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I ran to her side and by the time the breath reached me I'd have already fired Seekers.
Quote from KingBroly:
I always get some good height with it.

just like my dick.
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Opium: 2010-09-13 11:33:54 pm
Use the tic-tac beam to disable her breath attack.

Quote from BioSpark:
Quote from KingBroly:
I always get some good height with it.

just like my dick.

Hmmm.  OK.
Just played that part again, and I ended up using SA to jump over the fire. You do have to be pretty high off the ground to avoid the attack though.
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Indie Lover
i think i will just run from it for the time being...

i don't think i am the only to this too, but i use space jump to evade nightmare rush and stay afloat in the middle of the area until it finishes running sliding...
I did a small circle so I'm back where I was. But I used the same strat.
Super Secret Area - Dead Ahead!
As did I.  I essentially screw attacked off the ledge, and back onto it behind him.
I like to go fast!
So is there a certain time when you can knock Ridley out of his invincible stage with super missiles?  I've tried hitting him with supers and they just bounce off.
Indie Lover
when he turns black you hit with super missiles
when he is purple, you hit him with charged shots...
You can hit him with supers anytime. They should never bounce off. Make sure you're fully charged and not firing normal missiles.
I like to go fast!
Alright then. I will give it another try.  Maybe  I'm just a jackass with a controller then.  Thanks for the respone. This should help with my time,  I just normally avoided him till he turned back.
Ok so I fought a Gigafraug for the first time since we discussed hitting their bony head armor with missiles.  The first thing I did was fire a missile at him head-on and lo and behold, it blasted a hole right into his head armor.  From then on, all of my charged shots hit him, even if they were aimed at him head-on.  When it came time for the lethal strike, it ook him down instead of being deflected.  The guide says that he can make himself temporarily immune to missiles, so it must have been during one of those times that I tried to hit him with a missile in the past and concluded that it just doesn't work.  I don't hate him so much now.
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ryu: 2010-09-18 07:30:43 pm
2 questions

how many sectors are there and are they all about as big as the first one?
The answer to that question is a spoiler...
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Quietus: 2010-09-18 07:39:59 pm
Super Secret Area - Dead Ahead!
Ryu: I believe it's five: Main Sector (basically the hub), 1, 2, 3, and
0, which is primarily for the story's progression

As for size, the main three are similar sizes, though some feel more spread out than others.
There is also the Bioweapon Research Lab, which is somewhat small.
Well that's ... not much.

Can't believe they fucked this up as much as they did. They could have had an internee do this game and it would have turned out much better I'm afraid.
Well, aren't all Metroid games short? You could easily complete ZM, Fusion, and even Super in just a few sittings. >_>
yeah but even fusion has much more environmental variety : (
If you need to make a seperate dark area in a METROID game, you have serious issues.
So...Echoes then.
I knew it was going to get interpreted that way, but didn't feel like making that clear. Echoes does Dark area in a different way that makes it acceptable. It is an entire world made of Dark matter. All that was special about Sector 6 was that it was dark and had little light. Dark areas are what Metroid is about.
Not neccessarily. I don't remember much darkness about Super.
Remember those areas with the light bugs? Also, the Wrecked Ship was dark and Maridia was somewhat dark.

I think every Metroid game past 2 has had some kind of darkened area in them.  Super had the bug ones, Fusion/Other M had the lights off at the start.  Prime had those mushroom rooms, Echoes had Dark Aether, and Corruption had a couple of them as well.