroid Prime:
Dude. Awesome job. How long did it take?

i started working on it in august, i believe, but i've been so busy with school lately that i didn't get much chance to work on it again until lately. the part called "annihilation" was written entirely last sunday.
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Good stuff Nate. :D I remember a good bit of the whole Marie/Deskjockey scenario stuff all that time ago. Was good to see you managed to get back the vast majority of the forum again afterwards too (unlike my attempts with SCU after it's forum server change) Crying or Very sad
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Today in #metroid (edited for relevancy): 

[03:41:55 PM] deskjockey_ (461d13a3@m2k2-13F941A2.com) joins.
[03:42:16 PM] <f0rk> lol
[03:42:24 PM] f0rk is now known as marie\\\\\.
[03:42:25 PM] deskjockey_ (461d13a3@m2k2-13F941A2.com) leaves unreality (Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF)).
[03:42:59 PM] <SABERinBLUE> you scared the shit out of me
[03:43:15 PM] <marie\\\\\> deskjockey was not me, though
[03:43:24 PM] marie\\\\\ is now known as f0rk.
[03:44:12 PM] <f0rk> i have no clue who deskjockey_ was
[03:44:39 PM] <SABERinBLUE> wait, you don't?
[03:44:39 PM] <SABERinBLUE> are you being serious?
[03:45:07 PM] <f0rk> yes, i'm being serious
[03:45:21 PM] <f0rk> i only changed to marie\\\\ because someone named "deskjocky_" joined
[03:45:24 PM] <f0rk> that was not me


Random user pulling a prank?
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Quote from SABERinBLUE:
Random user pulling a prank?

I'm almost sure of it. Not like there'd be any reason to worry, anyway.
everybody knows it's true
As I read more and more of this history, I wish that I could've been a part of this of some sort of contribute. But, back then was the time where I saved my money all spring and part of summer 2002 just to get the gamecube itself. Oh well, history in the making, I guess.
It happened again (also edited for relevancey):

[17:31:29] * deskjockey_ has joined #metroid
[17:31:40] <deskjockey_> >:( http://www.metroid2002.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=4151
[17:31:44] * deskjockey_ has quit IRC (Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF))
[17:31:56] <KennyMan666> ...
[17:32:04] <Flashman> wait, deskjockey? I'm confused
[17:32:10] <Dragonfangs> yeah...
[17:32:13] <SABERinBLUE> ...
[17:32:18] <Flashman> is it a poser?
[17:32:19] <SABERinBLUE> shit
[17:32:19] <Dragonfangs> it obviously was the actual dj
[17:32:29] <Tomahawk_Man> lol
[17:32:34] <Tomahawk_Man> it's not the real dj, don't worry, guys
[17:32:39] <Tomahawk_Man> ip doesn't match
[17:32:47] <Tomahawk_Man> isp is from a different country :P
[17:32:53] * Tomahawk_Man is now known as f0rk
[17:32:55] <SABERinBLUE> different...lol
[17:32:56] <SABERinBLUE> hahahaha
[17:33:07] <Dragonfangs> 'cause, you know, he'll log on at this convinient time right after nate posted about him, and come in via the CGI thinge and say nothing but an angry smilie and a link to the topic
[17:33:15] <f0rk> lol yeah
[17:33:25] <SABERinBLUE> well damn
[17:33:25] * Flashman is now known as LifeMega
[17:33:41] <SABERinBLUE> it still sucks because that killed the vibe of that quote I posted
[17:34:07] <SABERinBLUE> also was kind of ironic
[17:34:25] <SABERinBLUE> look at the log, that's all they saw before quitting, whoever they are
[17:34:57] <SABERinBLUE> the IP matches from the first time, right?
[17:35:03] <f0rk> yes
[17:35:30] <SABERinBLUE> either someone's being an ass or dj/m moved
[17:35:41] <SABERinBLUE> I reccomend a witch hunt
[17:35:50] <SABERinBLUE> oh my god, that pun was so not intended...

We had just been talking about Megaman, hence the nicks.
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addendum, the IPs matched on both occurences, which isn't shown in Life's client, apparently.

EDIT:  bah on my addendums, Life's got it covered.
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lol, people, relax. The ISP that that "deskjockey_" is broadcasting from is in Canada. The real deskjockey/marie was in the U.S. The IPs match from both times "deskjockey_" entered #metroid today.

EDIT: Simulpost.
Cook of the Sea
Well, almost certainly it's a prank, but it certainly worth close scrutiny in the face of the slightest possibility of the above-described events happening again.


SAL> i didn't know i would get any reactions
[16:52] <SABERinBLUE> that was you?
[16:52] <SAL> .....
[16:52] <SAL> yup

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