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KingBroly: 2010-09-06 07:41:29 pm
You should just continue where you were going.  When you get to the main elevator room (where you can go to all 3 sectors) exit, and you should find another power bomb door.
Then you have to go use a power bomb after going back to the main sector.
Ok thanks, I found it.  I went by that power bomb door several times without seeing it because I was convinced that I had already opened that door.  Also, is it true that you HAVE TO beat the secret boss twice in order to complete the game with 100%?  That is the way it has played out so far, but I thought it was because I wasn't doing something right.
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Prime Hunter: 2010-09-06 07:56:38 pm
I was able to beat the boss after collecting all 100%, so I don't know what you guys are talking about.
How did you get to those last two items before the secret boss?
Which two are we talking about here? I may have gotten them before the end-game section if they're between the two locked doors where the elevators are.
Those two doors don't lock until you beat the game. If you get the items before then, then you're good.
I like turtles.
Quote from playerman1230:
The fauna storage room in Sector 1's East Side (the one with the trees in the tubes)... you know the missile balcony you can see from Search Mode from the stairs? Is the other side of the door on the C-shaped room or before that?

This.  How do I get this missile tank?
Indie Lover
trees in tubes? i don't know this room O.o

you mean the one where you fight the first tree giraffe?
I like turtles.
No.  It's at the very edge of Sector 1.  There are trees/fauna in glass tubes around the edges of the room, and stairs/catwalks to navigate the room itself.
Indie Lover
don't remember this room
One question:
Do you can challenge Phantoon twice in post game mode? Because I have alreday beaten him once and started again at my ship. Now I wonder if he will appear again, when I get 100% of the items?
He keeps coming back
defrag in progress
Sector 1
Same proble as turtle a few pages ago. Proceeded and did all this backtracking through the pipes to get diffusion beam. Defeated these two worms afterwards. Everything I now find are either super missile doors or nasty slopes that prevent me from going back. Getting the diffusion beam also unlocked one door in a save room, but this only leads to another room with a super missile door. I already tried scanning all the rooms...
Super Secret Area - Dead Ahead!
From what I recall, thet's the room where you:
Turn on / off the terminal, but it appears to open nothing?  There's a spot you can bomb in the end wall.
He said it opened the door. I think you have to find a morph ball hatch.
defrag in progress
Qietus is right, I guess.
I went up the pipe leading to this terminal and deactivated it, but it only reveals a super missile door close to the ceiling at the end of the room. I shall bomb something there? I already did...
Look at the scenery and you'll find an "inactive zone" try there.
Super Secret Area - Dead Ahead!
When in morph ball mode, you don't jump very high.  The part you're looking for is at this height.  (If you're in the room I'm thinking of)
defrag in progress
Got it. I bombed every fucking scratch on the wall. Evil or Very Mad
Is there some way to make fighting the Red Space Pirates on that one elevator thing easier. The one where you have to fight the Seeker Creature right afterwards. I'm on hard mode.
Freeze their guns.  If you shoot them once more with a Charge Shot after you freeze their guns, you can Lethal Strike them.
Thats not how you lethal strike them. You have to charge shot them while they are in midair. Is there some way to get them to jump without them jumping on you?
I never lethal striked them while in mid-air.  I didn't even know that was possible.  I always just charge shot them twice then finished them off with a Lethal.
No. You have to charge shoot them while they are midair to knock them down. Charge shooting them twice doesn't seem to work.