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Yeah that's the part I'm talking about. 

I can't even get past the metroid part.  Have tried for about 45 minutes, but the most I was able to kill was ONE.  I have avoided using the whole perspective shift as much as possible because it's AWFUL.  If I manage to freeze a metroid, I'm looking at one second to make the perspective shift, and then 3-4 seconds just to stabilize the reticle, then another second or two to lock on - of course by then the metroid is either unfrozen or I'm being attacked by another one.  It just takes too long to make those transitions, and it's mostly because of the frantic attempt to stabilize the reticle.  I've tried to reposition my sensor bar, but it hasn't helped.  It's just an awful, awful idea for a control scheme and I am completely and utterly shocked that ANY gaming company would even consider actually using it, let alone nintendo.
my umbrella goes directly to Bankai
hmm, i guess that it is only an acceptable scheme if you have lightning fast reflexes. i could do it just barely enough to avoid getting caught by the next ones.
I had a ton of trouble with the Metroids as well. I found out that if you LET one grab onto you, as soon as you shake it off you can blast and freeze it nearly every time. My biggest problem was the fact that there can be so many of them out at once, so most of the time I was trying to blast one with a super missile and either the others would interfere or else the Queen herself would unthaw them using that shockwave attack it has.
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sabata2: 2010-09-02 04:58:01 am
stuck at the avalanche.

i've beaten it to the cliff three times already, not hitting a thing, but the second I go off I get hit by it and die.

Passed it... found a vid of someone beating it. Cant believe I have to use morphball to outrun it
That's what I ended up doing: Morph ball down the left side of the slope.
I seem to have somehow managed to get by the avalanche part unscathed.
After rearranging my entire gaming room and placing a chair about 5 feet in front of the TV with two pillows on it, I was able to beat that fight on the first try.  Still, I shouldn't have to rearrange my fucking house in order to make a control scheme on a video game work semi-properly. 

Now I;m stuck here:

After MB wakes up all those weird monsters and you are stuck in a first person mode - I just keep dying.  I'm firing super missiles at those monsters and sometimes they collapse into little gold balls. I have been unable to damage the gold balls with anything. A few seconds later they just get back up.  I run out of missiles and then health without even killing one of them  Help!
It's a waldo part, look at MB.
Thanks.  (lame)
Indie Lover
i can't believe opium is having so much problem with the 3rd to 1st person shifting, you stay in that mode for less than one second, just to fire missiles...

90% of the time, when i get into first person view, i am already locked on in the enemy, i just press A and get out on 3rd person again, it's so simple!

it must be your weak point in this game XD
I finished the game.  Not interested in going back to get more items.  Thinking about trading this one in.  I really really hated it.
Hated by all
Yeah. Got 44% in 7 hrs, 30 min (died 25 times, my buddies and I made a drinking game on it. Most of the shot glasses were wasted in Sector 3, half from the Hell's Run segments.)

Back on topic (typing from my Wii):

Missile Tank behind four windows in the Bioweapon Facility, and a vent I'm supposed to reach. How do I pull it off? And also, in Sector 1's bridge to the BRF, another Missile Tank (Power Bombed to no avail).
The Bioweapon missile has gotten a few of us with how easy it actually is. Look for the windowed column in the middle of the room on the top floor, and the wall that's closest to the room where MB made her last stand is missing from it. Jump in there and you can wall jump up and go through some pipes.

As for the other one, that caught me off guard too. Look for another morph ball tunnel in the wall below the bridge on the other side of the room from the expansion. You can't really see it unless you're in first person looking around.
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Turtle: 2010-09-02 09:41:12 pm
Turtle: 2010-09-02 09:38:12 pm
I like turtles.
Sector 1:
I seem to have reached a dead end.  I'm in a large room with a hologram projector... where am I supposed to go?  All the routes leading to the destination are obstructed by slidey-slope-thingies or Super Missile doors (or just plain walls).  Recently got the Diffusion Beam, if that helps.
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kesvalk: 2010-09-02 09:42:22 pm
Indie Lover
i thought you get the diffusion beam from sector 2 O.o, and this because i finished the game yesterday, my memory is terrible... -_-

does anyone knows how to open the room on the left side of the room where ridley corpse is? the two doors to the room are closed and i already have 100% of items O.o, that room was never used in the game...
Turt, describe the location more.

There are no Dead ends if you're following the story. Check for missile places or morph ball vents.
I like turtles.
Er, um, never mind.  Can't believe that weak wall wasn't scannable...

Now, onto a Pixel Hunt!  The universally reviled element of the game!  And I'm starting to see why...
My bet is you're going to have to look for Grubs.
Quote from kesvalk:
does anyone knows how to open the room on the left side of the room where ridley corpse is? the two doors to the room are closed and i already have 100% of items O.o, that room was never used in the game...

That room is used in the "fight" with MB. You run into that room when following Madeline Bergman(or something like that)

Quote from kesvalk:
i thought you get the diffusion beam from sector 2 O.o, and this because i finished the game yesterday, my memory is terrible... -_-

I can see that
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Opium: 2010-09-03 10:22:51 am
How the hell do I get this energy part in the NW corner of sector 3?  It's in the wall right above the door to the Nav. room.

NVM - I'm retarded.
Indie Lover
no, it's not the room where you need to lock on MB, that room is the room north of the room with the damn missile behind the glass...
OK, I'm stuck on the LAST item.  How the hell do I get that flashing orange door to open?
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kesvalk: 2010-09-03 11:17:00 am
Indie Lover
what orange door?

ah, you mean the one near the docking bay? go to that room that connects to the first bathroom in the game, up the stairs, near the broken table, you will see a grate leading into a morph ball tunnel.

just break the grate and go inside, you will fall into that part of the docking bay with the missile
It leads to a ledge in the landing site.
You don't. The terminal to open the orange door is on the landing site side. There's a morphball tunnel hidden in a different room that leads to the landing site missile tank.