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Indie Lover
because you need to destroy the carapace first, only after it's head is broken that you can make a overblast...
it never failed with me...
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Opium: 2010-09-12 01:53:38 pm
How do you do that?  His head-armor seems impenetrable, deflecting all shots.
missiles should work
Not impossible
just highly unlikely
It seems to break after hitting his backside enough as well.
missiles just bounce off of the armor.  I think its strange that you can even do a lethal strike on him while his armor is intact. 

I've never noticed his armor breaking before. I'll have to keep watching.
I don't recall the Lethal Strike attacking his forehead, I thought it was in the mouth.

But anyways, if you have it already, Screw attack one shots' it.
Indie Lover
what missiles bouncing from it? never saw that... are we talking about the same monster?

i am talking about that yellow dinosaur you find in sector 2(in the area with the fallen bridge, where you first need the speed booster)
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sabata2: 2010-09-12 05:01:22 pm
I believe it's green skin, with a yellow "bone crown". Looks a lot like a Bulborb from Pikmin.

*also, pretty sure, every time you run into those enemies, you don't HAVE to kill them to progress.*
Indie Lover
samus find a corpse of one of these in one of the cutscenes...
At least you can
Screw Attack
them later.
Yes that is indeed the same creature I'm talking about.  If you face him head on, all shots/missiles deflect off of his 'bone-crown' armor. (this is all before screw attack, of course) The only damage I can deal him is if I hit him from the side or from behind.  If I stun him and make him fall, then the lethal strike move puts samus on top of his head with her arm cannon pointing into what looks like an opening in the armor on the back/top of the head.  Samus just seems to sit there with the cannon not fully charging until finally it releases a shot which gets deflected, then samus is flung off and the creature stands up to attack again.  I do this several times until finally the creature dies from accumulated damage from the side/rear shots.  All this would lead me to believe that the lethal strike is ineffective against this creature, but there are times when the shot was not deflected and it did indeed kill him.  Am I supposed to be pushing some other buttons while in the lethal strike pose?  Is wave/plasma beam a factor, giving samus' beam the power to penetrate the armor once those beam(s) are acquired?  Am I high?

I picked up the guide while running around today and plan to read it.  Maybe some light will be shed from that.
Missiles don't deflect off him.  At least not if you hit his big head with one.  In fact, that's how you do a lethal strike on him.  Missile him to expose his head, he goes down, and you LS him.
Hmmm...why does the tape in my mind keep playing a movie of missiles bouncing right off that big glans of a head.  I must be fuct.
Indie Lover
yea, i aways destroy it's crown with misslies before going for a OB
I'm quite sure that you are right.  I'm going to turn on the game and fire a missile at his head and its going to break his armor, and then Im going to question my whole scene, and maybe off myself.  Thanks.
I know MOM is bad Opium, but it's not THAT bad! Don't do it! D:
OK so I got around to reading the guide and I got to the part where it shows the bony dickheaded monster.  It says that it will 'occasionally become immune to missile damage for periods of time, especially when it is charging you.'  Observe:

Super Secret Area - Dead Ahead!
I seemed to have mixed fights with those.  I recall moments where shots were definitely deflected from its head, and I've also experience the 'throw you off' thing, but I was certain that I did some Lethal Strikes under its chin...

Unless I'm just getting confoozed with another enemy? Think
Not impossible
just highly unlikely
They fucking named it a Gigafraug? Is this 1986?
my umbrella goes directly to Bankai
Quote from Toozin:
They fucking named it a Gigafraug? Is this 1986?

NES design with current tech.
all according to Sakamoto's keikaku*.

*translator's note: keikaku means plan.
Speaking of that creature, one of those is more helpful than the others if you can get it to charge you in the right spot. In Sector 2 there's a wall of ice you normally have to shoot with a missile and then bomb to get past, on the way to the Speed Booster if I remember right. That thing charged at me and blew right through the wall, saving me a few seconds.
Indie Lover
guys, what you guys do to evade the queen laser breath?

or you guys just run to her side when she does that?
Screw Attack over it
Indie Lover
i tried, but i aways get hit...
I always get some good height with it.