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I always wondered why metroid is so often set in underground caverns, yet they never look like caves - stalactites, stalagmites, columns, etc.  The only place like that I can think of is Lost Caverns in redesign.
Prime had a bunch of Stalactites. You had to shoot them with missiles to use them as platforms. I can think of a couple areas in Sector 3 in Other M with them.
oh yeah i forgot about those.  i guess the lava didnt make it feel like a cave. hmm.
Magmoor Caverns

Also, there are some in the caves in Phendrana.
And that stalagmite you jump on to get early Plasma Beam in Geothermal Core. \o/
Quote from KingBroly:
and Corruption had a couple of them as well.

Oh god the room with the Metroids where the lights go off after you get the Seekers. And you KNOW Metroids are going to jump you in the dark and it's creepy as hell. D:
Time bomb set get out fast!
You know those snow pumps in Sector 2 that spit you out of a morph ball tube?  They shut off briefly every few seconds.  That's when to go past them.  I know that sounds incredibly obvious, but until I noticed yesterday, I always just got through by accident after a few attempts; I figured it had something to do with how fast I was going.  I doubt I'm the only one, so I figured I'd share.
That was the last time I got legitimately stuck in the game because I couldn't figure out how to go forward.  Stupid vent.
I got lucky the first time that vent spit me out because it actually turned on while I was passing it, making it obvious.
Super Secret Area - Dead Ahead!
You could try jumping.  Perhaps that'd remove the wait?  I know you're stuck in the vent, and can't actually jump as such, but you know what I mean.  Worth a try.
lol no way
I'm pretty sure 90% of the tunnels on this game are actually on-rails, as far as that goes... you're confined to a single track to follow, rather than like in retro's games.
Indie Lover
really? i understood the vent mechanics the first time i got spit out...
I think the first time though I got lucky and rolled the whole way through no problem. I do know that whenever the first time it threw me out was I was confused for only a second or two until I saw the on-off pattern.
Sector 1, Fauna Storage (the room before Exam Field). Missile Tank on balcony. Guess I'm not looking hard enough or shine sparking in the right place. And yes, it's PM, typing from my Wii.
Previous room, look for the road.
Hated by all
Thanks. Finished with the game, with 100%.

Hoo boy, I got scared shitless too much from this game (word for the kids: If you want to be scared a bit less, watch Alien a few times until you stop being scared by it, then play this game.)
I need some help... on hard mode and am trying to beat the swiss army knife utility vehicle in Sector 2. Because I have died at least 50 times, I decided to watch the theater mode segment on this. Is it possible to play like that? I mean, have any of you been able to do that? For instance, in the video clip, Samus gets picked up by the claw - and gets out of it. When I get picked up, my defenses are disabled (at least I think they are).

Apart from that, any tips besides mastering Sensemove? The best I have done is to blast off both arms. Thanks.
Once you blast off both arms, freeze the wheel. Then jump on it. You will instantly KO it.
Master Sense Move:  MASH MASH MASH MASH MASH the d-pad if you're uncertain about it.  The timing on it is incredibly forgiving.  Same thing with getting out of the claw:  Mash buttons.
Indie Lover
i learned the bad way that mashing sense move on hard is not good

i kept getting killed by rydley until i mastered when and to where you need to sense move, the game rather easy after you know what you're doing, and not mashing the d-pad...
Dodging the laser depends on what direction it is heading. If it is left to right, dodge forwards or backwards. If it is vertical, then move left or right.

I never get picked up by the claw attack, dodging pretty much anywhere works.
Some bosses you have to mash though.  The snail/bug thing that shoots manta rays at you.  If you can't get that one done early, you're in for a long, annoying fight.
Indie Lover
just missile it's belly and wait he put his head out...

you don't need to mash the sense move O.o

i think the only part where i mashed was in the lava fish fight, when it is sliding across the ground...
Bangaa Bishop
I'm searching for an item in the Main Sector. On the map, the item spot is directly above/below a doorframe. This is the junction between the room with the smashed air duct used to get into the adjacent room with a console, and the room before it (can't describe it very well) but this is the 7th and 8th rooms if you're starting with the docking bay as room 1.
One shall stand, one shall ball.
Is there enough space in the room before the smashed air duct for a shinespark? For some reason I'm picturing the room with a busted elevator where you just spark up the shaft and into a hole in the ceiling. Not certain if that's the right room though. Wish they'd have just named the rooms like Prime did. Neutral

Also I am actually amazed that there's no map on GFAQs, there's one for like every other game ever but not a Metroid, wow.
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Tahngarthor: 2011-01-18 12:19:54 am
Bangaa Bishop
I seem to remember trying that, but I don't remember what happened. I just know I didn't get any item lol. I'll try it again and see what happens...

I rememeber someone posting a while back that they didn't hide the items very well in this game. I honestly beg to differ, they certainly hid them well enough for me to not find them... lol

-edit- YES! That was it! I dunno what happened the first time, I must have gotten stuck on something or other. But I got it, thank you!