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HI all! I'm Jen, I'm so excited I found this forum. I'm hoping to find some 80's nerds here. I geek out on most NES games and a few other consoles, but METROID is my current obsession. And I need some assistance...

I bought the game from the Wii store, it's just like I remember. But I entered a code a while back that has taken away the bombs. I can roll and shoot but I can't use the bombs. I have reset my game and console and even tried to use the Justin Bailey code but nothing has worked. The weird part is, even after a full reset, I fought my way back to the bomb chamber, but the bomb isn't there anymore. I'm not interested in playing with everything until I beat it all through. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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Are you sure you reset the game? The way the Wii virtual console works, when you quit using the home menu it creates a save state that automatically resumes the next time you start the game up. In order to truly reset the game, you have to pick the reset option from the home menu.
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Use this link: http://www.gdward.plus.com/site/flash/metroid/

It's a password generator.  Click on 'bombs gone' to see which slots and characters affect the variable of bombs being gone. Click on the other variables that are true in your game. Compare it with the password you wrote to find the error. You may need to mess with the variable of not having bombs as well.  You can fix your password with a little tinkering.

Or, start over and don't use passwords any more.  The game isn't that long and the wiiu lets you save when you touch the gamepad screen.